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  1. Deadstream

    A bat in the house.

    That is what is all about. Nice !
  2. Deadstream

    A couple short BilletHead hunts,

  3. Deadstream

    Coming to a water near you

    I really lose sleep about CT carp.
  4. Deadstream

    Annual Fall Camping/Fishing trip to Stockton 11/1-11/3

    Note to self.... Stockton First week of November. Fish fry.
  5. Deadstream

    communicating with the mdc

    Like a charity/ memorial golf tournament..... Last one's in..... win!
  6. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Dang! And new placemats!
  7. Deadstream

    Upgrade for new boat

    I joined because I wanted to jump out of planes and met chicks. 11B1Y They asked if I liked to camp, hunt , fish, hike.... Well, yeah! I used to do 1000 pushups a day EASY... Now 10 might kill me! Airborne!
  8. Deadstream

    Full of dinks.

    Use it or lose it? They charge so much for camping anymore, the pool should be saved. I don't use it, never have but my friends kids loved it and now their Grandkids are getting that age.
  9. Deadstream

    Upgrade for new boat

  10. Deadstream

    Upgrade for new boat

    We served about the same time. 82nd Aviation Bat. Pathfinder Teams
  11. Deadstream

    New license plates

    Missouri's statehood was 1821.
  12. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    I got nothing! Enjoy!
  13. Deadstream

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Good for Nomolites! Thanks for the chance Duane!
  14. Deadstream

    Recommendations on Ice Fishing

    Lymans on the lake, Houghton Lake Michigan. They can set you up in a shanty, drill your holes,anything you need. Including Pizza and beer.
  15. Deadstream

    Perfect fishing ride for sale.

    Comes with the rods and gear?

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