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  1. Greenheadrocker

    A couple short BilletHead hunts,

    Beautiful, Truly an amazing bird.
  2. Greenheadrocker


    I know their small but they eat so well.
  3. Greenheadrocker

    Kayak Ducks.

    It has a 42" beam I can stand up and fish with out any issues. The most stable kayak I've ever been in. I can lower seat if I want but at my age I'm all about comfort. Check them out at NuCanoe mine's the Frontier 12
  4. Greenheadrocker

    Kayak Ducks.

    Dan that's a Pinnacle 360 seat, the most comfortable kayak seat I've ever set in.
  5. Greenheadrocker

    Kayak Ducks.

    I think I'm ready.
  6. Greenheadrocker

    Little Sac

    Is their a launch ramp their? That's easy to put a Kayak in.
  7. Greenheadrocker

    10 days later we picked them

    Which one makes the best table fare, the hen or the chicken?
  8. Greenheadrocker


    A spore print is an amazing thing in helping someone unravel the mysteries of mushrooms. I'd say you nailed the identification.
  9. Greenheadrocker

    What is it ?

    Omphalotus olearius also known as the Jack O-Lantern. Do not I repeat Do not eat.
  10. Greenheadrocker

    Jet ski trailer wanted.

    Found my diamond.
  11. Greenheadrocker

    Fountain grove

    A chainsaw does wonders for clearing a shootin hole.😁
  12. Greenheadrocker

    Jet ski trailer wanted.

    May just go this route I already have a utility trailer. But I'm still looking for that diamond in the rough.
  13. Greenheadrocker

    Jet ski trailer wanted.

    Thanks Pat for the offer, but I have a utility trailer.
  14. Greenheadrocker

    Jet ski trailer wanted.

    Yep that's what I want it for.
  15. Greenheadrocker

    Jet ski trailer wanted.

    That seems to be the case, take my old junk jet-ski and I'll make you a deal on the trailer.🙄

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