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  1. Deadstream

    What is it

    Same as a Chevy + - a smidge. I call it a GREAT kill, especially if was close to my badminton court !!!
  2. Deadstream

    A little Truman flyfishing and a bit more

    Rut row. I'm guilty maybe, If they flooded great Grandpa's place... or declared it a National Forest near the Mulberry River with a mountain named after him can I keep anything? Come and get it. PFFT!
  3. Deadstream

    5 10 Water Shoes

  4. Deadstream

    What is it

    Wow! That is impressive.
  5. Deadstream

    4200 RPM

    Sounds like somebody needs an appointment with wrench.
  6. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

  7. Deadstream

    Will Exercise Help?

    Not recommending you do anything illegal, but have you tried the evil weed? Lots of it out there, and if it helps I wouldn't wait for some silly law.
  8. Deadstream

    Been Married 35 Years

    Maybe she thought that cordless drill was enough I thought 35 years was the boat anniversary... Congratulations! I just survived my 33rd year, she deserves much better.
  9. Deadstream

    Second bird down and I am done

  10. Deadstream

    Annual trip coming up

    Thats sharp
  11. Deadstream

    Oklahoma ?

    If you can deal with chiggers and ticks etc you can handle skeeters and midges. Go check out a new place. OR. Just stay home and buy the boat!
  12. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    The heck with plagiarizing...add a smish of cilantro.(sorry Ness) Lets see the process
  13. Nice. Very nice! Is that your dog in the background harassing the neighbors dog?
  14. Deadstream

    A windy trip

    Maybe you are?
  15. Deadstream

    How I create a catalog cover illustration

    Guess #1 is PS. #2 and 3 amazing paintings. I really can't tell.

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