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  1. Ritz crackers, flour, salt, pepper milk, eggs crisco usually, but do use bacon grease pretty regular dust with flour first, dip in eggs/milk then coat wit ritz/flour mixture, fry till it floats also use bacon grease when I pop my popcorn 🍿
  2. Wrench is right....don’t matter how you try to prevent it, when your number is drawn the gig is up
  3. Bigfishes1

    Best Jigs to use on TR

    Pappy rays jigs 👍🏻👍🏻
  4. Bigfishes1

    Megabass 110 help

    Where can I get these predator blanks?
  5. So I’ve got a couple days off starting Sunday and plan on a little striper fishing. My question is: If the Gov. shuts down will they close the COE ramps? If they close the COE ramps can I still put in at Ventris or maybe the 412 bridge?
  6. Bigfishes1

    Video of a deer I passed up tonight.

    That’s a nice buck for sure. Never mind the age of that deer, a man has to have the time available to let deer like him walk Until I get to retire some far off year from now that buck is taking a ride to the house with me every time Spent a year living in NW Kansas impressive deer herd, lots of walk in hunting that is exceptional, I would argue better than any private SW Missouri ground I have ever hunted Kansas is good....not Iowa good.....but good. Missouri on the other hand does a poor job. Rifle season during the rut??? C’mon man!!! Over the counter non resident tags???? Get serious!!! Crossbows for anyone during bow season???? Wow!!!! The only bucks MDC is concerned are the ones in people’s wallets.
  7. I know a fella in Kirbyville who has a 1988 ranger fisherman 680c with a 90hp Yamaha for sale. I don’t know much else about it. If you want his contact info let me know.
  8. Bigfishes1

    Big and Small We Like 'Em All!

    First picture I’ve been able to post, anyways it’s a 99 basscat, I try to take care of it cause new ones are way too expensive!! You’ll see it at Stockton, Beaver, Table Rock and occasionally At Norfork and Quachita too. I’m kinda socially challenged so let’s just go with a friendly wave for now. Black Bass Matter
  9. Bigfishes1

    Never knew it was here!?!?

    Like the title says I never it was here. I live between Stockton and Table Rock so naturally i’m always fishing close to the house ( mostly stockton) I had to work in Bowling Green this week and kinda stumbled onto Mark Twain by accident. So I’ve been looking at maps of it and like the looks of it. My question is how is the bass fishing up here?
  10. Bigfishes1

    the big three

    What kind of trailers do you have on those? Also (I don’t post much) back when you were asking for names for the bladed jig I was thinking “big mother thumper’ would be appropriate black bass matter
  11. Bigfishes1

    Pretty good day

  12. So my nephew says he wants to catch a Muskie, problem is Ive never fished for them. Could one of you fellas give us the basics? Is it a fall/winter game? (Water temp) is it a top water game? Live bait? Thanks to those willing to share. Balck Bass Matter
  13. Bigfishes1

    Striper guides.

    Have her call Lou at Hummingbird Resort, he will know who to use. Black Bass Matter
  14. Bigfishes1

    Saturday Night Tournaments????

    Thank you very much Targa98, I appreciate the info
  15. Bigfishes1

    Saturday Night Tournaments????

    Since I don't always get finished working early enough to make the Friday Nighter out of the state park I'm wondering are there any tournaments happening on Saturday nights on Stockton

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