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  1. A search on Amazon turned up nothing, but I found their site online. Question: I see they offer the breech and piston seals. Are you changing both? I see the breech for my Hatsan 125 in 25cal. but not the piston seal. They offer for Gamo “which I have 4” but didn’t see model specific. Maybe one size fits all with that brand gun? I will keep digging into their site. Good stuff.
  2. Man, your collection is growing. I spent an hour a few days ago looking for my first pcp. Went to Bass Pro Friday as they have a few. I need to start looking into perking these guns up, as with any of my current 9, Ive done nothing but add optics. Think I will leave the springers stock, and trick out the pcp as much as I can. Looking good wrench.
  3. Ketchup


    Today will help with the 64 degrees and sun, then some warm rain to follow. Getting close.
  4. Got my new IPhone 10XR recently and logged on no problems.
  5. Stay out of there. No fish, and kayak friendly only.
  6. Good info Mike. I resealed about a 2’ part of mine once, and did pretty much as you described. It’s a pain, but part of this boating life we live.
  7. Ketchup

    New Vest

    Well, the 2019 is just a month away. Going thru stuff last night, looks like my current vest needs replaced. Been online past 30 minutes looking for a quality yet affordable replacement. Anyone have one they really like? Needs to have fold down cushion, and a few pockets for stuff.
  8. Ketchup

    Opening Day 2019

    Looks like you guessed correct.
  9. Ketchup

    Yard Pet

    We have a group of about 12 most mornings 20’ from the deck.
  10. I was at Fork 3 years ago in my 17’ G3 bass boat. You would be ok there, as long as you stay out of the main lake channel. We had a room in the Little Caney, and ventured over to the Big Caney with no issues. The Little Caney has all you need to catch big fish, without venturing to far.
  11. Haha. Halloween 2019.
  12. Twin screw mixer? Been in that same senario a few times.
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