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  1. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    Made it home today, back stateside. Gotta go back to reality tomorrow lol. Back to the grind already. We did go to a happy hour at Chevy's tonight on the way home from the airport with to meet some co-workers. Wasn't quite the same... Gotta get footage dumped still too.
  2. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    We had the trigger fish for dinner, and it was delicious. Nothing beats fresh fish. Sushi down here has been exceptional. I only ever eat it when I can see the ocean.
  3. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    We were out of adventuras. We used Big Game charters out of the barricuda Marina. We only did a 6 hour charter. Not sure I could of handled any more. Lol I'll throw some more pics up once my other phone comes back to life. Got a ton of GoPro footage too.
  4. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    Great day onthe water. Caught bonitas to start off with, then landed 2 really nice Amber jacks. Caught some trigger fish too for dinner. Amber jacks put up a heck of a fight. Had rough seas for sure. 2 of my buddies were chumming all day lol. Had some solid 8 foot swells, but good thing I have my sea legs.
  5. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    Our journey begins. Got cleared for weather. Gonna be bumpy.
  6. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    Didn't eat that one. CPR only for now lol. Can't wait to hear about your guys trip!
  7. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    Already on it buddy lol. @Johnsfolly I'm not as good as Liv, but hopefully she approves
  8. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    Haha we are creatures of habit. Had some amazing mango tango today though. And Mr. BH I'm so antsy for Tuesday I gotta do something to control the jitters. I was trying to micro fish in the surf earlier till the wife yelled at me lol.
  9. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    Rained all day today, but we're trying our hardest to drink all their budlight lol. Gonna shoot for a marlin on tuesday. They are in season so fingers crossed.
  10. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    Heard weather is crazy, beats shoveling snow out ofthe boat last weekend lol
  11. Finally got a vacation in minus fishing... saw a guy with a cardinals hat and he's a member here and lives in Springfield. Small world and again such a cool site when we can come this far south and find fellow ozark angler members. Got afull day charter booked for Tuesday with just us boys. Hoping to find some marlin and sail fins
  12. Flood Gates Closed (for now?)

    Man, can't wait to get back down... fishing should be excellent!
  13. It is downright looney out there!

    Nice job Quill! Hope that Walter made it home with ya!

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