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  1. Yes, on the water a little before sun up and back home (Mt Vernon Mo) by 11:30am, like you I’ve been thinking about a night time trip.....hopefully Saturday night
  2. I went Sunday with my cousin from Iowa, we caught 6 keeper sized on umbrellas, Monday I went alone caught several keeper sized again that I put back plus one that was 15-20# pullin an umbrella. Caught another 15-20# on accident with a crankbait, while chasing him around I saw a pile of them on the graph. After landing the crankbait fish I tried to get lucky again but no more action with the crankbait. Tried a spoon still no luck, so I thought swimbait.....3/8 head with 3.3 kietech, 1st cast to em got hooked up several minutes later landed another 15-20# fish. Lots of fish sandwiches....
  3. That’s pretty cool, I’m glad you got it figured out. I like to pull that part of the lake this time of year, have caught some legit thumpers around there in the blazing heat. I haven’t been down for probably three weeks but will be there Sunday and Monday hope I can find a couple....
  4. I cut the swivels off, I tie the rig with 40# green big game. The main line is 50# big game. The Big game is cheap and stretchy but it’s super strong. On a side note Devan S. Is right, we have also been catching stripers in the areas he has been talking.
  5. I can use it, I don’t know how to PM you, is it possible for you to PM me, I live near Springfield I will pay the shipping
  6. No I mean pull them in 15-30 fow ( it’ll vary just a good starting point) sometimes you’ll be right against the bank other times you might be way out on a flat, if I’m alone I only pull one, I pull two if somebody is with me.
  7. Yes, I use the captain macks swimbaits or horse heads with trailers you’ll want to come up with some kind of heavy duty lure retriever think heavy duty/durable on the equipment Anywhere from 15-30ft, somewhere around 2.5-3 mph will get you started, then hunt them down like everyone else if you try pulling umbrellas be prepared for high levels of frustration while you are learning.... there is a ton of method to be learned in this madness
  8. I guess if you really want to catch some stripers go get some umbrella rigs ( not Alabama rigs) start by the islands by prairie creek and drag them around with your big motor. You will catch your unicorns....lots of em.
  9. I put in a little over three miles up at stockton yesterday checking the usual spots and looking in new spots, didn’t find any. It always seems to be about a week before turkey season for me up there....I did find a few closer to Mt Vernon two days ago...
  10. So I didn’t know any about these striper tournaments. Where do find information on them. (Without using Facebook, I am anti Facebook) Thanks
  11. Well....we got Beavered today Had 3 stripers blow up and knock my bait around but didn’t hook up a single time. We were in em several times but did not catch a single one. Didn’t bass at all this morning. Maybe it’ll improve after this cold weather moves thru....probably chase em again this weekend.
  12. Put in at LBS at 0600 ran up to Fords then to Cedar with no action then up around to the bouy point where we caught 6 keeper sized stripers and and nice walleye. From there we headed down to the clifty that runs east and west ( not sure if it’s big or little) anyhow got on some bass in 25ish fow with the kietech on 3/16 head. Fished it low and slow and caught em from dink size to solid keeper size. Headed back in the AM for another trip before the rains.
  13. Dan, So I always stay at Shangri La when I fish down there, they are famous for the pie. At first it was always an early spring striper trip, we had some excellent trips. Later I found myself working in pine bluff so every other weekend I stayed there. The bass fishing is pretty good, but from reading your posts over the past couple years I’m betting you are most interested in walleye so I think you will be interested in the fact that jigging spoons and brush piles equal walleye this time of year on Quachita.
  14. One more place Laneys in Pleasant Hope has an excellent pork tenderloin.....wrong lake I guess but worth the stop if a person is over that way
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