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  1. TheRustyHook

    Little Red catfish?

    You'll be surprised at what you will catch and where. I have caught bream and bass out at lobo. Of course always on accident and never in numbers
  2. TheRustyHook

    Lindsey's Resort open again

    Website looks like they jacked their prices up a little
  3. Alright folks I have a question. I am looking for a boat that I can take my Dad out on consistently and have him feel safe and comfortable. Now here is the situation, I can do jumping jacks on a 14 foot flat bottom of any width and I'm okay, in fact the less stable the vessel the more of the challenge to fish and stay dry the better ;). That's a bit sarcastic I suppose. Alas, my father is a bigger dude than me at 6'10" around 400 pounds, and is 63 this year so accessibility is becoming a huge issue for us. Add to that my 250 pounds and a couple of grand-kids and we topple most recommended weight limits. We rent a long fiberglass shawnee on the White, from time to time and he does ok, but he can't stand up or move around on these boats anymore, which ends up being rather taxing on his bones. SO ...Whats a good boat that can handle the added weight and still efficiently and comfortably fish our water systems. I would like something that can fish both the tail waters and the lakes but I know that vessel likely doesn't exist. Anyone out there had any modifications done to vessel or know any models that can accommodate this?
  4. TheRustyHook

    Staying on Little Dunham Rd

    you will have difficulty finding wadable water with current flow conditions. Areas will be more accessible at night when energy demand is less and generation will be reduced or halted.
  5. TheRustyHook

    Weight for drift rig?

    simple drift rig, 1/8 ounce bullet weight in most flows hung above a simple small swivel connected to a 12"-18" leader tied to an in-line spinner attached to a size 6 or 8 hook baited with a nightcrawler, shrimp, or meal worm and 2 powerbaits to slightly float it off the bottom. I find the bullet weight rolls well across the bottom. You will probably lose a few in-line spinners, but they are usually pretty cheap green 4 pound trilene is my favorite line.
  6. TheRustyHook

    Night fishing

    Great way to beat the crowds and the heat!
  7. TheRustyHook

    Night fishing

    saugeye tend to be much darker and have a different eye angle. Your right it would totally be a huge saugeye.
  8. TheRustyHook

    20lb Brown Caught on Norfork

    Looking at the picture, a big stud fish like this could have had 3-5 years more in the river. But who's to say. Seeing fish like this gets people excited! Hell im heading to quarry dam tonight because of this picture that I saw last week. Great catch, great story, and another will grow in its place.
  9. TheRustyHook

    Night fishing

    I did the same thing last week, was there anyone else wisining up out there with you ?... I really am surprised in the summertime that we don't see hundreds of anglers lining the shore with spotlights. The night bite is always a good time! Is that a walleye or a saugeye?
  10. TheRustyHook

    20lb Brown Caught on Norfork

    Excellent... just plain outstanding
  11. TheRustyHook

    Recent reports?

    Spent friday night at JFK...Lots of good gin clear water pumping out. If you can get out in a boat any natural colored streamer was getting pretty good midday takes. I didn't do well from the bank throwing jigs, but I waited to till flows quit around 1:00 a.m. caught a couple around 3:00 a.m. The generation began full bore at about 8:30 a.m. If you time it right you can start at jfk and fish until the horn blows then drive over to swinging bridge and fish till about 10:30.
  12. TheRustyHook

    Best Campground on the Norfolk

    Where's the best place to camp at the Norfolk and be able to fish at night?
  13. TheRustyHook

    Lodging On Little Red

    There is a new resort called red river adventures right on swinging bridge. Went in to the bait shop, they were nice. Thats all i know. It looked like they had hookups.
  14. TheRustyHook

    Streams getting shallower?

    Rivers and alluvial formations are very much organic ever-changing systems. Big river systems like the Arkansas and Mississippi have drastically different riparian zones from year to year. Over the course of thousands of years, rivers ebb and flow in different areas naturally. I really feel our attempts to severely impede natural erosion (like that from continual reduced precipitation) is an act of futility. We want the river to flow in the direction we are used to seeing it. We want the same banks and the same holes to fish out of, but the truth is after every large flood, theres usually some new spot or formation, a random change providing additional habitat. Its give and take always, but we could save a lot of big money by letting the rivers navigate themselves. Now that doesn't mean we don't need to reduce the unnatural erosion. Bank erosion from land clearing or human bank traffic, boat wakes, wading disturbances...of course, we can reduce and learn to responsibly limit our interference. We honestly don't know what the ozark looked like 500 years ago, and how the climate may have changed them from 500 years before that!
  15. TheRustyHook

    There are many great guides on the little red river....

    This is the same guy that gets pissed when their is a foursome on his butt at the golf course. Calm down dude! You will enjoy fishing a lot more when you relax. Talk to the guide, they make their living off of being incredibly personal. I'm sure that if you communicated your feelings in a more effective manner they would probably resolve any problem they have with you. and P.S. don't be a douche, fish the spawn responsibly.

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