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  1. Granddad used to call them bean flips, I still have his homemade ones from the 20-30s. Crotch of a tree,tanned leather. They would shoot dried beans or pebbles, beans were more accurate he said. His homestead is still in the mountains just North of Turners Bend in the National forest. He won Grandma from Champ Turner... Mulberry river legend. Grandmas Dad mountain is called Stevens mountain, Bee Rock on the Pig Trail he started. My Great Granddad, John Stevens was on the Art Linkletter show They gave him a washing machine, radio etc. He told them he had no power, they laughed. This was in the 50's. I have a windup mantel clock that they gave him and it is a cherished possession.
  2. That could bring Michigan in play... I like that.
  3. How often will Duane and Phil make a trophy??
  4. How long and was it caught in Missouri waters??????
  5. Awesome! Is he a secret or available to all?
  6. Just don't forget your face net and the bug spray. The Black/ Deer flies are mean. They take divots out of you.
  7. Are you? Sure sounds like it. Relax, you lost. Get over it. You can vote for Hillary again in November. Serenity now, Serenity now.
  8. Deadstream

    What's Cooking?

    Lets see the guts. Curious.
  9. You mean the Ozark's, Grand Canyon area, LA, Mountain Home ...
  10. They have a beautiful museum and display at Whitefish Point (closest land mass to the sinking). Had a great uncle that served on her as an engineer, luckily he was not on board at the time. Bridge fact, they never stop painting it weather permitting.
  11. Yep. The one and only tattoo I have today
  12. We always planted Turnips in Northern Michigan when I was younger, acre or more next to the acre of red potatoes. We harvested the turnip greens(love them) and let the deer have at them. They would dig down thru the snow after them and it looked like a rototiller had been in there. Great late... season place to fill the freezer.
  13. Deadstream


    Thats my problem. And I am stuck in Missouri and my patches of asparagus and super secret mushroom spots are going to get poached. Rats .My fault, I shared with "friends".
  14. Mr. Bidens short list for his running mate
  15. Nice pictures of it pissed off. Never really have seen one in that color scheme. Very nice
  16. You can canoe or kayak, row a boat. But no motorized boats. Whitmore is a freeking idiot. and on the short list for VP.
  17. Well it is a cutie, I guessing a non venomous variety.
  18. A soon to be dead copperhead??
  19. Somebody asked about them in the past. I have 2, one prime and one not. I could air gun them by the dozens if I wanted to when I am in Michigan but I don't buy tags in Michigan anymore because of Insane rules and cost. These just went pinchers up for whatever reason ( bird feeder overdose) I suspect. Somebody want them? Just cost you a couple of what ever you tie. Happy Easter
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