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  1. I drug the bucket one gravel bar to the next; that wasn’t a good idea; we waded a lot further than I intended, but it’s hard to not check out the next deeper hole.
  2. Enjoyed a summer day wading the beautiful Swan Creek south of Chadwick. crystal clear water and the fish small, but with spectacular colors.
  3. Me and my college age daughter spent the New Years at lilleys landing taking advantage of their fishing buddy special. We boated the first day. we are new to trout fishing , and we found the bite tough. We boated just a couple of rainbows on power bait. Rain the morning; in afternoon and evening we dock fished. I was able to catch a few on the 1/16 ounce orange and brown jig, as well as, lost a nice one on the black and olive jig. We enjoyed our stay.
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