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  1. A chainsaw does wonders for clearing a shootin hole.😁
  2. May just go this route I already have a utility trailer. But I'm still looking for that diamond in the rough.
  3. Thanks Pat for the offer, but I have a utility trailer.
  4. That seems to be the case, take my old junk jet-ski and I'll make you a deal on the trailer.🙄
  5. We're sorry. We regret to inform you that you were not successfully drawn for a waterfowl hunt.😭
  6. 2003 All welded 1648 Grizzly, Trailer, 25hp Motor, Mud Buddy Quick-Flip Blind, Plus a few extras. Everything is in great shape. 3200.00
  7. Just a little heavier boat than I need, I'm looking to stay under 100 lbs. Great looking boat though!
  8. Looking for used NuCanoe a Frontier 10 or 12
  9. Brand new in box never used. 250.00
  10. Come Sept-15 I can help alleviate that over grazing problem.🏹
  11. The way I read it he has gotten the same advice as his guide.
  12. Fixed Blade one less thing to go wrong. I'm MUZZY kind of guy their bad too the bone!
  13. Thanks for the nice comments I'll pass this along.
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