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  1. I had another wonderful day on the Shoal. Classes were cancelled on Monday so I decided to fish the whole day. I caught the best smallmouth to date out of the Shoal and some great, healthy Goggle Eye. Enjoy!
  2. Great report! Caught my personal best rainbow on the Eleven Point! Great photos also. Tight Lines!
  3. What a great sign! If the Shoal can support trout then it must be a pretty healthy stream. Fantastic!
  4. Awesome. I will definitely keep posting when i get the chance!
  5. Thanks! It prepared me quite well!
  6. Yesterday I took a morning trip down to Shoal Creek. It was a gorgeous morning and I got a real treat. I caught a few Smallmouth, a good sized Spot, and some large Rock Bass/Goggle Eye. I created a two part fishing series on the trip due to the amount of footage I captured. Looking forward to hitting the creek again and seeing what surprises are in store. Enjoy! Video located on my YouTube channel: KETTERMANLIFESTYLE
  7. I plan on being there and I'm really looking forward to it!!
  8. Dubois, Wyoming offers great trout fishing. I stayed on a cabin right on the banks of the Wind River. At the time I was just really beginning fly fishing and I was able to land quite a few trout. You can get on YouTube and look at videos from the man who runs Marlow's Fly Shop in Dubois. It's a great area and I would highly recommend it. If you were to got to the fly shop, he will direct you to other great locations to fish in the area.
  9. Just got myself a couple pairs of these and really wanted to know if anyone else has any experience with them. Thanks!
  10. I would like to learn a lot more about many different kinds of fishing lures/techniques to use to catch fish!! If it swims in a pond or a river, I would like to be able to catch it!
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