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  1. Brand new motorguide gator mount. Asking $180. Located in Repuclic/Springfield area.
  2. vpk2488


    Little late but got out with a friend in the rain yesterday. Fished in big Indian and caught about 20 or so. Maybe had 5 keepers but they were just keepers at best. Water was kinda milky but not full stain and around 51-52 degrees. Ned was only thing could really get bit on. Friend did have several short hits on wobble head though. Only 1 LM and rest spots and SM.
  3. vpk2488


    In good condition. Doesn’t look like has been used much at all. New ones are around $50. Asking $35. Located in republic/Springfield area.
  4. Solid jack plate. Don’t know a lot about it other than my Dad bought out a guy who did some flipping of boats for a while and this was in the lot. Looks solid, has some scratching as can see, but otherwise decent shape. Not sure what hardware would be needed to complete to put on a boat. Just been sitting in garage and have no use for it. Asking $50 and located in republic/Springfield area.
  5. vpk2488


    Nice 25lb richter anchor in good condition. Looks like hasn’t been used much. Asking $70. New ones are around $100. Rope with clip, which is around 60’ long, is included. Located in republic.
  6. Would think Indian point marina should be fine, especially since water has dropped a tad. Showed they had the courtesy dock pulled up in that drone video and that lot has some slope so shouldn't be too flat there by the water
  7. Found that spot Monday by luck when caught a white on a jig bass fishing and then caught 13-14 on the a-rig. Went back yesterday with a bud and with weather change only caught 4. Who knows what this weather has done to them now.
  8. Yep, bout noon the breeze picked up, too bad had to go home shortly after
  9. Put in at shell knob and fished 9:30-1. Caught 10, all on the ned. Pretty much all Ks in 15-20 fow. Those fish and I weren't too fond of the slick conditions, but made the best of it. Wt 52.5-54
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