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  1. Air Rifle

    Haha. Looks like its been fun for ya wrench. I havent shot for a few weeks now. Sold one of the guns to a friend. Looked at a pcp at BP friday. Just cant talk myself into it still even after going back to it that day 3 times. Since all of mine are .177, i am going to pick up a .22 this week. Narrowed it down to 3 models.
  2. Air Rifle

    my thoughts exactly wrench. Its already stepped over the line, and the first mentally unstable nutt that uses one to harm someone will open up that can of worms. As of now, air guns are off the radar for the anti gun idiots.
  3. Air Rifle

    Thats 356 grain bullet. Holy crap.
  4. Air Rifle

    Check out the 50 cal. air rifle. Crazy that an air gun can shoot that size.
  5. Air Rifle

    Ive watched some of his videos. Kinda cool idea. Hows things going with the gun so far? Trigger job yet?
  6. Air Rifle

    Haha. Good write up. I read lots, and those JSB pellets are the bomb to alot of guys, and work great in alot of guns. I didnt think of the catalog for penetration test. Im sure you have a few laying around. Im gonna rely on the Crosmans as well, as they seem to fly good and i have 2000. Your grouping looks good. Any dislikes with the scope?
  7. Anterless Season

    Sat from 1pm til dark. Didnt see anything. Back at it tomorrow morning.
  8. Anterless Season

    True BH. Dont believe i have ever shot a yearling deer, but if they pop out this weekend this may be my first. Just gotta close my eyes when i squeeze the trigger
  9. Air Rifle

    gamo air-gun owners break barrel pellet break barrel air rifle sportsmen air rifle enthusiasts american airgun hobbyist GAMO airgun owners worldwide --------------------------------------------------------- Search these. All great and active sites. That should keep you busy a few weeks
  10. Air Rifle

    Without a doubt wrench. Do you have Facebook? If so im gonna post a few links for ya for airgun sites that talk alot about what you just mentioned
  11. Anterless Season

    Good deal for doing that Seth. Ive been involved in the scouting program for years, and really enjoy teaching and helping the youth earn their Eagle Scout, and to see them grow. Those Vets will be grateful in many ways.
  12. Anterless Season

    Thanks John. Those poor slick heads better grow some antlers within the next 2 days or its lights out.
  13. Anterless Season

    This friday, saturday and sunday. I know i have tags to fill after my crappy season. Lets hope the wind isnt cranking 40+ this weekend.
  14. Air Rifle

    I watched several youtube vidoes of that stance/hold, shot roughly 100 rounds that way, went back to the way i have done large caliber guns and seen zero change in groups. My Accu actually tightened up a bit holding firm. Shoot like you know and its good. Like you said, when that pellet exits the barrel its to late to mess with where its aimed.
  15. Air Rifle

    my feelings also. At this stage im good with spring guns and dont mind the break barrel stiffness. Give me a workout on top of the daily gym workout.

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