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  1. Need shad? Run to the back of Monte Ne. One bad cast got me 6 today, big ones.

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    2. Dan the fisherman

      Dan the fisherman

      That's really cool stump. Striper in 2 feet.  Wow!  The bite has been strong for me south of HSB... It's really weird for me to fish that far south this early, I'm usually fishing PC and the islands this time of the year but hey, gotta go where the fish r 

    3. Stump bumper

      Stump bumper

      That creek off to the left as you head into PT 12 has some nice shad in it at times and I have caught stripers in there on jerk baits also. If you are there early, try it. Really is nice to get on fish you can see and cast at, then hang on. I have had 15 fish mornings like that that, but you are right they are further south then they should be.

    4. Dan the fisherman

      Dan the fisherman

      That is really cool.  I've never sight castes for striper.  Very cool. 

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