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  1. Look no further...these are amazing, cuts braid like butter. They sell at Bass Pro or on the Amazon... https://www.amazon.com/Boomerang-Tool-Company-Retractable-Stainless/dp/B002BWW99A/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1549484354&sr=8-8&keywords=scissors+fishing
  2. Call text me 417-894-7917 Minn Kota® Edge 65 Foot-Control Bow Mount Trolling Motor, with its ultra-tough marine-grade anodized aluminum spine and impact-resistant composite head. This feature-rich 24V trolling motor boasts uncompromising strength, relentless durability, and performance that put lesser motors in their place. Features include 65 lbs. of thrust, a 45" composite shaft, Power Prop, and 5 speeds.
  3. This has been a great boat. Lots of fish caught lots of ducks shot, lots of memories made. This boat has a Minn Kota Trolling motor, bilge pump, interior lights, new carpet on floor. The motor is camo, but its a Tracker 20HP, 2 Stroke with a 6 gallon tank. I've fished Table Rock, Taneycomo, Sac River, Stockton, and hunted the duck parks, Springfield Lake. This also comes with a Humminbird 596c HD with Down Imaging. Have the box and papers for it. Give me shout at 4178947917
  4. At the end of my fishing day Saturday I decided to troll back to the ramp. Coming up on a point in about 70ft of water trolling a Strike King 6XD crank bait, this guy nailed it. Reeling it in I thought it was just a small bass, once I caught a glimpse several yards from the boat I thought for sure small crappie, then to much of my dismay big ole'gill. If I didn't take a picture no one would believe me. The nose of the fish is just over the tip of my middle finger. Measuring it out later it unofficially came in at 9 1/2 inches. That was a first for me. Funny a bluegill was the only picture worthy fish of the day.
  5. My adventure started Friday, March 25. I finished mowing the grass and trimming the yard just in time for the Fed-Ex man to deliver some new A-Rigs. A-Rigs are new to me and I’m determined to learn them. I thought well the days are longer, wife’s out of town; I’m going fishing! I live in Springfield you see so I figured by the time I hit the water I’d have 2 ½ or 3 hours to fish, worth it to me. Southbound to Highlandville that feeling hit me, I forgot my fish finder in the garage, I really wanted it even though man has caught fish for 10,000 years without one. I turned around, and thought well heck I’ll just top off my tank for fishing tomorrow while I’m already delayed. Pulled to my ethanol free pump and realized in my rush, I don’t even have my wallet! It appears the fish are safe for that evening. A minute or two later I get call from a buddy to join him in the partaking of adult beverages and I was obliged. Saturday morning I leave Springfield for Table Rock, with all provisions including wallet and fish finder. I put in near my folks house down Gobblers Mountain around 1030am. Gear up my 1648 Tracker Duck Killin Fish Slayin boat, launch, park the truck get in the boat start floating off the bank and I squeeze the bulb, choke the engine, pull the cord once, twice, three times…..27 28 29….56..NOTHING. I’m not happy at this point. I went through it all, kill switch, fuel line, spark plug, carb, primer bulb everything…and this lil 20 hp motor was just re-done and ran fine a week earlier. So I call my guy and I explain my situation he’s at a loss, and says he’ll be there to noon come on by if I want. So I loaded up, drove BACK to Nixa and to realize it was a simple fix of the needle in the carb was stuck, no gas to the carb. Not letting this get the best of me and it only being 12:30, I’m southbound AGAIN to the lake. Put on, boat ran great all day! Now to the fishing; you heard me mention this was A-Rig trip. Reading up on forum, You-tube videos, advice at Fin and Feather, hell, I’m a pro now! Started in the back of Schooner Creek, water temp 51 bluebird day, and my third cast lost the A-Rig on old underwater oak! Okay that’s fine it happens I keep telling myself, re-rig and pound the banks, cast in deeper water, let it sink, reel fast, reel slow, NO BITES. So I move off to point straight east of KC campground launch fish the point, the drop off and I caught a rock, but not one fish. Move to another point just before Whites Branch, nothing! Finally, moved into Whites Branch, fish right in front of our dock (blue, 24 slip) and BAM FISH ON! All the miles and headache justified in that glorious moment. The kind of moment you’re looking around to see if anyone is watching, the kind of moment you’re thinking what type of fishing jersey I should by later…sponerships…the works kind of moment. I mean c’mon this a 15 inch fish. Make several more casts just as did I before and nothing, the moment has past. Move over to the cove just across from to fish some timber, nothing. Then I made a hard cast the kind of cast where you think, Dang! That’s a beauty, just to have it come to hard stop and the biggest birds nest since the California Condor. That’s it for me! I’m done! I’m not giving up! I’m not going to back to fly-fishing for slimy trout that taste bad. I’m going to laugh at myself and keep trying. There’s a lot of pain in this world and those folks I bet would give anything for a bad day on the water. My head is held high!
  6. That is a good deal...I have a 1648 and its perfect for fishing and duck hunting. Good luck...
  7. I had a great hunt with a group of guys. 5 shooters and took home 12 Teal opening morning. 10 on one pond and a lone hunter we set up on his own hole got two. Conditions were hovering at 49-52 degrees, clear and NNW wind 2MPH. Waiting till sunrise to shoot was probably the hardest part! I believe sunrise was 6:52pm and by 7:20 it was all over. Had a big group come in we took 3. Not bad but I think we all emptied our guns on the first pass, very excited to start the new year I guess, the next couple passed and our marksmanship improved, for some that is. I think we had 4 big groups pass and we one loner that I got a great shot on. When the smoked cleared and we gathered our harvest, we noticed we had some jewelry. Well no one wanted to be that guy and claim it, so we all drew shells and I was the lucky one who got to claim it. It was fast! But it was great morning to start the year. The teal was banded in Saskatchewan, Can. 8/15/14, est. two year old bird. 1550 miles!
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