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  1. Maryland Whites!

    Shore lunch?
  2. Trip Report in tribal lands

    I think I will just continue the no pizza,beer and a daily walk program.
  3. New fishin stick

    Wow, love the Corvette lure. Nice work!
  4. This won't work out well for the landowners.
  5. What's Cooking?

    Yep!!! Bigger bowl for me please.
  6. Short float with a new toy.

    Think of the videos that the MDC get/will out of NRO, etc. Glad I'm older. I did some stupid things in hindsight.
  7. Short float with a new toy.

    Maybe your Vet could put a chip on/in it?
  8. Short float with a new toy.

    You could troll with that.
  9. What's Cooking?

    Nice Dutch oven, Very nice! bread and last widget I tore out a Guinness looked like a tiny barrel.? But were is the stew? HA! was looking so hard at the bread I missed the stew... Nice!
  10. Home Security to help people with dementia

    I was my Grandfathers Primary care giver for 7+years. He loved his burn barrel and the mailbox. It was heartbreaking. I scare myself regularly with what I forget.
  11. Home Security to help people with dementia

    Be careful what you say, they might come take you or your BB gun away...
  12. Air Rifle

    Is that an ammo carrier? Nice.
  13. East wind = lots of small bass

    Wow, that one looks like the cows took it out for a spin. But I have pond fished out of worse. Back when I was wiser...
  14. Mizzou/Arkansas hoops

    It would be nice if KU and Mizzou were playing this week in KC like old days. Some bracket projectors have them in same bracket..... That would be fun. I am a Michigan fan first, KU second, Arkansas close behind.

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