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  1. Can't wait to get back out there soon. Great job "Striper Master!!!!!!"
  2. This is my 21ft. fishing tritoon. I have only used premium "non ethanol" fuel Has a Mercury 115 4-stroke with stainless prop Wave tamer enclosed underside to keep the water from getting up on the decking Lifting strakes help get this boat to 35 mph One livewell front, and one rear in the fishing station Lowrance HDS 7 touch with structure scan Hydraulic steering Ski tow bar Added corner bumpers 2014 dual axle trailer Trolling motor Bimini top with boot is included but removed for winter Full custom cover Vinyl floors in front and rear section with carpet between Sound system Has just had new spark plugs,new fuel filter, new water pump, new air filter, engine oil & filter and lower unit oil , and greased prop shaft With these options new this boat is over $36,000 $22,900
  3. At least you got something. I won't be able to hunt for stripers for another 2 weeks. By then maybe they will be concentrated a bit better.
  4. Vinsott

    11/19 Report

    Dragged some brooders and jigged a spoon around the islands and prairie creek. Must have been a Sunday tournament because they all came roaring past me between 3:30 and 4. Caught small whites on spoons. Small I mean between 8-10". A spot , small striper and a nice white on brooders and that was it. It was beautiful though and enjoyed the late afternoon outing. The striper was too small to count as a striper catch. I'll get em next time.
  5. How are you liking your new sonar? My down and side scan on my lowrance shows fish as white spots or when stripers torpedos. Not arches like yours.
  6. Vinsott

    11/10 report

    Went with a friend today and he got this one just over 11 pounds. I caught a bunch of spots, and largemouth on brooders. No striper for me yet but at least we got one in the boat. Maybe next time. Just can't seem to find any good schools of striper to target.
  7. Vinsott

    11/10 report

    Got a late start and was on the water about 1pm. The forecasted 5-10 mph winds sure seemed more like 10-20 to me. My pontoon sucks in winds. Found some bait balls and tried to drag some brooders around the bait. Well the brooders definitely got dragged. I actually hooked into my first striper of the year and the hook popped out. I could tell it was a keeper but not big. Thirty minutes later on the same rod another take. I immediately could tell it was a much better fish. Big head shakes and strong runs let me know. Fought it for about five minutes and pop goes the weasel again. I thought it busted off but nope hook just pulled again. After jumping up and down and cursing for a few minutes I cut the hook off and threw it away. Needless to say only one white bass after that and got tired of fighting the boat. Going to try in the morning again with hopefully some better luck. Hope someone else got into them. Saw a few boats out fishing.
  8. Great job. Persistence I always say. I'm going myself this weekend and hope to get my first of the season.
  9. You are an awesome fisherman Dan. I am impressed.
  10. Vinsott

    11/3 report

    Dragged brooders around the islands and Prairie Creek. Wind was stiff from the East. Found bait balls in different spots and they were on the move constantly. Only caught 5 Spots. Got to witness Dan's beautiful boat. I hope all the other fisherman out there did better than I did. I'll just have to be persistent.
  11. Friday I went out on the lake with my Bride to just troll around and enjoy the weather and lack of boats. Trolled flickers and caught a few small spots and 7 keeper crappie. Tried it again by myself on Sunday evening which had a bunch more boat traffic and ended up with 7 keeper crappie again. Seven is not a Lance outing but it was nice to catch something. They were #7 flickers. I just realized this seven number must mean something. I won't post a picture of 7 dead crappie on the cutting board but it did make some nice dinners. Caught a few under size crappie and the keepers were between 11-13"
  12. Friend was kayak fishing around PC and found a 20lb floater, and a bigger one on its last kicks. He weighed the bigger one at 35 lbs. Said they were fat and didn't have any obvious signs of being caught. I'm guessing released fish that are dying???? Livewell kept and then released before removing boat?? Not sure but a shame. PC seems too warm for them this soon I would think, but everyone reading this that doesn't post should hit the ramp first thing tomorrow at PC and let me know if they are there.
  13. I sure hope so. If not someone must really not like me..
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