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  1. Ketchup

    Friday bass and rendering lard

    Haha. My daughter is a nurse there. How was the night bite?
  2. Ketchup

    Friday bass and rendering lard

    does she work for CMH Scott?
  3. Ketchup

    So Ketchup...

    It was on Tablerock. HOT, rough, and lighter wallet. We had the bites, but executing was lacking. Anyone that fished a big flutter spoon much knows your going to lose fish, and that we did. Lost 5 keepers pretty close to the boat when they would jump and the spoon would go flying aarchdale here had a great tournament spooin docks as well with over 17 pounds
  4. Ketchup

    Just wondering...

    Planned on it this morning until trailer tire decided to blow. Took the want out if it at 3am. Was pre-fishing for a tourney tomo. so i will be out there tomo. heat or cold.
  5. haha. Theres fish biting over there on that point, 300 yards away.
  6. Ketchup

    ? about Pomme

    Goodys is a very popular place. Great people and area of the lake. I think you will be just fine there, and i believe that have full hookups.
  7. Ketchup

    Ozark Anglers Challenge Thread

    Challenge is available for anyone Scott. Im always up for it. If you got something in mind, let me know.
  8. Voltmeter? Integrated into the boat? I just replace the batteries every 2 years. Poor guy could have fished several tournamets, and hauled alot of fish around, for that amount of money. 😜
  9. Ketchup

    Speaking of TRL Fishing Tournaments . . .

    Gotcha. Thought maybe you found Manatee here and was holding out sharing the info.
  10. Ketchup

    Speaking of TRL Fishing Tournaments . . .

    With that sign connected to your post, im assuming your referencing rules from Florida, or another tidal state.
  11. Ketchup

    2018 Dove

    Thanks Quill. Lots of good info there. Looks like alot of 10 to 20 acre sunflower fields. I have a few dairy fields here that im going to set up on. Those usually have birds coming and going often. Just like deer camp, bird camp is a great time to socialize with the buddies. But even better, you can chat and shoot at the same time.
  12. Ketchup

    2018 Dove

    Sounds like my experiences in Ca. We spent opening week for years hunting ag. fields. We would stand in the concrete water drainage ditches and would see more birds, and have more fun before noon, than i've seen in 20 years in Mo. I have a spot marked in Oklahoma. May try that. Lots of family in N. Tx. so can haul the boat down there and fish Texoma in the mornings, and hunt afternoons. Kansas shows potential also. Bird counts the past 2 years weren't the best tho. Either way, it will be an adventure.
  13. Ketchup

    2018 Dove

    Driving down the gravel road, i noticed a few doves feeding on the gravel. Got me thinking about the upcoming season. Didnt make it out one day last year, but this year im hoping to change that. Been researching the best bordering state to dove hunt, as far as bird numbers, and public ground. Thinking of taking a 3 or 4 day trip early season. Anyone hunt doves out of state?
  14. 10 bags of 80# concrete placed near the tailgate will feel and handle way differently than that same weight placed against the cab. Thats an obvious statement, but your comments are making me feel i should point that out. 👍
  15. Ketchup

    Campground question


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