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  1. Can’t pay anyone to take that drunk polosi.
  2. Congrats on the boat. Can’t go wrong with a bug. Im also one of those the just dumps gas in the tank and goes. Used to use the 360 in my tanks but no clue if it did anything. No issues running 3 boats without anything. Hollar if you have any Skeeter questions. Bug owner myself.
  3. If not, im in Branson weekly, and can pay and grab them fer ya.
  4. Don’t start, mister. As we drove, she said “we need to build a barn with heat so the cows don’t get cold anymore”. She knows what my rolled eyes mean.
  5. Not really. These blasts are pretty typical this time of the year for alot of states, even here in hickville. Stick around, it will soon change. Funny, we were driving to my daughters yesterday when i looked over at the better half and said, you know, I don’t miss getting out there and feeding this winter. She just laughed. Nice not to be forced out to check those cows.
  6. Al, i will play along with your statement. So with all of the testing, studies, etc. i have not read 1 single bit of information that proves that a worker, in a food establishment, can NOT in fact spread the virus to another via the container that the food was contained in. If that worker had a mask on, not properly worn, coughed in his hands just before handing it to the person taking the food home, then that person handles that container with bare hands, parks in the parking lot and starts eating that food “lets say tacos or any hand foods”, that it cannot be transferred to another. If you h
  7. Not sure the intention of your post, but I’m pretty sure it was very on point to his comment. Nothing but crickets from him tho.
  8. Is that food you eat from takeout safe? Do you know? Did those that prepped it wear a mask or 2? How do you know? Did the have gloves on, or wash their hand before cooking? You sure? How many people there touched your food, handled the food and container before you inhaled it? Risk taker are ya?
  9. Or those that get this mysterious vaccine that was formed overnight, but can’t find one for cancer after 50 years of trying, or the common cold after 100 years of trying. Ain’t putting that in my system. Don’t want to be in a class action lawsuit in 5 years.
  10. Oh boy. I think you have hurt more feelers with this one post, than you have in your 25 years on this site. I thought me posting this here “on a bet if you recall” would ruffle a few feathers, but this. You do have a valid stance tho wrench. This flu will take those that let it, and those that are meant to remain fishing another day, will cast another line.
  11. That’s EXACTLY what should be happening. It’s absolutely stupid for you to think you can go outside and live a normal life if YOU are at risk. At risk for anything. If your mask protects you, wear the dang thang. If your seatbelt saves you, wear it. If drinking vodka helps you sleep, drink more of it. But don’t get drunk and wonder onto the roadway and not expect to get ran over.
  12. Al, like i have stated, if you are of high risk for any type of infection, take precautions YOURSELF. Don’t expect the world to bow because 18% of the population are at risk. Silly thinking. If you can’t see straight, you should probably check into a mental facility. Maybe they provide masks AND medication.
  13. David, please explain how the older people are getting infected if they are taking the precautions that they are told to take? They are either not following orders from the media, or have little concern and go about their daily lives like normal. But give your take on your comment.
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