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  1. Deadstream

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Good for Nomolites! Thanks for the chance Duane!
  2. Deadstream

    Recommendations on Ice Fishing

    Lymans on the lake, Houghton Lake Michigan. They can set you up in a shanty, drill your holes,anything you need. Including Pizza and beer.
  3. Deadstream

    Perfect fishing ride for sale.

    Comes with the rods and gear?
  4. Deadstream

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Please add Deadstream to the list. Thanks Duane!
  5. Deadstream

    Knapp time.

    Heck yes I want in. Thanks for the chance. Nice work!
  6. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

  7. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Looks like some new decking at casa ness
  8. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Pretty sure its Rosedale. Great fries
  9. Deadstream

    2018 Dove

    The bacon and beer is always good! The shooting is fun. The dove taste like dung. I've had it in South Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina and it has never tasted any better then military liver. Yaack. You enjoy them.
  10. Deadstream

    Buzzed by our Air Force jets...

    We always just called it Blairstown. Almost every building in town had inventory in it. How they kept track of that inventory is amazing. One building had gun safes stacked to the rafters. Yep, It was Walls. John Walls was the owner I think.
  11. Deadstream

    Planning a trip to the UP of Michigan

    Might as well fish the Manistee when at the AuSable, it's right there. Hartwick pines is nearby (old growth forest) and Mackinaw Island is one hour north. Lots of great fishing in the area. Bring bug spray.
  12. Deadstream

    Planning a trip to the UP of Michigan

    I'm a little confused. The AuSable is in the lower peninsula along with the Black River. There is a Black River in the upper peninsula also. Are you making a loop thru the state?
  13. Deadstream

    35 HP tohatsu Jet

    They are wanting to rip you off! Good decision.
  14. MoCrap. What a punk. I will break out my bow fishing gear just for you.
  15. Deadstream

    Salmon River Epic

    Did you get to pick dates? I figured it would take a year or so. Some of the pictures look like you had several rafts, all OAR or other outfitters?

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