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  1. Did they give them any scripts for treatment? Z packs or the hydro? I've read they are not bagging folks in the hospital as fluids are actually hurting versus helping... Vitamin C and anything else to give the immune system a fighting chance should be taken. Hope they can turn the corner...
  2. Back at it with work today... We're still buried up to our eyeballs trying to get telemedicine setup for all the hospitals. They ordered a whole new fleet of iPads for the docs as well. Seems like my workplace is in this for the long haul. We're still in the beginning stages from what I'm hearing here in MO. At this point though I'm not sure what to believe. I do know me and my family are practicing social distancing, and any thing that comes in from outside gets a full DECON in the garage before it comes in the house... Might be Overkill but middle kiddo has asthma, epilepsy, and is prone to get pneumonia since she's had it a few times. Not taking any chances there. @ColdWaterFshr I hope your in laws recover and pray that do not need to go to the hospital. Eric I'm rocking this mask off I'm going out in the masses... Gonna have to shave the quarantine beard first though. Stay safe out there guys.
  3. JestersHK

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    Beautiful spots!
  4. Eric I'm glad you are prepared buddy. Everyone take note here... I've been slammed with work trying to get remote patient screening apps on iPads and networks shored up for the hospitals but figured I'd give you all an update. At first I was a bit skeptical about all this, then I started seeing the panic and fear on the folks at work. Then we're all sent home as they took over our conference rooms for doctors and medical staff and we had a sick team member get tested which I'm still awaiting to hear the results on. I've watched the run on TP, food, guns, ammo, cleaning supplies and worry about the just in time supply chain. My friends a Captain in the Guard and the calls have started going out at his level. There's no orders yet but he feels it's inevitable before his troops get mobilized. I still believe we are just getting started with this thing and the outcomes could likely get real ugly. Please take care out there everyone. If you have to go out wear whatever PPE you have and DECON yourself when you get home. Lots of good info on this in the web. Do this for our hospital staff and workers, do it for our first responders like my poor nephew whose a paramedic, please practice common sense and wash your hands.
  5. I've been away for a bit buried in work and prep but here's my insight to my fishing friends... I recently switched to a job in the healthcare sector as some of you who know me personally know. Working now for a major hospital Network in Missouri. This has given me some insight into the healthcare workspace and what were about to face. I watched my place of business go from zero to pants on fire crisis in 2 weeks time. I write this message here from my house which we are all now working from home indefinitely. In the midst of trying to prep a hospital for the coming pandemic we were hacked and seeing attacks on our networks prompting a lock down and corrective action. Who the heck attacks a hospital during a crisis... Before I left they were stripping our IT building down of all furniture and setting up reading rooms for doctors and hospital staff. It's simple math really there are not enough beds or space if this truly turns into the outbreak that the media is fear mongering it to be. I for one have never feared the virus, I do fear the strain all of this panic is placing on our economy and the supply chain system for meds and food. I'm fortunate in that I'm well prepped for this and could afford to go out and top off all our preps. Many folks will struggle trying to get food from the stripped bare bstores here outside saint Louis. I feel we are just seeing the beginning of all this, the shutdown will escalate. Interstate travel will be the next thing shut down as I've already seen the letters coming out for the DHS and travel passes. Won't be long before a shelter in place order is in effect and the guard would likely need to enforce that to keep people contained to their homes. I am not panicked, I'm not a doomer. I'm actually quite calm as I am however prepared when most of the rest of society is not, and you should keep your eyes on the bigger picture if they start locking us down to our homes. Please take care out there friends. I hope to see you guys soon if that's still a possibility. Everything is so fluid right now I think we'll know more in a few weeks.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy seeing the results every year. I had heard a rumour they shocked up a big brown, but guess it was just a rumour...
  7. Those are some great looking jigs! Very nice
  8. The paint on these had held up remarkably well. Teeth do a number on all baits. I also bang these on the bottom quite a bit too. This is one of my first ones that I ever threw... I'll def be sad if I ever lose it, but it's a fish catching machine.
  9. I just had similar conversation with Duane on Saturday. I have some 2018s that are beat to death and I still throw them. In my opinion his lures are made to be fished. I think I've broken off one and broke the bill on another. I did retire my lone sculpin 606 that I caught my big brown on... Yes they are artwork, but they were made to give you that shot at a big one so use them accordingly. They won't last forever but I have a 5 series that I'm wearing most of the paint off that had probably close to 100 fish on it. I do get pissy when the Walters decide to eat it as it really tears up that awesome paint job. Sling em if ya got em is my motto. It's what they are made for.
  10. Holy cow that's awesome. I believe Daryk found one on the banks one morning too. Pretty soon they will start popping up on eBay. One of the local guys is going to clean up when or if they ever shut the water off down there lol
  11. How was the fishing Eric? I was this close to calling you as I got a free pass for Saturday. Ended up doing a quick Taney run. I'd of headed to Arkansas of most of our fishable time wasn't in the dark... Hope you got into them.
  12. Nice buddy! And at least it worked out for the young man and was not a one way fishing trip lol. Did you have the chain and cinder blocks in the boat just in case haha.
  13. So back home already... Had dinner plans this evening and knew it was a short trip but man never enough hours to spend at Taney... Fishing was just ok for me in the 12 hours we were there. Not bad not great just average with average fish with an average catch rate during the night hours. Kev had better luck and caught some really solid bows. His luck continued into the morning as well... Got to stop in and chat with Phil and his crew so that's always a bonus for me. Hope you guys survived what shared to be a busy day and every parking spot was full there. Thanks again Duane 😉 Once the sun was fully up the jerk bait and jig bite died off. I did actually catch a trip during daylight hours while wading... I then got the fly rods out and we fished the seems down past the last outlet and cable by the grass flats. I immediately hooked a rainbow while showing Kevin the ropes on how to drift his head head midge and scud combo under a float. It wasn't but a few drifts later for him and he hooked a beautiful bow which is his first trout on a fly rod. Overall had a great time. Looking forward to sleeping though... Getting old makes these fun times harder and harder to do lol Here's a few pics. I reminded Kev to smile this time lol. I also attribute his success to wearing my patented red hoodie...
  14. Kev caught all his on the jerk bait. All mine came on a sculpin 3/32 jig n orange head. Got a bit chilly and we're fighting the ice. Taking a break to thaw out. We had one fish at 18in male that's been the best so far. Kev has 4 or 5 and I'm at 9 or 10... We're working for them tonight for sure. All of his have been solid chunky bows with good shoulders on them. I'm hitting more dinks on the jig.
  15. Let the fun begin! Back at the mistress as Ryan calls her...
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