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  1. Most likely one of those black ones.
  2. He might can fix a boat better than most, but don’t count on the turd to show you his secret spots during a tourney.
  3. If you ever invite me up to shoot, I could bring them with me.
  4. Fuel line/bulb good? Appears to starve itself from fuel. Start it, while it’s running, and sounds like it may die, pump the bulb at the same time to see if it stays running.
  5. Or if he will deliver it to Springfield, I would consider.
  6. Wrench, your a good dude. I said it before, but look on this site, with hundreds of regulars. I see few offering free services like yourself. Glad we clicked my friend, because I may need your services one day myself.
  7. Guy seemed like an A$& hat, going off his tone. Didn’t see any waves from the video, even as Skeet rolled up. Dude was just a beginner driving over his capabilities.
  8. Nice. Keep at em’. Memories are the best award, but sitting on top brings a separate smile.
  9. I had a good chat with Edwin. He said they get 2 full days to practice “Wednesday and Thursday” before the event starts tomorrow.
  10. He was there for the group photos.
  11. Good luck m&m. Those fish in that lake have my respect. Going to have to invite myself back into wrenches boat in the fall, when that frenzy bite is on. Maybe then I will get to see his honey holes.
  12. Installed a Gator brand several years ago on my Stratos. My brother helped, as a set of hands to keep it lined up. Once on, it was on. I treated like an aluminum boat with beaching after that, and never had an issue. Got different color options, but white is white. 😁
  13. Not sure where you’re located, but wherever that is, the drive to take it to wrench would be worth it. Looks like you tried others, yet still asking wrench for free advice. Pony up and take it to him if you are wanting it fixed, and not free advice.
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