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  1. Hey Dutch, i will swing by tomorrow around 5:45 to 6. Probably be on my Harley incase you see/hear a bike pull up.
  2. I was in a cove near Coopers, and watched while fishing as 6 otters played, fought, and made some of the coolest noises.
  3. Sorry Dutch I got a little carried away with starting yardwork. Probably going to take me until dark to get the yard finished. Let’s hook up this week if you’re available. Wednesday anytime after 530 is usually good for me if Wednesday works for you. I’ll touch base with you before then
  4. Anytime Dutch. Or any weekday evening if today doesn’t work.
  5. Yes sir. there were some traditional guys there shooting feathers, but these new bows shoot so fast, the feathers would just fly off the shaft. 😜
  6. I was out this past monday early. Fishing from Bolivar Landing to Coopers Cove bass fishing. Had a small limit pretty quick. Nothing to brag about, but i was alone, and enjoying the calmness. i will be back tomorrow morning bright and early for a few hours. There were lots of crappie guys out.
  7. We need to get together and shoot some small lead still. That tree plinking sounds fun Doubtful. That things as old as yo...aww nevermind. Those Oneida bows warped into killer bow fishing bows. Shot my Bowtech Realm today. Kinda special bow to me for sentimental reasons. Usually shoot my Hoyt Carbon. Took this picture today while at the shoot.
  8. Thank you thank you. Send ya a PM back.
  9. Went to a 3D shoot today around Eldorado Springs. After over 20 years of it, i still enjoy flinging arrows. pretty sure i got a bow that will fit ya.
  10. Dutch, you bet. Let me know price/pickup or shipping info please.
  11. I agree. See the little local herd out in the backyard more between 11am and 3pm than i do mornings. That’s until mid October comes. Careful on this section of the forum. You might get the archery itch, like you did the airgun bug. But if you do, we can make more bro dates.
  12. Looking for Navionics or Cmap for this area for Lowrance.
  13. Wrench, just admit it, you got tired of waking up before 9am.
  14. We have 3 left this season. The one at Pomme, October on TR, and our final is on Stockton in November which is a 2 day event. be glad to have ya at any. Next year will start April 2021.
  15. Hey buddy. Thank you. Took some time away from the water to focus on family. Now back to it. 😁 hope your family is doing well.
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