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  1. MoCrap. What a punk. I will break out my bow fishing gear just for you.
  2. Deadstream

    Salmon River Epic

    Did you get to pick dates? I figured it would take a year or so. Some of the pictures look like you had several rafts, all OAR or other outfitters?
  3. Deadstream

    Salmon River Epic

    Sounds great! Did it take awhile to get a float date?
  4. Deadstream

    Box turtle

    They will sit up and smile for McDonald French Fries. Small fruits and cherry tomatoes make them come "running" Have kept them for years while in Missouri, if I didn't travel I would still have some. I'm pretty sure its illegal. The Teste Feste in Olean, Missouri used to have turtle races, what fun.
  5. Deadstream. 12,500 acre White Cedar swamp in Northern Michigan. It can be very dangerous and keeps a few people every few years. Great place for beaver pond brook trout. It drains into the Manistee, the AuSable and Pere Marquette are close by. Grew up there and It is my home range in the summer. When I lean how to post pictures I will. Winters I live under Ness' deck.
  6. Deadstream

    Best broadheads for elk in Montana

    That also. Enjoy and good luck
  7. Deadstream

    Best broadheads for elk in Montana

    Can't go wrong with a 3 blade Satellite 125. I have been very happy with them for 30 + years
  8. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

  9. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Well, Dang.
  10. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Dang,dang,dang. Dang!
  11. Deadstream

    Mega Longear Sunfish

  12. Deadstream

    Got a Good Woman

    I only float the river January 1st and March 17th, St Patricks Day. Try to stay dry both times. It is god awful dirty later in the year. We always went Fathers Day weekend years back but the frat boys and the white trash / meth heads ran us off. It is a great float off season.
  13. Deadstream

    Interesting Delimma

    That's neat. Wonder what the outcome was? Sculpin drop into the water when snake had to reposition his grip?
  14. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Double Dang!
  15. Deadstream

    New Invasive Species on the Upper End

    I want one! Or three. What fun for the kids!

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