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  1. FishTastic

    Best Smallmouth Out of the Shoal

    I had another wonderful day on the Shoal. Classes were cancelled on Monday so I decided to fish the whole day. I caught the best smallmouth to date out of the Shoal and some great, healthy Goggle Eye. Enjoy!
  2. FishTastic

    Eleven Point Report - Feb 17-19

    Great report! Caught my personal best rainbow on the Eleven Point! Great photos also. Tight Lines!
  3. FishTastic

    Rainbow out of Shoal

    What a great sign! If the Shoal can support trout then it must be a pretty healthy stream. Fantastic!
  4. FishTastic

    Multi Species on Shoal Creek

    Awesome. I will definitely keep posting when i get the chance!
  5. FishTastic

    Multi Species on Shoal Creek

    Thanks! It prepared me quite well!
  6. FishTastic

    Multi Species on Shoal Creek

    Yesterday I took a morning trip down to Shoal Creek. It was a gorgeous morning and I got a real treat. I caught a few Smallmouth, a good sized Spot, and some large Rock Bass/Goggle Eye. I created a two part fishing series on the trip due to the amount of footage I captured. Looking forward to hitting the creek again and seeing what surprises are in store. Enjoy! Video located on my YouTube channel: KETTERMANLIFESTYLE
  7. FishTastic

    Jigfest #3

    I plan on being there and I'm really looking forward to it!!
  8. FishTastic

    Trout Fishing Spinning Rod

    Thanks for the rods again
  9. FishTastic

    Looking For A Trip For 2015

    Dubois, Wyoming offers great trout fishing. I stayed on a cabin right on the banks of the Wind River. At the time I was just really beginning fly fishing and I was able to land quite a few trout. You can get on YouTube and look at videos from the man who runs Marlow's Fly Shop in Dubois. It's a great area and I would highly recommend it. If you were to got to the fly shop, he will direct you to other great locations to fish in the area.
  10. Just got myself a couple pairs of these and really wanted to know if anyone else has any experience with them. Thanks!
  11. FishTastic

    Fishing Goals For 2015

    I would like to learn a lot more about many different kinds of fishing lures/techniques to use to catch fish!! If it swims in a pond or a river, I would like to be able to catch it!

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