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  1. Guy seemed like an A$& hat, going off his tone. Didn’t see any waves from the video, even as Skeet rolled up. Dude was just a beginner driving over his capabilities.
  2. Nice. Keep at em’. Memories are the best award, but sitting on top brings a separate smile.
  3. I had a good chat with Edwin. He said they get 2 full days to practice “Wednesday and Thursday” before the event starts tomorrow.
  4. He was there for the group photos.
  5. Good luck m&m. Those fish in that lake have my respect. Going to have to invite myself back into wrenches boat in the fall, when that frenzy bite is on. Maybe then I will get to see his honey holes.
  6. Installed a Gator brand several years ago on my Stratos. My brother helped, as a set of hands to keep it lined up. Once on, it was on. I treated like an aluminum boat with beaching after that, and never had an issue. Got different color options, but white is white. 😁
  7. Not sure where you’re located, but wherever that is, the drive to take it to wrench would be worth it. Looks like you tried others, yet still asking wrench for free advice. Pony up and take it to him if you are wanting it fixed, and not free advice.
  8. Wrench and myself finally got together for a day of, well fun...... Tho wrench gave his idea of a recap to our day, I’m going to give mine, as it is slightly different than his.... So, for a solid week leading up to this benefit tournament, wrench sent me pictures of frog infested fishing backwaters, whites the size of musky, stories of buddies of his coming up to fish, catching nothing smaller than a 7lb fish. The more we chatted, the more my excitement grew. He talked about us fishing his favorite honey holes, as the launch was in his backyard. Now, for a guy to take you to fish HIS holes, is a big deal. Just Incase I fell overboard, or got lost launching the boat, I asked for gps coordinates as a backup, so I could meet him at the next secret hole. Well, those never came. Yeah, I know, can’t give out all of your secrets. The evening before launch, I get a message, which I shared with him right away, saying the launch site has changed to the other end of the lake. Man did my anxiety take its toll, because for a week, seeing these pictures, hearing the stories, and finally fishing his secrets holes, I knew getting that message would change everything. So I sent wrench a copied text with the new launch details, and about 10 minutes later, I get this response: “You’re on your own”. Now mind you, this is like 8:30pm, the evening before our first outing together. As I load my gear into the truck, my mind drifts off to those stories I heard all week about 7 pounders every other cast, possibly hooking a white that swam back out of the river, that would engorge any musky left over on LOZ, and the idea of seeing firsthand his honey holes, I got settled into bed around 1:30am. At 4 I fire the truck off for my 1 hour 50 minute drive to this new area of the lake. We met at a local supermarket that was boiling smoke from some ribs they were preparing. Our agreed meeting time was 6:30am. Im one of those that am atleast 45 minutes early most places, especially fishing related. I get there at 5:40, roll the window down, letting those smoke searing ribs sink into my lungs. I have my gear laid out across the bed, standing outside waiting for wrench. At 6:31 he pulls up, smiling face and all, as I comment “where were you, at the donut shop” to his reply, another friendly smile. We load up, get to the launch, chat with a couple dudes, and launch. 7:30 takeoff time, and looks at me and says “well, I have never been on this side of the lake, so I hope you got the goods”. Now, I remember a week ago telling him “I have been on this pond once in my life, and it was by the dam, for crappie” so when he says he is relying on me, I just sunk into the boat seat. We get to the first cut, and both catch a few behind docks. Keep moving and more of the same. As the day goes on, and the washing machine wave makers start coming out, this was about 10am on a cool, cloudy sky, I knew it was going to be rough. And rough it was. In closing, we caught a bunch of short fish, watched guys weigh in limits, got a free t-shirt, and finally got to hang out. Wrench is one of those guys you just feel comfortable around, not the “Im wearing my speedo in the boat with you” comfortable, but one you can joke with, tease, and enjoy the day with, thinking “I could do this again”. We had 9 fun filled hours of doing/saying guy stuff. I have no doubts we will be doing this again soon, but with a few modifications: Everytime he texts me pictures or stories leading up to the outing, I’m blocking his number!!!! “disclosure”. SOME of what you just read was true. You choose what isn’t. Wrench, you’re a good dude. Thanks.
  9. I’m telling ya, it was the net. Fish know when a boat has a net in it, and they swim to a different lake. We proved that today. P.S. Recap thread coming tomorrow because after 2 hours of mowing, I’m to tired to type.
  10. Are you and Wrench still in that tournament tomorrow. I have not been up to see wrench and sent him a Msg but i think he missed it. He is really busy this year. 

  11. The weather/rain last night dumped a lot of debris in the lake. As of 5 today, the water was pretty dirty in coves. Water temp in high 50’s. To dirty to see bedded fish, or beds. Thinking they are thinking of moving up, as no shallow fish were caught.
  12. Don’t you know posting anything about tournaments on this section of the forum is a no no? 😳 Congrats on the win. And those smiles are priceless.
  13. Brand New factory take offs Michelin tires 265/60R18. Tires and wheels in new condition. $450 5x5 bolt pattern Wheels fit Jeep Grand Cherokee. Came off a Dodge Durango. Have other sets available if interested.
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