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    It's likely because of their air bladder. If you catch them in deep water you bring them up to fast for them to be able to let the air out. You have to "needle" or "fizz" them to let the air out. Tournament fisherman who catch bass in deep water have to do this to keep the bass alive in a livewell. Otherwise they will turn on their side and go belly up when they die. Never heard of someone needling a walleye though since they either release them right away and they can go back to deep water or they don't really care if they die since they're keeping them anyway.
  2. Thanks for the info. We'll have to try next weekend back in some creeks, hopefully have better luck.
  3. Thanks. We put in at fairfield and fished about 5 different coves as far up as just past osage bluff and south just past 83 bridge and only got 3 keepers, males. Only cought about 6 all day. Pretty windy though. Water temp was anywhere from 63 - 67. We tried pink/chartreuse twister tails, pink/black shad poles, white grubs on a rooster tail head, and couldn't catch much. I'm guessing fairfield is part of the upper end?
  4. Never been to truman but the wife and I thought about heading up there today. Any advice on where to put in? Best area for crappie right now? Would be coming from Springfield.
  5. Meant to say every second Saturday of the month.
  6. I fish in a republic bass club tournament. Just a bunch of good ol boys that like to fish. Their's 1 every 2nd tuesday of the month. Usually jump around between Table Rock, Stockton, LOZ, Pomme, Bull Shoals, with the championship at TR. Having a make up tourney April 30th on stockton. $70 entry per boat. If interested pm me and i'll give you the guys number that runs it.
  7. Probably already know all of this but figured I'd say something. I had the same problems with my batteries. Charge for 2 days, show full charge, but would die in about 2 hours fishing. Then I figured out I had them wired wrong. If you're running 2 batteries, the positive lines needs to be on the positive post on battery #1, and the negative lines need to be on the negative post of battery #2 w/ a line connecting both batteries together. That way it pulls from both batteries at the same time. If you have all lines connected to positive and negative of 1 battery then a line connecting both batteries you are just pulling from battery #1 until it's dead then pulls from battery #2 but not very good. Also need to recharge this way. Hook positive cable up to positive post on battery #1 and negative cable up to negative post on battery #2. Charges both batteries at same time. Again probably already know all of this but when I figured out this was my problem (was hooked up this way when I bought the boat) and changed it I can fish all day and my batteries never go dead. Hope this helps.
  8. Nope never worked there.
  9. Just seen this and hate to hear stuff like this happen. Glad you're ok aggressor and good to see you're just about up and running again. I had a buddy a few years back get all of his windows busted out at cedar ridge. Then last spring me and my wife when to old state park just to fart around and bank fish. Pulled in not really paying attention, fished up the bank, come back and while walking up to my truck a police officer pulled up and asked us if we were victims of the vandalism. We weren't. Looked around and every vehicle in the parking lot had a window broke out and something stole out of it. Probably about 20 vehicles in the parking lot. And happened between 9am and noon. Sad to say but after reading about all these encounters guess I'm just going to start carrying a weapon.
  10. Took my dad fishing this evening. Put in at CC, ran up and fished a cove by shaw bluff. Dad was using minnows, I was using jigs. Nothing. Ran up to Birch Branch, fished pretty much all that. Nothing. Ran back to same cove by shaw bluff since it was warmer water, although muddier, and caught 2 crappie. Pretty slow day for us too.
  11. Put in at CC and ran up the lake close to shaw bluff to a cove will lots of standing timber in it. Caught 10 keeper crappie and 2 whites. All on 2" electric chicken shadpoles. Same as poster above, all still suspended in middle of cove about 10' down. Water was 56 at mouth of cove but climbed up to 59 towards the back.
  12. Stockton and table rock. Might venture to bull shoals once in a while.
  13. So I was able to get a boat and finally get back on the water. Problem is the sonar/fish finder is way outdated. So I'm looking for any advice on which one you guys recommend on buying. I can probably spend around $1500 and will be fishing mainly for crappie, walleye, white bass, black bass. Also how much would it cost to have it installed and who do you recommend taking it to. Thanks in advance
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