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  1. Haha come to think of it he does a little.
  2. I agree champ we did have one fella do that to us yesterday but he knew he was crowding and didn't hang around long.
  3. Thank you! It's definitely one we'll never forget.
  4. So you're saying there are some professional spot poachers on here? Lol they are more than welcome to pull up to us and say thanks for the help we'll be in the white and maroon Nitro Z8. I suppose I could've been the guy who blurs the background but I figured someone would chirp about that too.
  5. Yesterday was just one of those days. My dad and I fished the middle part of the White and happened across a creek arm that was loaded with shad and bass. Put in just after daybreak water temp was 49.5 and pretty much stayed that way all day. Lots of surface activity early on and the baits of choice were a jerkbait and slab spoon. Fish finally started to slow down on those baits around mid-day so we picked up the small swimbaits and the rest was history. All in all we caught well over a hundred fish with a good portion of those being football K's also mixed in were some quality smallies and a fair amount of Largemouths. All species we're fat as could be and didn't look like they could eat one more bite without popping. Biggest two fish of day were 5lb 14oz and 6lb 2oz. Also had a couple of 4's and more 3+ than you can shake a stick at. Best 5 would've went for 23 and some change. All this action took place in a 300yd stretch that we never left. Truly one of those days you live for as a fisherman. Attached a few pics of some of the better fish.
  6. I totally understand it doesn't take much for us guys to get sidetracked 😆
  7. Hey Champ I must have a twin running around Shell Knob cause it wasn't me. That said maybe we'll run into each other out on the water and if so let's chat!
  8. Me and my dad went out chasing crappie again today and it did not disappoint. Two man limit (30 keepers) easily caught 70 fish, and we each caught a 16" slab both released to be caught again. Water temp was 48-50. All the fish we are finding are back in the creeks (Long, Kings, James) and have either been in the tree's or out on the flats relating to shad. Depth has been anywhere from 15-30' just depends on the day and conditions. Sunny days has them up in the water column more. With this recent stretch of warm weather we are finding more fish out away from the trees than we were a couple weeks ago. This last week casting at them has been a lot better presentation as opposed to vertical jigging. Screen time is a must but once you locate some toss a marker buoy back off and make your cast. We are strictly fishing jigs i.e. Bobby Garland, Mr. Crappie etc on 1/8oz heads. Retrieve is a slow wind while letting the jig fall to the desired depth. You may see a tree/spot loaded and catch a few right off the bat then it shuts off, you can switch baits and colors and maybe pick up a couple more bites but you're better off moving to another spot and catching whatever active fish you can. Bouncing around is a must. Hopefully this helps some of the guys that have been asking about these mythical Table Rock crappie. - Kenny
  9. Back in the creek arms suspended in the tree's with jigs
  10. The Christmas Eve crappie were good to us. - Kenny
  11. We fished standing timber and brush piles today. Bite picked up in the afternoon and made for a decent day on the Rock. - Kenny
  12. Luke. They are definitely harder to find on TRL compared to some other lakes to the north of us but it can be done. Devan definitely hit it on the head. Right now I'd look back in the creek arms they'll be suspended in the tree tops in the 20-30" range. You may see a tree loaded with them but only catch a couple off of it. Once that happens move on to the next spot. We grinded a few out ourselves this past weekend. Good luck! - Kenny
  13. March 2015 Long Creek 7-14 on a wart -- Kenny
  14. Great job Brett. My dad and I fished it too but didn't fair as well and ended up in 23rd. We had 3 fish for 9.82 but the one bright spot was one that went 5.70 good enough for 2nd big bass. We started off in the KC area where we caught the big girl on a rig(deep), then worked our way up the white eventually landing in the Kings. Second keeper came from the Baxter area on a squarebill and the third keeper from the Kings on a Spinnerbait. Other than the rig fish we mostly ran a shallow pattern that had been producing better LM bites for us recently but on Saturday all those fish shrunk to non keeps. We were a ways up the King when the sleet started and quickly switched over to a wet heavy snow making it almost impossible to see which rods were laying on the deck. Along with it came a pretty dense fog that had us a little nervous about making it back to KC on time. Long story short we started the trek back a little after 1:00 and the fog ended up clearing out just before Baxter. We hit a couple more spots and just couldn't manage any other bites. - Kenny
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