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  1. Air Rifle

    Heres the Non-Gamo. I guess thats not accurate. Since Gamo purchased Daisy, located in Rogers, July of last year, I guess i do own 4 Gamo's. Love the wood look. This thing is as heavy as the Accu177. Again, these are not your grandpa's bb guns. All of these have fiberoptic sights incase you choose not to mount a scope, Im like a kid on Christmas messing with these this morning. I was able to do a little side work last week after the regular working day had ended, so my new purchases cost me about 9 hours of my time and skills. I would do that any day for the memories that will follow.
  2. Air Rifle

    And blowing out seals Wrench. A guy on youtube did a slowmo comparison of normal fire and dieseling into a brick. The speed was identical. But, the dieseling hit harder. How was that if speed was the same? That part had me confused as pellet size was same. But seen it with my own eyes "online". You get ya one, your mechanic'ing and fishing will suffer. You've been warned.
  3. Air Rifle

    Im telling ya, she cant leave me alone for any amount of time. Looking at reviews for the 2 "actually 3 but one is non-Gamo" i seen pretty good stuff about the Gamo Wasp Maxxim. Well the rest is history. Left for an hour, opened up the back door of the truck, and the "Wasp" just jumped right in. Got scope mounted on the 2 new ones, so need to sight in 3 of the 4 tomorrow before venturing out to the woods. Im one of the types that jumps in head first in anything i do. Always hated that about myself. No matter the hobby, i find myself going overboard. Then when i change to another hobby, i keep EVERYTHING, even the boxes of whatever i buy. Trust me my wife reminds me often of all the boxes we have downstairs. The Accu177 is different than the other 3 as in it isnt a "Break Barrel" per say as it has a seperate cocking arm that tucks under the barrel. Some say with the barrel staying staitionary, that its more accurate as there no movement. I know its a heavier gun than the others. Either way, my family is in for some fun air gunning soon. Single picture is of the newest addition.
  4. Air Rifle

    Cool link Quill. Amazing that an air gun can take big game. Fun morning when the furry tails are roaming the yard. Pull up a chair and have fun. John, careful because as posted, its addictive. One of my interest points were that i can buy 500 rounds of ammo for $6.00. Buy 500 of 270, .06, 7mm and you will hear it from your spouse. Second was, tho not as quiet as the old style pump up bb guns, its far softer than a 22. Another factor was that its a better challenge to the 22/410 over-under. The single shot versions, which i have, force you to focus on the shot knowing you have to reload, tho that task is very simple. BH, can you amagine pumping those old style pumps to fill it? That would be a task. These spring loaded air rifles make that simple, with a single pull. Wife liked her new gun. Hoping to get it zeroed in this evening.
  5. Air Rifle

    Wrench, they say for plinking you can be pretty consistant at 100+ yards. Killing power for small game is less than that i would say, tho a youtuber popped a rabbit at 100+ dead in its tracks.
  6. Goofy Town Turkey

    I was hooking up my work trailer this morning and had a few 20 yards out.
  7. Goofy Town Turkey

    Cool thing. As you said, im sure hes a popular figure to the town folk.
  8. Air Rifle

    Well i think im the biggest kid around. Mentioned if my wife liked the air gunning i would buy another. Well i didnt even run it buy her yet that i would buy her one. Today the kid/loving husband in me stopped and bought her one. Got the Gamo Silent Cat in .177. Just got the scope mounted. So much lighter that my Accu177. Also has a thumb stock which i think she will like. Now to find time to shoot paper to get it dialed in.
  9. 10-18-17

    Thanks guys. Ive managed atleast 2 per season with my bow for the past several years. This farm is over ran with them. I will be after them hard after Jan. 15 and bow season ends. Your right Seth. Some of my nicer bucks werent on camera this last pull, but i know shortly they, along with other new bucks will be showing up looking for that one night stand. Im actually kinda excited about gun season this year. Im 99.9% bow hunter, but the new place and stand placements has me giddy. And im pretty confident my beautiful wife will finally harvest her first deer. She made a good shot last year on one, that we tracked 500 yards before the blood drops ended with no deer. Bow, gun, small game, waterfowl, predators......Plenty to keep a guy outdoors.
  10. Air Rifle

    Haha Snagged, that sounds like my youngest daughter "21". She used to love popping the rabbits that hung out by the cattle workin pen behind the house. I looked at the RWS 48 Lee, but just couldnt pull the price plug. Those German air guns are quality. My wife is going to use mine this weekend when we go hunting, and if I think at all that she will enjoy this, VS her 22, then i may try the RWS 34 just so i have it and the Gamo. We have 5, 22's around here with scopes, but looking at the price factor as far as ammo, a guy cant beat one of these air rifles. My research showed that the Crosman pellets were one of the best matches for the Gamo, so i bought those and a 250 round can of cheap Daisy pointed pellets to try. I havent used the Crosman yet, but those Daisys sure put a hurtin on the fur this morning. Theres a Youtube guy with the same Gamo shooting cans at 200+ yards. Tho there no kenetic energy to kill, shooting cans out to 75yards may be in the works.
  11. Air Rifle

    Are you familiar with the "dieseling" with air rifles? Would have never thought to try something like that. Tho i think i will keep using mine as the manufacture suggests.
  12. Air Rifle

    Lets hit the woods oneday and you can use it and see what you think. I was looking for a Benjamin when that Michael Wadell show came on again showing them hunting with them. Thought id give it a try. Researched it thru youtube like i do everything before buying, and the outlook looks good.
  13. Air Rifle

    Been wanting to try the air rifle thing for small game the past few years, so last week i bought a Gamo Accu177 in .177 caliber. Shows 1200 or so FPS but like anything, im sure its off. At the $200 price range, i must say im pretty impressed with the accuracy, and overall quality of the Gamo brand. Years past i had a Benjamin pellet gun and loved it. Traded that off to my brother for a 410. While at a buddies today, i decided to tag along the Gamo. He has a HUGE walnut tree over his driveway, and those tree rats are constantly dropping walnuts on their vehicles. Within 25 minutes we had dropped 6 with ease. I made a few 30 yard shots in the neck that dropped them in their tracks. Im thinking i may get used to this air rifle game. Only dislike so far is the single shot part. But the payoff should equall it out. Anyone else do the air rifle thing?
  14. Small Game 2017-2018

    Old stuff there. Hidden treasures that someone worked their tail off to build years past. Well the bucks went nocturnal. Almost every picture of over 1000 from cards i pulled yesterday were all at night. They will be forced to move daylight hours as the days get shorter. Love our extended bow season here in Mo. Lots of chances to get in the woods.
  15. Making meat

    Food on the table, and memories made. Nothing better. Good job BH.

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