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  1. Gar Flys

    Thats a nice one cracklebak! Always fun catching them in the dark. The one I caught down there a few years ago made a B line for my cuz as soon as he turned his headlamp on. Jumped out of the water right at him and almost ended up in his vest LOL. He then made a B line to shore LOL. Was a great funny moment for sure @fmcbrandon
  2. Awesome report Mr. and Mrs. BH! I'm super jealous Marty and had to skip my trip out to Idaho this year... I will live vicariously through you guys as I usually do. I still have something special planned for your fries you sent me too. Haven't forgoten, but sadly haven't stood in a fresh water body of water for almost over 3 months now Glad you and the Mrs. are able to get out there and live the dream sir!
  3. Hitting creek for a rainy Friday.

    Nice job man! Love those wild bows and you sure know how to get it done on that creek! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Ned Rig Hawg

    Nice fish! All these creek stories have me jonesing bad to go pound some water.
  5. Gar Flys

    In the small creeks I fish I've caught a few on Crick Hoppers. The small trebles helped with a super hard hook set. Well as hard as my little ultralight buggy whip could muster... I was sight fishing them and intentionally trying to catch them. I caught about a 3 foot gar by accident down below the cable a few years back on one of your grey and white jigs too at night. Say we catch them what should we do with them? I know some guys will bank invasive species, but i don't necessarily like killing critters I won't eat... If they need to go though for the good of the trout population I get why it needs to be done.
  6. PCB FL TR placeholder

    Yeah I was using a 5oz weight and it was still so rough it just tossed my bait all over the place... Glad you got into some snook they are a cool fish for sure
  7. PCB FL TR placeholder

    Shark charter was a bust... Guys were a great time however and took care of us. Another group did catch about a 5 for juvenile tiger shark. Not the big ones we were looking for though... Kind of a bummer, but that's fishing I guess... Weather has gone to crap too so I'm prolly done fishing for now. I'll throw some shark pics up when I dump my GoPro.
  8. PCB FL TR placeholder

    The majestic sea flap flap
  9. PCB FL TR placeholder

    These were not the sharks we were looking for, but still fun to catch them. I caught a sea flap flap too... AKA a stingray.
  10. PCB FL TR placeholder

    Hit up a small island excursion today. No fishing for us, but saw a ton of fish. Chased them around and found about a jabillion more hermit crabs... Little suckers are everywhere. No fish last night either... Saw a ton of lady fish, and whiting being caught, but I was too lazy to change out my leader for lighter tackle... Got hit once real good using live pin fish, but just can't seem to get them hooked... Heading out now to hopefully have better luck tonight.
  11. PCB FL TR placeholder

    Mr. Horse shoe crab.
  12. PCB FL TR placeholder

    I am in Panama City Beach. I have fished that same spot in Destin Smalliebigs. Tons of good spots down that way. I'm sharking from the beach tonight outside the condo tonight. No luck just yet, but hoping the tide change brings them closer to me. Had the kiddos out earlier and we caught a big horse shoe crab. Was pretty cool and first one I've seen up close. Caught some hermit crabs too, now I gotta figure out a way to convince my girls they make poor pets lol. I'll throw some pics up in the am. Hopefully with a toothy one in there.
  13. PCB FL TR placeholder

    Geno caught Mr crabs too
  14. PCB FL TR placeholder

    First pin fish fish lasted all of 5 min and got smoked. Left with just the head... Gone through about 6 or 7 that way... We've also caught 2 remoras on the bait rod. Funny looking fish.
  15. PCB FL TR placeholder

    Blue fish from last night. Caught some live pin fish for bait tonight. Hoping to get hit on the big rod.

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