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  1. Thanks Bo for the continued reports. Nice to hear from Champ again. The spinnerbait looks familiar...like something you may have won last year in the fantasy fishing group. Spot remover maybe?😉
  2. I missed a tournament early, lost interest and bailed. However, looking forward to settling up with the winners. Thanks for coordinating Brett. David
  3. I found out recently my garage could accommodate a new Basscat Pantera Classic. A 19’ class boat in a conventional garage....23’x97”. I can’t justify it yet but reality is closer than its ever been. Anyway you could frame out an alcove to get an additional few feet for the motor?
  4. Attached is a pic of a giant shade ball under the dock...a 4 stall dock with a swim platform. The perimeter of the ball was larger than the footprint of the dock. Crazy. I hope the pic comes through well enough to see
  5. I’m not ashamed to say we struggled. Only caught a few fish each day but had a great time. We fished the lower end and had water temps from 54 to 59. The slime got worse each day and made it difficult to fish bottom baits. We tried fishing deeper without any luck and then threw more of the swim bait, jerk bait and dreaded A-Rig. Biggest fish was a 2lb LM just inside persimmon hollow on a 2.8 kietech. The fish were busting shad but not like I’m used to seeing the Kentucky’s do. They were being more strategic. Sure enough it was a school of LM’s. I caught the one and my partner broke off a better one and we thought it was on. But it was over quickly. The rest of our fish were Kentuckys here and there including a few in the back of the cove we don’t mention, but they were nothing like Brett’s fatties. The sportsmanship from others was great. No issues and a lot of respect. By Sunday we saw lots of cruising fish shallow. I agree with others who commented on the shad. They were everywhere. Hard to compete with the real thing. Congrats to everyone that cashed checks. David
  6. Thanks Alex. Beautiful fish. Any rock snot in that area yet?
  7. I use 30lb power pro braid with a 5 foot 6lb flouro leader using an RP knot.
  8. I’m hoping I drop to 20th today. If I’m going to do this bad I’d rather be the best at being bad.
  9. I’m with you BilletHead. I love chasing waterfowl this time of year.
  10. Thanks for coordinating again Brett. I’ll do it again this year. I’m getting pretty good at mailing lures out to the winners.... David
  11. Thanks Bo. Still looking forward to some videos. Really enjoyed the ones this time of year a few years ago.
  12. You live at Steak and Shake!? Just kidding. Good looking boat. Looking forward to your fishing reports.
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