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  1. Ketchup


    Haha. Nope, but finally got go ahead from insurance yesterday. HydroTec said they have everything in stock but the FXP prop.
  2. Ketchup


    Hello, im Ketchup I’m a fishaholic. I like to fish for white bass, green bass, black bass. I also like to fish for other bass, as long as it has the word bass attached. i also have other hobbies like looking at bass, watching bass fishing, reading about bass, tying on bass lures, fishing in bass tournaments, and dreaming about bass. One day I aspire to be a good bass fisherman. oh yeah, my favorite food is ketchup. Ketchup on bass, ketchup on tacos, ketchup on pizza, ketchup in oatmeal, but my favorite is ketchup on ketchup. feels good to be here wi
  3. Location will play as much a roll as bait selection. Remember the fish are moving out to their winter haunts, so if your current areas didn’t produce, try moving out to the next depth with the same baits.
  4. Sorry they weren’t still stacked in there. Good to hear you found some tho. Fun catching multiple species.
  5. I would hate to get hit by him tho, especially 30 years ago.
  6. Man have i been in that situation many times. Last sunday the better 1/2 and i were on some secluded public land. We got that and sat at our spot at 8:20. At 8:40 a doe ran by within 15’ of our tree, and 2 seconds later, as we were admiring her full run away from us, a beautiful buck ran right past, within 10’ of us. The gun was leaning against the tree still, and before i could get it shouldered, they were both out of sight in the brush.
  7. David, sending ya a PM with a few spots marked.
  8. Fun to get out and enjoy other species. Congrats and happy birthday to him.
  9. That was my question, especially hooked in the power spot.
  10. Nope, the dictionary replaced the word “white” with “privilege”.
  11. Stop stuffing pellets in those fancy guns you have, and you will have plenty of time to fix his motor. 😜
  12. Hey Daryk, Al fabbed up an old outboard throttle cable next to his console on his boat, ran it back to his transducer. He can adjust the tilt of the transducer while sitting at the console.
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