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  1. Sean P

    Walleye at the truman dam

    oodlesiggy, why should I stay away from Smithville Lake? I know they have walleye in that lake also, are they hitting there?
  2. Sean P

    Walleye at the truman dam

    Thanks guys! I'm not looking for spots just if the bite had started yet.
  3. Sean P

    Walleye at the truman dam

    Has anyone had any luck with getting walleye at the dam?
  4. Sean P

    Last Weekend of C&R

    I made it down and the fishing was great. Also fished the river and caught a few smallies. Cant wait for trout season. For now busy tying flies to replenish my supple.
  5. Sean P

    New PB Rainbow

    Nice fish! Congrats!

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