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  1. Thats not it. More people then ever. No different then LOZ or TBR, Cityidiots are ruining it quickly.
  2. Dang. Thats just mean.
  3. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Salad sounds delicious! Dang!
  4. That notwithstanding, Do you drill holes in the mineral buckets for drainage? The big black cattle ones?
  5. Mine was a 9.9/8 1964 model I carried that bugger all over Canada and the UP of Michican.Salmon fished in the fall on Lake Michigan in water I would never dream of now fishing in a semi-V 12Footer. We did catch fish...
  6. Gotta be some old guys in the diners in the early morning that would help. Unless you are a yankee, swishy and wearing loafers.
  7. Mess with my gear and I will. I don't keep Smallies. I do and will protect whats mine. Only a jackass would destroy another persons property.
  8. And Trump is still President And Hillary is not..... Loser
  9. You better look close on both ends.. That attitude will get your posterior beat or shot. AND make people saw sides off of your precious smallmouth.. DON'T ever mess with anybody else's gear. EVER. If you really think its a bad set call the DNR... You are not the judge.
  10. Dang, guess I/ we have been breaking the law. We have/had a bow camp for years on the banks of Truman. I have missed it lately because I have been fishing in Michigan. Some guys fish, some guys hunt, some guys drink. We always had boats on the bank and trucks nearby. Never have cut a fence, always an access nearby.
  11. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Dill pickle works on everything! How did the house look Bank Of Dad? Did Mom look at it yet? Good luck.
  12. Good thing Phil installs the cabinets and carpets with velcro.
  13. Ooops, I lied. I have thousands of dollars of Salmon and Lake Trout lures for the Great Lakes that cost way... over $15.00. I don't even want to know how much. Dang, I'm tackle rich and cash poor.
  14. Sure. On the being paid side. I've seen the large vans dropping off people, handed signs and smoke bombs and sent to rallys all the way back to the Bob Dole for president days. I used a valve stem remover and let a" little air" out of the two vans tires, looked up at the building next to me and a dude with a long gun was watching with a smile on his face. This was in Independence,Mo. way back
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