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  1. Toall you guys who were respectful im officially off here, have a good one and hope the best for you all, like my dad said real fisherman dont talk Bs.
  2. Any guide who gets on here running his mouth on posts would you take merit in that? I sure inthe hell wouldnt.
  3. Your not cause its Bs its away of the guide to make money.
  4. Good hearing from you andy been having fun on the lake hope you get back from Kansas soon and be able to fish.
  5. Im not offended, heck you know my family, I bought some racy shad, purple tiger, and slick racy that run 14 ft deep and cannot figure out why I cannot get bit with them.
  6. thanks for the info. Sorry about post I just cant stand guys putting non sense posts on here, but I got a 1,000.00 if they wanna fish a tournament against me:)
  7. Always lol on here know one serious always someone wanna make fun if someone else I guarantee it would not be that way at the boat ramp!!
  8. I have saw gatorjets rig sure sounds mean, suprized you haven't gave someone a heart attack the way that thing sounds lol,
  9. I googled it because I did not believe but sure enough it does.
  10. This was water temp at 11:15am Saturday, highpoint area
  11. Walmart west bypass and sunshine on top of the worm cooler.
  12. White vinegar in small bottle works as well. Im starting to think its the acids that caterize sthe bleeding.
  13. For folks who like to release when a fish is bleeding from the gills this does work, the high carbonation in coke stops the bleeding.
  14. dennishoddy has it right, point made.
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