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  1. In the long run Propane is much cheaper. Not sure how you can cut, split, stack haul firewood in your shape. Silly. Exercise other ways.(fish, walk the hills around the park...) Be safe.
  2. Put a plastic bag in it and pack it out. Been doing that for years. Don't over think it. A trash bag and an ammo can holds plenty of poop.
  3. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Page 1100. Who is going to work up a cook book? Salmon are starting to run in Michigan, send the rain !!!!
  4. I was at Rocky Island Lake With Grandad and Grandma Just before I left for the Army. Caught a 40+ Northen from the beach, Elvis died that day. We heard it on the a.m. Wish I still had that Airstream.
  5. Sounded spot on. Sometimes the truth is painful.
  6. I bet. I might still be ticked.
  7. Reaching. But something to think about.
  8. Can't you buy mealworms at pet stores? Waxworms different? What we buy for ice fishing looks just like a mealworm, they call them waxworms...
  9. Well, do what my Dad did/does. Stay out of my tools! Dad is 75ish and still keeps his little box. I was a professional cabinet maker for 20 years after I quit remodeling,etc. He loves my shop when he gets to visit from California, have to remind HIM to put them back where he found them. That was a teaching moment when I didn't do it.....
  10. I hope you have a beer fridge.
  11. I've driven 1000 miles in a weekend both ways looking for love/lust.... Hats off to this road warrior. Wish him well.
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