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  1. I sold mine for $500.00 early this year and am regretting it. Was a 9.9 year 64. It was Granddads and ran like charm. Bad me.
  2. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Nice! I will check that out.
  3. The Manistee, AuSable and the Pere Marquette all fish well and have access points all along the rivers. What type of trip are you planning? Camping? Sightseeing? What part of the State do you plan on visting? Upper or lower? Be glad to help with a little more detail
  4. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Thats all I need. Yummy.
  5. I say once more. Lets fish. With our big trucks pulling our big boats full of big batteries.... We might be the problem.
  6. I think it's been a long, cold winter and cabin fever is running rampant. Lets fish.
  7. Ha ha . I try to get the hair cutter to transplant it. She laughs and uses #3 clippers on whats left. I don't need to camo like the billethead yet
  8. I can't help myself.... Thats not stockton?
  9. Happy Birthday! It was and sounds like a great day. I hope I get such a great gift for my 60th. (very soon)
  10. Don't bother. We were talking about new Hemi's and Teslas You live in the past and I think that was make believe
  11. I call BS. Doubt you have ever seen one much less crawled in one.
  12. Never let the truth get in your way, do you? Google is your friend.
  13. Guys, I'm talking about 2' wide streams sometimes. You have to low crawl up to them and rest. You get one cast. The best way is floating a small piece of luan, etc with your fly on it and yank it off when it goes under the bank. Or bushwhack into small beaver damns. The scenery is always worth it
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