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  1. High Point help

    From a boat? You shouldnt have to go far to find fish. Start at the bank and fish out to that 14' range and narrow it down from there. Jerk, Ned, Crank shoukd all be worth throwing now. Soon the water will be spinnerbait friendly.
  2. Evinrude Motors

    Your right in wrenches well house with your motor and carb rebuilds.
  3. Hummingbird or Garmin

    I have pictures of it posted in the Electronics thread if you want to see the clarity.
  4. Hummingbird or Garmin

    I too had the Garmin 73sv that smalls21 installed on my boat. Man that Garmin was clear. Sold the boat. I was at BP last weekend looking at units, and liking the Garmin i had, my next will be the 93sv. If i had aarchdales money, i would go all out on dual Panoptic's at the console and bow. His money is greener than mine tho.
  5. 3/21 fishing report

    Ive been doing pretty good except the last 2 outtings. Skunked both trips. Fished green pumpkin Ned for 45 minutes from bank to 12' and nothing. Wiggle wart 30 minutes, nothing. Same jerk ive been catching them on, nothing. Guess i need to stay home and do chores.
  6. 3/21 fishing report

    I just walked in. Fished from 5 to 7:15 and not a sniff this evening. I guess i shoulda made my cows stand up before i left my place.
  7. Evinrude Motors

    Ol' wrench isnt a prick. He's just firm on his knowledge and convictions about the marine industry. Some of us take his jabs as him being nice.
  8. Used Trolling Motors

    Keelshield is good. I was mentioning Aarchdales boat beached on a concrete ramp without one, in his profile picture.
  9. New Left Hand Reels

    Well, digging thru some boxes yesterday, i located these reels that i had intended to send back. If your looking for new left hand reels, i have 2. $100 both or $50 each. Prefer in person sale. Anywhere between Bolivar and Branson.
  10. Used Trolling Motors

    Dont you know you cant do that to a boat without a keel guard? "Your profile".
  11. Used Trolling Motors

    As ive posted before, one of our guys here sits at the desk inside that place. He has helped me a few times with what i was looking for. They also have a few props for those looking " or did have". Smalls21 is who to send a PM to if your looking for something. Cool guy.
  12. Picture Size

    I also thank you guys. Since i dont have a computer, resizing thn emailing is my only option it looks like. Again thanks guys.
  13. Battery question

    Some of the best info ever posted in this site.
  14. Way to make it priority to get him on the water wily.
  15. Now thats how its done. Where ya headed?

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