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  1. (Hate me I don't care. tell me mind your own business so be it.) But The simple act of choosing to wear a life jacket has made a huge difference for many accident survivors.
  2. Most of tourney-x tournaments are kayak tournaments, and yes they are legit. And you don't need to spend 30.00 to join tourney-x it's free. If you have any more questions I'll try to answer them.
  3. I didn't feel that you were, It's truly the most stable kayak I've ever been in.
  4. Minn Kota Terrova it's not just for big boats. LOL
  5. This is how Kayak tournaments do it, CPR catch- photo- release. That fish goes right back were it come from.
  6. Any body need one of these Universal motor mount MKA-47. I purchased a Terrova I-Pilot and it came with this mount make offer.
  7. I was in their also, Great guys. I have bought many things from them over the years.
  8. Looking for Minn Kota Power Drive or Terrova 55# with I-Pilot
  9. I know their small but they eat so well.
  10. It has a 42" beam I can stand up and fish with out any issues. The most stable kayak I've ever been in. I can lower seat if I want but at my age I'm all about comfort. Check them out at NuCanoe mine's the Frontier 12
  11. Dan that's a Pinnacle 360 seat, the most comfortable kayak seat I've ever set in.
  12. Is their a launch ramp their? That's easy to put a Kayak in.
  13. Which one makes the best table fare, the hen or the chicken?
  14. A spore print is an amazing thing in helping someone unravel the mysteries of mushrooms. I'd say you nailed the identification.
  15. Omphalotus olearius also known as the Jack O-Lantern. Do not I repeat Do not eat.
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