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  1. Has anyone heard how he is doing? I had heard that he had stroke awhile ago and was just checking to see how he was doing. And Tim if you read this I hope you a speedy recovery. Thanks.
  2. Bridgeport will be muddy till the end of time. All the fish washed down lake with the mud.
  3. Sounds great I will let you know when I will be headed that way next!
  4. I might need a little set up help as well???? I won't be down for at least a month though...
  5. I have a 3-4 year old fortrex I'm looking to sell. I'm not sure what it's really worth. It didn't have the built in transducer and it barely has a scratch on it. Shoot me an offer if interested. I'm in Kansas City area but will be in the cape fair area over the next few weekends. Thank you. I also have an older 101 maxum to get out of the basement as well. Call or text if interested. 913-636-0505 JJ Hutton
  6. No fish bite a crankbait in the rivers. NONE.
  7. I would love to share a boat with you any day or night of the week! Those fish are awesome. How big was your biggest?
  8. That's how a grandpa and grandson should spend a weekend! Good job
  9. There are absolutely zero fish up the James or bear den!!!
  10. I fished from well above cape fair one year and made the boat ride all the way down and back. 50 gallons of gas later.. I won a few hundred dollars so I guess it was worth it.
  11. Who doesn't like fat girls!!! Nice catching and making me jelous
  12. I can vouch for the pro guide batteries. I feel like they have been the best batteries I have had in my boat. I think I got 4-5 years out of them and I was fishing a ton in those years (60-70 days on the water) . I wouldn't hesitate on the batteries one bit.
  13. I would quit drinking while fishing....I have a neighbor that just sold one, he seemed to like it fine. Anything specific you are wondering about?
  14. Some of us are so envious of those fish it hurts.... I am at least. Good job and thanks for rubbing it in.
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