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  1. JestersHK

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Hahahahaha, Sorry about that buddy... Yeah guess I should of added a link lol
  2. JestersHK

    Tackle HD Hellgrammite

    Looks awesome guys! Great work there!
  3. JestersHK

    Taneyfest Recap

    Buddy I'll never go out at night again without it! Thank you again! Figure I might get some weird looks with it strapped to my back, but won't ever have to go through that circus again...Lol I thought my basspro net was big, but this one is 34in long, bout same size as the fish I test fit it last night on my vest and got a new magnet for the connector. It's gonna work out real nice. Took some 1000 grit to it and tested a small spot and she's going to clean up real nice. Using some oil I've used in old gun stocks to get her cleaned up then I'll get it all sealed up and ready to go!
  4. JestersHK

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Oh I guess I forgot one fish too...
  5. JestersHK

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    So if there was ever any doubt about these Lures being the Top Dog out of any other stick bait being used on Taneycomo I think that was laid to rest this weekend! Duane's patterns are remarkable and with the windy weather this past weekend I know they were thrown by just about everyone that came down to Jigfest. We also just hammered the fish on a few of the evenings and during the day with them. My favorite is the 606 blank I believe variety in Doty Sculpin. A true masterpiece that caught almost every single fish I landed this weekend. Proofs in the pics, and there were plenty more caught... Duane provided me a nice box to keep my now retired Doty Sculpin special in until I get my mount done too. Thanks Buddy.
  6. JestersHK

    2019 Taneyfest

    Hope you boys did good today! Sounds like xmas came early!
  7. JestersHK

    Taneyfest Recap

    Truly an epic trip for me. One I'll never forget. Great hospitality and generosity, and great kindness and friendship shared across a great group of folks. Thank you again Phil for hosting us, and for the teaching lessons you provided in the boat! Amazing food as I expected, yet still exceeded my expectations. Thanks to all the great chefs that made it happen. Daryk you too for sharing over those dishes buddy! I don't think I'd of wished for anything more other than I will however be carrying a bigger net at night now... Thanks buddy I did get the fishes head in my little butterfly net but that made it worse as it popped off the lure once it got stuck in the net. Thankfully Brandon got to relive my experience with better results. Sharing that fish with my cuz after he caught her again, and watching her swim away was the best part though.
  8. JestersHK

    2019 Taneyfest

    Man its Sunday already... I've been light on posts since the night of the sea monster, and I think I've only caught a few fish since then lol. I didn't really sleep after Friday night catching that brownie, and my cold had me up the night before so I was dragging... Geno was broken down too so him and I skipped Saturday morning and took it easy for a minute. I went out with Brandon and Daryk into the windy cold in the afternoon but we didn't wander too far from the dock. I did hook a nice brown that broke me off jigging up between Phil's and cooper creek. After that I was skunked. We motored back in and allegedly someone said I may have taken a nap on the couch... I don't believe it, but I blame it on this head cold if it happened lol. Dinner was fantastic! Duane's nachos were amazing, and Les had cowboy caviar, stuffed mushrooms, and he put the MartyQ together along with some cheese dip brandon made. Had a great meal again with great company and friends. Stories we're told and many laughs were shared. I'll let the others share there night adventures from last night. I went but really just to hang out with everyone. My heart and head weren't in the game lol but it was still a great night on the water despite missing a bunch of fish... Gonna get up and show Daryk around the trophy area in the daylight... we'll see if we can get just a few more to hand.
  9. JestersHK

    2019 Taneyfest

    I'll say it took less than 10 minutes to get him to hand. Prolly closer to 7 or 8 for me. He got the jerk bait right on a ledge of a drop off where it goes from 2feet deep to about 8 inches of water, and I was able to get him into the skinny water pretty quickly. We were both running 10lb braid, but the ultralight rods were bout bent in half! They both held though, 5 foot Berkley cherry wood lol, not even my usual St.croix buggy whips. Brandon had a 5'6 pfleuger combo lol. Got the job done though.
  10. JestersHK

    2019 Taneyfest

    Thanks guys! Also a little birdie told me that @Johnsfolly got his Taney brown this morning! Congrats brother! Need to see some pics lol
  11. JestersHK

    2019 Taneyfest

    So we called it a bit early again tonight... Earlier than I usually do but I was spent and my arms and gloves were soaked from the fish adventure. @Daryk Campbell Sr landed I think 7 bows tonight on the jerkbait. This was also his first time in the trophy area, and first time down here in the trophy area and he rocked it like a pro. Geno caught a few, but it was slower than last night. Brandon caught a nice 17 or 18 inch male that was colored up good. He said it didn't even do anything for him lol. I think we're gonna be ruined for a bit after an odds defying fish story which I'm sure some will find hard to believe. In some of those pics you can see the tail in the fishes mouth. I carefully pulled the rainbow out very gingerly and I'll put a pic below. Duane said he saw a big brownie dead one time that appeared to have choked to death on a bow so I made the call to remove it. I hope it was the right call... I really take fish health seriously and didn't want to hurt him. Fish was truly a beast, and he swam off healthy and strong. As I lay here in bed I'm feeling very blessed by the big man upstairs. The stars aligned and I could fish with Brandon everyday for the rest of my life and I don't think what occurred tonight will ever happen again. I'm gonna retire the Doty sculpin original. Brandon and I are gonna get matching replicas done up. Hopefully they will give us a double discount lol. Truly a night that I will never forget, and a story and fish that will be hard to top for me. I'm gonna still chase them though, likely tomorrow night even @Johnsfolly I'm sorry buddy... I wish you could of been there, yet I've made that decision before. Heck I prolly should of went to bed as my cold is acting up tonight. Small price to pay though. Well just have to get you a bigger one tomorrow night! I know there's bigger ones out there, but this one was special.
  12. JestersHK

    2019 White River Jigfest

    Nice fish guys! Just awesome beautiful colors on all of them.
  13. JestersHK

    2019 Taneyfest

    Not just one of us, but 2 of us! Finally happened for me. Duane's sculpin got smoked tonight down past rebar. Fish just exploded all over the top of the water with my drag screaming. Rod was bent all the way over and it was on! Brandon came over and tried to get my net of my back but didn't have enough reach. I got him between my feet and he wouldn't fit in my net. Got my net around his head and got my bait out but I couldn't hang onto him and I almost died as he swam out in front of me. I had finally caught my sea monster with no pic to show of it... I went dejected over to shore and not five minutes later Brandon gets crushed. I hear his drag and it is on! Same brown, 100% sure. He was 32 inches long and we're trying to get measurements based off our pics.
  14. JestersHK

    2019 Taneyfest

    So fishing was pretty tough for me at least today. I headed out with griz in the morning,. Brandon and Geno went with Duane. Ham got down mid morning and John and Daryk followed a bit later. We partnered back up and Phil took Brandon and I up lake. We threw jigs and I threw a jerk for a little bit. We picked up fish here and there, and I had to give Brandon some trouble to get him going, but he finally started catching them and quickly passed me up. No Giants, but the bows were really pretty. I did catch 2 dock violaters fishing behind the docks. Shady characters that were catching a bunch of walleye bait in the rocks. Duane's out back now frying up a mess of fish and we got some baked beans in the oven. Gonna fuel up for tonight's wading adventure. Daryk is gonna join us as a first timer. Not a whole lotta pictures... Hands were cold today. I know the other guys will be around shortly to post some up. Awesome day in the water, again with some great company and friends!
  15. JestersHK

    2019 Taneyfest

    Running some water this morning Griz is my Capt as we head to the dam

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