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  1. elite203

    Upper End. March Primer 3-8-18 Report

    Thanks for the wonderful info, now if I can only get away to put it to use before the fish all change.....
  2. elite203

    Bridgeport Ramp Cape Fair

    There's an older retired guy that checks the box probably ever other day. He is the one who does most of the work around there if it needs anything. They also have a community recycle deal in the neighborhood for aluminum that goes into a fund for more gravel or permit fees as well.
  3. elite203

    Bridgeport Ramp Cape Fair

    The coe won't let them make it private but they are responsible for any mowing, new gravel, and the permit fees that the coe decide to raise all the time. What I don't understand is why the coe makes it to be open to the public but doesn't kick in any money or help with maintenance..
  4. elite203

    Bridgeport Ramp Cape Fair

    That ramp is also privately funded by that neighborhood residents so leave them some $ in the box to help on the upkeep.
  5. elite203

    Great Day With My Son On The Lake!

    Even at 33 i take my dad fishing atleast 20 or 30 days a year, and i wouldn't trade it for anything. You will have a life long fishing partner, now i hope my daughter loves it as much as i do and we can spend our weekends in the boat together!
  6. All boat ramps are public access because they are built on public land, but if it is in a neighborhood they have to pay a "lease" to the corp. The neighborhood has to pay to maintain and or repair anything but cannot technically turn anyone away from using it. You may not be welcome but you arent breaking any rules. So if they have a donation box throw a few bucks in there to help with fresh gravel or trash clean up.
  7. elite203

    Viney creek locked again

    Good set of bolt cutters is what everyone needs to add to their tool box. Those are the keys to anything!
  8. elite203

    finding minnows for slae

    Didn't they just go out of business?
  9. elite203

    1-23-16 Rough Day

    What part of the lake did you all fish? Was there much boat traffic?
  10. elite203

    Jigging spoon rod

    I have a quantum 6'6" mh i got from the oakley big bass deal a few years ago that is pretty much brand new. Maybe used one day. I also have a wohali golden eagle 7' med pwr fast action never had a reel even put on it.
  11. elite203

    Mercury Pro xs 250

    If you dont mind me asking what did kelly give for it on trade? Just curious as to what hes going to want for it.
  12. elite203

    Mercury Pro xs 250

    Motor still for sale? Where are you located? Thanks
  13. elite203

    fish wrench?

    No visible damage. So I know thst is hard to prove to insurance.
  14. elite203

    fish wrench?

    Hit a log, drove another mile and then the rpms shot up and I shut the key off. I cant put it into gear anymore or reverse.
  15. elite203

    fish wrench?

    It seems I'm in need of a lower unit after hitting a log here in front of Cape fair marina. What does one run and how soon could you get to it ? 98 225 efi mercury

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