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  1. New boat

    After I get my trolling motor and graphs, I'll take u out n e time.
  2. New boat

    thank u John. Hopefully they like the new boat as they did the old one. I do feel confident heading into this striper season
  3. Striper weather ?

    Oh definitely Lee. U and ur dad have a spot n e time. I'll have a trolling motor in the next few weeks and we don't need electronics for a top water bite 😃
  4. New boat

    I just put 11 hours on it sense I got it. So the SHO is broke in now. Its performing awesome! I'll do 55 at WOT and get 3mpg, I cruise at 40 getting 4mpg and get 5mpg at 30. Hole shot is twice as fast as my old boat, but that will change a little when I get trolling motor and 3 batteries for it. It handles big wakes easily ( better than ol blue) and turns on a dime. I have more storage than things to put in it for now lol. The only complaint i have is not the boats fault. But not having my electronics and trolling motor is killing right now. I'm hoping to have all that resolved in the next couple of months.
  5. New boat

    Thank u very much. I am very proud. I just washed it and put some of that 303 marine protectant. It's shining 😁
  6. Striper weather ?

    Once the water hits 75 or less is when I start chasing them boogers. I can't wait for it.
  7. New To Beaver Lake

    What he said ☝🏽
  8. Good day on Beaver

    Beaver is always smack talked. I've found it to be very fun though.
  9. Ultrex review?

    Do u have a transducer on that? I was looking at them but heard I couldn't put a DI transducer on them
  10. 9/16/17

    Very nice. I love waleyes. Unfortunately I don't catch them very often
  11. Ultrex review?

    I was dead set on the ultrex until I read all the stuff on line. Now I have mix feelings. I'm really needing a trolling motor and will pull the trigger in the next few weeks. Definitely keep n e info coming though. I'm having a hard time deciding
  12. Ultrex review?

    I need the Ipilot link or else I'd go with motor guide. I loved linking the humminbird to old tevorra. I wanna continue that.
  13. Ultrex review?

    I was planning on getting one for the new rig but after reading 2 hrs online I'm thinking I'll go a different route. There's lots of reviews with units going back and being replaced up to 3 times. Does n e one here have n e experience with the minn Kota ultrex. I'm thinking I may just get another tevorra
  14. New boat

    I have that. Tells me rpm, mpg, gph, hours. A bunch of stuff. It's handy.
  15. New boat

    The ride is silky smooth Jason, and so dry. I played with the wakesetters for 2 hours with out a problem. Ur welcome NE time on it. As far as electronics, I'm going with gen 2 helix DI up front with a ultrex and a helix gen 2 12 in the consul. This is really the best fishing boat I've ever bought. Like stated, economical, dry, stable, big deck for bass and duel live wells for bait when striper fishing. I'm just set I feel.

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