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  1. Ketchup


    Headed out this evening and will let ya know. Dont see things changing much right away as they need to feast to put weight back on.
  2. Ketchup

    It was a very good day.

    Great day and nice kicker. That picture makes me want to play hookie at work tomo The bottom baits are really catching fish lately.
  3. Ketchup

    Finding Road Beds

    Ive done that on almost every lake i have fished before my first trip on the lake. Great way to narrow down a bite. Same with boat ramps, points, bluffs, etc.
  4. Ketchup

    Not all tourney fishermen are jerks...

    Wrench, heres a little thought for ya: If god is real and you feel as you do, you have wasted an eternity feeling the way you do. If it isnt real, then ive only wasted this lifetime.
  5. Ketchup

    Finding Road Beds

    good info guys.
  6. Ketchup

    Finding Road Beds

    for the most part yes. What area of the lake?
  7. Ketchup

    It's not Stockton but sure was fun!

    Great to see him with fish. Nothing better than seeing kids enjoy fishing. They were choking that frog.
  8. Ketchup


    I was surprised to see every spot in the lot full when i got there. That place is usually a ghost town. Sounds like fish were biting for everyone. How did you guys finish?
  9. Ketchup

    Myotonic Goat for sale.

    Love watching youtubes of them dan. Cool animal indeed. No sure how just 1 goat would get along with the cows. And 2 goats turn to 10 in a hurry.
  10. Ketchup

    Water color

    Like Dutch said, very little change if any at all. We have gotten rain after rain but the lake handled it well. Was just there 10 minutes ago and seen no difference from pre-rain. Go fish and enjoy.
  11. Ketchup

    Beautiful but dangerous

    Remember, fish gotta eat, especially now when alot are on a feeding frenzy feeding up after the spawn. Get out if you can, because fighting them from the couch isnt the same.
  12. Ketchup

    Not all tourney fishermen are jerks...

    Yes. Tournaments have nothing to do with it. Yes he took time out of the derby, but it comes down to being a human with a heart.
  13. Ketchup


    Gravel/fist sized rock banks, but i fished some pea gravel banks also that produced as well. The fish are pretty scattered and can be caught alot of areas. Those 30 degree banks seem to be my most productive. Secondary pount have been the ticket. Most fish caught are in less than 6'.
  14. Ketchup


    Wow, was the Masters lot full!! Launched at 6:30. Ran about 45 seconds and started with the same texas rigged worm as the other evening. Had 3 fish on the first 10 casts, 2 being 16" keepers. Continued down that 75 yard stretch for just over an hour and had 17 fish boated and lost 4, with one in the 5 pound range. Silly to say, but got bored so i went with the proven 3 1/2" green pumpkin tube with 1/4 ounce tube hook. Caught 6 fish pretty quick on that. Bored again, and as the wind picked up i tied on an underspin with a 5" swimbait and 2nd cast caught the first of several fish on it within 40 yards. Total was 35 bass, 1/2 keepers and off the water after 3 hours. Just one of those mornings that im blessed to enjoy. Non-fisher people wouldnt understand what that feels like. Lots of boats out. Small rain shower came thru for 30 seconds. Most of the fish were in 3' of water, with a few worm fish out to 12'.
  15. Ketchup

    Beautiful but dangerous

    Cool picture. As i sat here most of the day, either staring out the window towards the lake, or out doing chores between the several storms we've had today, i kept thinking i hope those on the water are safe because a couple of the storms were brutal.

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