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  1. My buddy's son has a bobcat from his cellphone video from last seasons deer opener. Was super cool to see. The yotes on my buddies land are super skittish. Don't think I'd get close enough for a bow. Every once in a while someone will pop one during firearms season. I agree that not sure I could get my window open and pop the screen off with them sticking around unless I baited them... I could see my wifes face now asking why theres a new hole in the screen LOL.
  2. HAHAHHAHAHAHA! I wore shirt size medium husky! There's a reason my eyes are brown! Still googling for flag ideas...
  3. You better crack open a redbull that morning, just make sure you drink it all before I can get ahold of it! I'll bring a camo snuggie for ya too for nap time while John Captains your fine vessel! Off to google flag ideas... LOL
  4. Heck fishing with family and friends even when you're not catching is always time well spent buddy! Liv can put a hurting on them thats for sure. Seen it with my own eyes! I'm curious now though with any more post like these if she's gotten those fishy genes from you or from your wife! Counting down the days to Jigfest man! We'll have to see if Marty can handle both of us in his boat at once this year LOL. Looking forward to fishing again with my OAF friends.
  5. When we had coyotes in our back yard I had the crossbow propped next to our window LOL. Never got a chance though...
  6. Nice job you guys! Looks like allot of family fun there. I promise I only chuckled a little bit that not only Liv but your better half outfished you too! Safe travels back to MO my friend.
  7. Heck thats a manageable shot right out the window... You could take him out in your jammies LOL.
  8. At first I was like man thats a nicely framed shot, could almost see that in a home goods ad, Liv has an eye for shooting good pictures. Then I saw the deer... LOL Not enough go juice in me this morning I guess... Hope you can put an arrow in him buddy!
  9. JestersHK

    Big M area 10/18

    Nice morning QB. Hope you can get your TM fixed up.
  10. JestersHK

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    The base pattern is def there to make a decent trout imitation. I think for night time duty they would for sure put fish in the net. They are just Ugly compared to Duanes work. Heck my Rapala X raps are ugly compared to his. I did finally bust a bill on one last time I was down. Hard jerk met a BIG rock. It didn't break the bill all the way off just about a 1/4 of the lip which turned it into a shallow diver LOL! I still caught more fish on it, and when the water was off it was about perfect being a shallow runner. Baits are tough though for sure.
  11. JestersHK

    Jigfest 2018!

    Looks like my cuz fmcbrandon is gonna be with me. So I'll be +1 as well. We'll both need boat spots if possible...
  12. JestersHK

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Literally slow boat from China... got 2 more weeks and then they'll be yours Mr. Doty. Killer deal on some of their sales. These aren't a bad pattern either. They don't come close to the Doty specials though...
  13. JestersHK

    Knapp time.

    It's beautiful! Now I can work on phase 2! But that's a super secret squirrel mission... Thank you my friend. You have an amazing talent buddy, and very generous of you to part ways with your art.
  14. Haven't seen too many successful hunts this year yet for archery at least from my buddies. A friend of mine drew a lottery draw at Busch Wildlife, but its been too warm and the few days he's been out there were none moving... Deer around me have been up and moving since the cold weather finally started to kick in. Have a few hunts scheduled for week after next, but curious if anyones been out or had any luck?
  15. That looks amazing, but yeah I might have some reservations with all that ice overhead. Man the scenery there is just awesome. Can only imagine what it's like in person. Thanks, enjoying the pics!

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