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  1. 2017 garden thread

    Not the ground hogs fault you napped the afternoon away. Are you just letting it get fat?
  2. McGregor vs Mayweather

    I think McGregor is in a win , win situation. He is not expected to win, if he does it's a win. Money(what this is all about) is a win. Will he take a beating, maybe, but he does that every time he gets in the cage. Write me that check and I will climb in that ring as soon as I finish this bowl of ice cream.
  3. more weirdness

    Just got back from the not so secret fishing hole, A great beaver pond that holds some Monster Brookies late in the year. They responded well to spider flies/poppers. Anyway, I also ran across a handful of young "adults" that had trashed the area. They told this old man to mind my own business and f.off. I am not a cop caller but I will call the DNR. I did, local guy was in the area, He responded and 4 out of 7 had wants and warrants. This is way!!!! out in the boonies, just lucky he was near. The other 3 cleaned up the mess and promised me payback. I have a ccw permit from Missouri that allows me to carry in Michigan, I didn't need it this time but kids are getting crazy anymore. Sad we can't park our trucks and fish anymore, and that some of these kids were son's of friends.

    Nothing wrong with Bear, Cougar, Bobcats and Wolves/Coyotes running wild. As an NW Arkansas, Northern Michigan kid that has spent thousands of hours in the hills and swamps I have never seen any of the above that didn't haul posterior when we met. Spent years in the Military, never had a problem. ( I do hate leaches ) I'm at my Michigan fish camp, worse thing here is black flies and skeeters. We just keep the trash tight and bird feeders empty in the spring
  5. COE Private Boat Dock regulation change

    Carnahan and McCaskill. Crooks! Shameless.
  6. What's Cooking?

    Yaack! Curdled milk is disgusting! Give me pea's, Brussel sprouts and spinach/turnip/collard greens anyday ! Brook trout are really biting well in Michigan. The flies and skeeters are terrible! When I learn how to post pictures I will share. Smallies have been very catchable, they get stringred up here a lot.
  7. In Northern Michigan now. Like Wrench said, prepare for blood loss. Brutal!!! Big Mepps combo killers, Pike.. red and white daredevils, chartuse spinner baits and of course your plastic. Long sleeves and bug dope!
  8. Stockton Lake Night Noise

    The lake is enjoyed by all. Does everybody like a 4 flight bass tourney blowing out at daylight? A drunken frat party on the river ? A rock and roll band on the dock? No. But we have to share. I like peace and quite but those days are over, it's the new kids and the silly bankers that loan them the money for wake boats, etc. I wish I could shut down bad behavior but I am older and realize that it won't happen. Like Al says, sometimes it's to late.
  9. Trout fishing in the U.K.

    Anybody fish in Ireland? I am going 5 Oct. till 20 Oct. My host is a resident sortta (he has a home there). Can Non Residents fish there? Supposedly his family has 'river rights' and they have something like a river master? Anybody?
  10. Aunts 5/20

    Great Picture! Don't let Champ beat on you, He took plenty of pictures like that back before he got old. Champ is like the old guy that hollers when you get your ball on his grass. Promise he's the guy that makes sure the 19th hole is squared away.
  11. I am Old! remember these!

    Yep, If you can cast that Ambassador you can cast anything. The bird nests I made with those. I still have them on my Catfish poles.

    If you can get a "bill of sale" or gift transfer from Estate with the details without a problem do it. I have inherited many guns and always try to do that. I have had to prove ownership once for a handgun that was left to me, it was a pain in the arse but I wasn't going to let the local sheriffs dept. have it. My 98 year old Grandpa just passed, when he gave me his guns he signed a note that was notarized giving me control of them. Those were all rifles and shotguns. Now, I can pass them down to nephews, nieces etc. without worries. Some states, (Michigan) make you register hand guns. I don't because I am a Missouri resident . Arkansas I'm guessing is fine to inherit without paperwork. Hope so anyways because most of mine came from the White Rock Mt. area.

    Granddad called them meat pushers. You better be pushing meat if you wanted to hit anything... He owned 9 full-service gas stations in the 50's and 60's in the Detroit area, saw a lot. I remember being with him during the riots at a station on 8 mile road. Pretty scary for a 7year old. But the Tigers won the World Series so that was good!
  14. I am Old! remember these!

    I don't use my glass ones anymore, to many sticky fingers. The farther back in the swamp/woods the more I lose. Michigan, like Missouri has a huge meth,opioid problem. They will steal anything any chance they get. I do still use my minnow pails, they stay in the front of the truck if I'm not close. And I am an old mineer bucket hoarder, I buy all I find. Lot's of great garage sales and auctions in Northern Michigan, all the retired auto workers are passing or giving it up and very few of there kids know what they have or don't want it. It is really amazing what you can find.
  15. I am Old! remember these!

    We are not that old! I still fish with a lot of them. That beetle spin gets wet every time I go out unless I'm on the trout stream. Is that a mitchell spinning reel? That Mepps minnow spinner is still a killer on the Muskegon River where it leaves Houghton Lake in Michigan. You never know what you will catch.

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