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  1. Had my week in Texas, overall quality of fish was great. Spent one day on Sam Rayburn and that was really tough. I fished all day to land 1 12 inch bass. On top of that, I broke off 3 decent fish. I was fairly frustrated. We ditched Rayburn after 1 day and drove up to Lake Fork. Caught several fish in the 5-6 pound range and 1 that might have pushed 10 pounds. Most of my fish came on a white chatterbait either fished as a jig or on a straight retrieve. After fishing Fork for several days we packed up and headed out to escape the heavy storms. We drove up to Kentucky and fished Lake Ba
  2. What is this Shimano reel bashing? Are you talking about the cheaper shimano reels (under $40) or the good stuff? I have nothing but good things to say about shimano and will probably never fish anything but Shimano and Abu for the rest of my life. Anyway, back to the topic: I've got a cabela's fish eagle that is fairly light and I really like it. It was a good buy for the money. Mizzouflyfisher
  3. I asked down there a couple of years ago, don't remember if it was an agent or somebody in the store, but I was assured that droppers were legal. So, about 99% of the time I use a dropper. Mizzouflyfisher
  4. It's perfectly legal to have the plastics in your boat. Just be aware of where the boundaries are. Mizzouflyfisher
  5. Sorry guys...kind of forgot, but all the flies are done and will be in the mail first thing tomorrow. But, I think you'll be happy with the results. I tried out one of the flies 2 weeks ago and it worked pretty well (caught a 24 inch rainbow at Bennett Springs on it). I'm shipping a #22 D-Rib Midge and a #18 JuJuBee midge. I'll post instructions tomorrow. Leonard-I'm shipping both my dad and my flies together, so just ship both sets of flies to me in the envelope I include. Mizzouflyfisher
  6. If she's not real interested, get her a pair of the old style rubber waders until she decides she really does like fishing. My girlfriend used a pair of the rubber waders for several trips and stuck with it, so now she has a nice pair of cabela's breathables. The rubber waders are only $30 or so and they aren't that uncomfortable when it's nice out. Mizzouflyfisher
  7. I don't particularly like Dr. Slicks. I had a couple of pair that didn't stay very sharp, and I wasn't using them on wire. I use the anvil's because they fit in my hand very nicely. By keeping the scissors in your hand, you really cut down on tying time. I don't see myself going away from the Anvils. Mizzouflyfisher
  8. I'll be down there hopefully all day friday & saturday. So long as I can skip out of class and work. Mizzouflyfisher
  9. I'm probably going to fish 3 lakes, 2 days on 2 lakes and 3 days on one lake. I like Rayburn & Fork, but Toledo Bend looks like it has been having water issues, at least last year. Just trying to make the best use of my limited time. Mizzouflyfisher
  10. I'm going to Texas the last week of March. I'm definitely fishing Lake Fork for a couple of days, but haven't decided where else to fish. I've previously fished Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn, but wanted to see if anybody had any input/recommendations on places to go. Thanks for the help guys.
  11. I'm looking for some info on Spring Tournaments at LOZ. I try and fish at least 1 tourney per year, but I haven't registered for one yet. I'm looking for a reasonable, open, buddy tournament, Preferrably in april or may. Thanks for the help. Mizzouflyfisher
  12. Fishing for the most part was pretty good. The water was up a bit and had a little color, but I still didn't use a fly bigger than an 18 all day. Caught a bunch of smaller fish and an 18 & 23 inch rainbow. Both of the larger fish I had hooked early in the day, but lost, then came back and hooked them again around 3:15. Great way to end the day. Used a Ginger g-bug, white d-rib midge and size 20/22 cream dry. There are still a lot of fish in the stream, so when they stock for opening day, it will be absolutely loaded. Mizzouflyfisher
  13. Many of the same principles apply. Just as you shouldn't fish for muskie in MO/IL in July/August, you should be more careful w/ trout during vulnerable periods (when they are spawning, low dissolved oxygen, etc). I prefer not to use a net and grab the trout with a bare, wet hand. I don't use a rubber net for muskie, I've use one of the gigantic stowmasters (I think it's 4 feet deep) that will let you leave the muskie in the water while you unhook. You should also revive a large trout just like a musky. Trout are somewhat easier to release because the water is typically colder and trout ar
  14. Yes and no. I tie a few with flashback, but most of them I tie without. A lot of times I fish a scud with a midge that has flash on it, so I think both of my flies don't need flash. It also depends on the water. If you're fishing in low light, low water clarity or high water conditions, I'd go for the flash. Mizzouflyfisher
  15. I just the tip is sinking, you can cut off a couple of feet. 14 years is rather old and I imagine a large portion of the line is cracked from being dried out. At that point, there's not much you can do. Mizzouflyfisher
  16. I haven't had anything but Cabela's waders for several years now. I can say that they are very well built for the money. I basically lived in a pair for 10 days on a float trip. When you cook, put up camp, and get in and out of a raft for 10 days, that is really hard on waders, but mine held up until I finally put a rather large hook through them. So now I use the leaky pair during the summer. I will say that I sheared the felt off of my Cabela's boot in an effort to move "quickly" away from a bear, but other than that I love the Cabela's guide boots. Mizzouflyfisher
  17. 3wt, when you get your line and try it out let me know what you think. I've also got a St. Croix LU 7'9" 3 wt and am looking for a line. Right now I've got a Wulff Triangle Taper, and I've also had a Wonderline on that rod. I think I liked the Wonderline better. I just don't know which direction I want to go in now. Mizzouflyfisher
  18. I'm a big believer in smaller packs. I found that I put so much stuff in my vest that my back would hurt after a couple hours. With the pack, I can twist it around so it sits right in my lower back. I use the fishpond and have nothing but good things to say about the quality of fishpond products. I like the idea of being able to break things down to the essentials. My ideal day is walking out along the Soda Butte with nothing but shorts, sandals, and 2 boxes in my shirt pockets. Nothing beats those August days. Mizzouflyfisher
  19. Do you guys care if we add one more. I know you have to make deadlines and all, but my dad said he'd be in as long as nobody objected. I'm going to tie a clear d-rib midge and my dad would probably tie a chuck & duck sculpin or something of that nature. Mizzouflyfisher
  20. Count me in. Not sure what yet, probably a midge of some sort. I will think about it and try to come up with something new. Mizzouflyfisher
  21. I've got 3 c&f boxes, and I know for a fact that the slit foam will hold down to a 26 firmly in place. Whether or not you like the threaders is a different issue, but it is nice sometimes (i.e. really freaking cold weather). I don't like the c&f boxes for big flies, for those I've got some of the large foam boxes. Mizzoulfyfisher
  22. In past years the parks have only been open Fri-Sun during catch and release. If the rules have changed, my apologies. Mizzouflyfisher I was just looking around and sure enough mondays were added this year. Learn something new every day. Mizzouflyfisher
  23. Good luck, with 4 generators you're going to need it. Hopefully it gets shut down at some point because I'd still like to make a few trips this winter. Mizzouflyfisher
  24. They don't dredge very often, but they do cut weeds from time to time. It's good to get the water up and clearing up the stream some. At montauk they have a boat that they take out in some of the slower stretches to cut the weeds. Bennett does need to get some high fast water at some point to get the slick moss off the rocks. I don't think that stuff is good for the stream, and it's horrible to walk on. Mizzouflyfisher
  25. If you were really fishing on Monday, you were the only person because the park was closed. Anyway, fishing was good a couple of weeks ago on midges and small cream dries. Not many big fish, but a lot fish. Mizzouflyfisher
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