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  1. When you say swamp do you mean it’s just muddy or do you mean it’s muddy and full of trees
  2. I’ve got 4 or maybe 5 of them, PM me if you are interested.
  3. So my wife and me are in Puerto Rico this week, today we went on a road trip to the east side of the island. We saw they have windmills for electricity, every single one of those things still have the blades blown smooth off from hurricane maria....every single one we saw.
  4. I had a nephew in that tournament too, he got to weigh in a keeper so that was pretty cool. He also got to fall out of the boat Saturday while pre fishing, and even better his fishing partner stuck a jerkbait to the old mans face. Had to go to the hospital and get them cut out. Memories were made😂
  5. I used BJ Boat rebuilders to re-do the gel coat and put carpet in my boat 2 yrs ago. The boat is kept inside and now two years later the carpet is coming up and the gel coat is hazy. I took it back three times, got tired of foolin with them. One of those 3 times was for a screw about 3 inches long they ran through the hull. TAKE YOUR BOAT ANYWHERE BUT THERE!!
  6. What Fishin Wrench said ( I think he’s not a big fan of Churh people)..... Everything was decided before any of us were ever born. You can side with science and think you can stop the end ....good luck with that. I think/believe the global warming debate, like so many other things these days is an attack on Christianity, it’s good versus evil. I guess my point is.....wait for it.....Ask Jesus for Salvation, it’ll change you. Maybe do a little something for the environment too. Plant trees, don’t have 14 kids, maybe drive the little car for work instead of your pick up (even though I don’t like the little car) just be a good steward.
  7. I’m not sure that you can fish Norfork on the white river border pass, I’m thinking you gotta have a regular AR fishing license ??
  8. Ritz crackers, flour, salt, pepper milk, eggs crisco usually, but do use bacon grease pretty regular dust with flour first, dip in eggs/milk then coat wit ritz/flour mixture, fry till it floats also use bacon grease when I pop my popcorn 🍿
  9. Wrench is right....don’t matter how you try to prevent it, when your number is drawn the gig is up
  10. Pappy rays jigs 👍🏻👍🏻
  11. Where can I get these predator blanks?
  12. So I’ve got a couple days off starting Sunday and plan on a little striper fishing. My question is: If the Gov. shuts down will they close the COE ramps? If they close the COE ramps can I still put in at Ventris or maybe the 412 bridge?
  13. That’s a nice buck for sure. Never mind the age of that deer, a man has to have the time available to let deer like him walk Until I get to retire some far off year from now that buck is taking a ride to the house with me every time Spent a year living in NW Kansas impressive deer herd, lots of walk in hunting that is exceptional, I would argue better than any private SW Missouri ground I have ever hunted Kansas is good....not Iowa good.....but good. Missouri on the other hand does a poor job. Rifle season during the rut??? C’mon man!!! Over the counter non resident tags???? Get serious!!! Crossbows for anyone during bow season???? Wow!!!! The only bucks MDC is concerned are the ones in people’s wallets.
  14. I know a fella in Kirbyville who has a 1988 ranger fisherman 680c with a 90hp Yamaha for sale. I don’t know much else about it. If you want his contact info let me know.
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