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  1. Cya I've only had mine out twice and the second time was today. I have the 60 and the first time out I was alone and the boat run a tad over 35. Today with 2 in the boat and a ice chest full of fried chicken, tater salad, chocolate cake and ice tea the boat would run a little over 32.
  2. Cya I think your going to be happy with that ride ,I like mine, I'm jealous of your trolling motor though.
  3. Holy cow look at the size of that their "SCRATCH" dam that would bother me too! Hehehehe
  4. That's a sweet looking ride you got their.
  5. You might want to look at Crestliner I have their VT-17 and have been very pleased.
  6. I think maybe this new hobby of mine might get expensive.
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