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  1. That is an understatement! I would have a very hard time not being with them, Maybe a healthy,single grandchild? Assuming they are adults of course. God bless them and your family.
  2. After that first weekend pass that's probably not all they have...
  3. Again and again. All of McMurtys work are must reads, one of my favorites.
  4. Somebody had an old canoe in the garden thread? repurposed as a planter...... Just saying.
  5. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Dang. Do you deliver?
  6. WITHOUT! I live 7+ -months a year at my cabin in Michigan and I rarely miss the Media. I do have wi-fi,etc , so I am not out of touch. I find it troublesome that I check it first thing in the morning when I'm down here. Worry some might be a better word.
  7. Harold Ensley! The first, and true Fishermen's friend. That red station wagon was a classic. I would buy it now. I have a few of his fish mounts, his daughter was a friend.
  8. Ms/Mrs Budweiser was / is a gold cup winning hydroboat. I'm guessing that wrench watched that race on LOZ. I enjoyed it for sure.
  9. Amen. I'm working 18 hour days. Not sure when I will head back north, I'm 45 miles North of KC now
  10. I always enjoyed that one. Wife let me leave it on the refrigerator for years.
  11. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Yes! Handful of frozen peas with macaroni + cheese also.
  12. Belgium Seeds. Its all good, enjoy.
  13. In the past we had Chicken pox party's, most of us(over 50ish) made it. Maybe we should gang up and get it over with. Plus I think the fish slime might work.
  14. Deadstream

    I’m Bad

    I have been biting my lip for weeks, looks like wrenches. Thanks for saying what I thought. My Dad woulda .....
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