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  1. That’s who works on my. I’m always happy when I leave there
  2. Looks good lance. Keep it up.
  3. Nice looking fish! I’m going to drive up there Monday and fish the area. I haven’t fished that area in some time and kinda want to see if I can get into some small mouth
  4. Took my boy knife hog hunting, had a nice pig to bring home. I’m very proud to see him grow up and own his destiny.
  5. 👆🏽 Both guys gave great advise.
  6. Happy thanksgiving guys. Hope everyone is having a great one.
  7. Beaver fishes tough. Depending on what time of the year it is, is what you’ll catch, and also what area ur fishing at that time and water temp. She’s a tough lake but I love it !!
  8. Yes sir. Pencil popper did the damage.
  9. Ended up with two this morning, a third one broke me off in a tree. The one in the pic went home with me. It was a bit colder today and more wind. Still had a good morning though.
  10. Way to god Quill. I found some surfacing fish today also. Have several blow ups but only boated one striper. Mine was a afternoon bite today. I’m going to try early morning tomorrow though. Good luck quill. Keep those reports coming
  11. Yesterday I was using a mix. 2 brooders , 2 shad. I was interested in seeing which got hit and adjust but they ended up all getting chomped
  12. Striper continue to cooperate this week. I’ve been finding them on points mostly . I’ve looked on channel swings but haven’t seen much action on them. They’re definitely schooling up now. I went threw a huge school of them yesterday, had all four lines go down at once. Two popped off before I could get to them and one got cut off when it rubbed against another line. I only managed to boat one. Wednesday I got a couple also. Those weren’t schooling fish, they were lone wolf stripers. Fish are still deep though. 30 to 40 FOW. Still waiting on surface action though. Water temps were 65-64. Here’s a pic from yesterday. I took him home the ones from the day before were released.
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