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  1. Nice bass there Phil. I guess some of the trout purist my not like all the visitors from TR, but I for one love the mystery of what might be on the other end of the line... I wonder how long they will stick around up on that end of the lake. With the gates being open for as long as they were I also wonder just how many made it over the top?
  2. Nice John! Stinks you missed Father's day with the fam, but looks like you had a good time. I'll be in the Salt here in 3 more days! Can't wait to fish the ocean again. Never know what you'll catch!
  3. Saw the lake hit 705 today for a minute. Wonder what changes will be in store for this summer after the heavy flows. Minus the Cars in the lake of course. Any plans to do some flyover with the drone Phil?
  4. In searching for trout in other states I think PA has some areas where they stock these and have a stocking program. Utah apparently does as well and Wisconsin discontinued there program in the 70's. They are cool looking fish indeed and one on my list to catch. I think the record is a 20lber out of the great lakes, or so says wikipedia...
  5. Good luck! Sometimes you just gotta make things happen. Life's short, its only money LOL.
  6. Nice job guys! That Pond seems to be a gem BH if thats the same one you and the Mrs. was fishing. My Fries are ready and waiting... Trying to find a morning here in crazy town to get out and whack that smallie in his hidey hole.
  7. I recently went through this with a coworker who was killed in a motorcycle accident. I work in the mobility space and his family reached out to me as his personal iPad was locked and they had pictures on there which were not backed up to his computer... Previously there were still a few security holes on iOS that you could exploit and get the data pulled off of there, but unfortunately he was on the latest iOS which to my knowledge has not been cracked. Apple really needs to allow folks to designate a next of kin option or someone who can legally take ownership to where they can have a secondary unlock code for them. Its a shame that we have all this technology but not a method in place to recover irreplaceable pictures and videos from a deceased family members device.
  8. Nice smallie and glad you can make it back on the water. Hope your wife has a speedy recovery, and glad that you guys are on the end of a nasty curveball that life threw you there.
  9. Thank you all for the replies. I'll grab some gotchas as I've thrown those before. I'll call around for a charter too, its been 8 years or so since I did my last charter so was thinking maybe get out a bit further. I have a small cast net, and I always send out my minions to gather sand fleas and put my oldest on the sabiki rod to catch me some live ones! Never fished clearwater before, but sounds very similar to my experiences down in Destin. Thanks again fellas! I'll be sure to post up some pics and a full TR.
  10. I have a 9ft surf rod with 250 or 300 yards on there. I've fished Destin and pcb area and agree it's great fishing. I'll have to research the spoons and grab some of those too. I also will bottom rig if i can get the sabiki rigs working on some decent bait. I looked at charters, but man they aren't cheap. I was used to $250 to $300 for a half day, but most I found were $500. Thanks guys for the feedback. Keep it coming
  11. Ugh... Man work stinks LOL. Final tally from this weekend. What a great multi-species trip. 11 different species in one location is pretty awesome. Night bite was on, not quite on fire, but at times you were getting bumped just about every cast. I crimp all my trebles on my sticks and I lost prolly 3-4 fish per night who popped off before I could tell what they were. Most nights we fished from about 9-10pm till 2-4am. We threw floating 2 hook rapallas in various colors, and also some of the bigger 2 hook x raps in various colors. I also caught a few on a trout pattern rooster tail. I jigged a bit too and used 1/8 sculpin, white, yellow / red, and white / grey maribou. Used 10lb braid on sticks and rolled the dice with 4lb maxima for jigging. Rainbows - I personally Caught 21 Bows, biggest being a fat little 16incher. My BIL and John both had a few nice Bows as well. One night we didn't catch a single trout though LOL. Most of the bows had full tails and looked like they had been there a while. Only 1 or 2 little dink stockers Brown Trout - BIL caught 2 brown trout. A small 13-14 incher and then a nice 16incher who had just some amazing spot patterns on him. White Bass - White Bass galore... Honestly not sure how many we caught but it was a bunch. I probably caught over a dozen easy with the biggest going about 3lbs with a huge broad back on him. BIL and John both caught them too. They are a solid fish and man do they put up a great fight. Small Mouth - John had the one and only smallie. Large Mouth - I caught just one and he was a little guy Kentucky - Same thing just one little guy who was pretty beat up from taking the plunge I guess Crappie - Had 2 smaller crappie, with one barely longer than my x rap Green Sunfish - I saw a guy on Thursday catching these and John was able to land one. Drum - Not sure how I hooked this guy on a rooster tail but somehow he was mouth hooked White Sucker - Johns big sucker was a drag peeler and I was hoping he had a big Brown on... Walleyes - Walleye stole the show. Some big mean ones too with 3 being right at and just above 23 inches. Smallest was maybe 18- 19 incher. They fought harder than some of the other walters I've caught down there before. I think the final tally for all of us was 15 or 16 of them. There's 4 less in there now as we had an awesome fish fry saturday. Good times indeed. Until next time!
  12. So my Summer vacations are spinning up here in 2 weeks. First excursion involves a few days in clearwater before we head to disney. Plan on at least pier fishing a bit from the big pier there, but any advice on some decent half day charters? A month from now we will be in Panama City Beach Florida and I have already booked a from the shore night time sharking trip, but again looking for any decent charters, or any areas I must fish. Thanks guys!
  13. Haha, we were waiting for the infamous 1:00am bite. For some reason the fish turn on at 1. You can really lose all sense of time out there at night. Many times I'll fish right up to dawn not even realizing it... John we'll have to plan a marathon weekend with just the boys. Get some day fishing in too, and see the lake from a boat. Hopefully less flow and we can get the fly rods wet. I'm back home now... Back to the grind... I already miss it as this was an excellent trip despite only being able to fish at night. John's day sounded like mine. Lots of family stuff, but I'm thankful for it and I then have evening fishing to look forward to, I know one thing, I'll sleep good tonight.
  14. Man these last 2 whites just crushed my stick. They are great fighters too.
  15. Back at it one more night. Starting off good so far. Still trying for a brown....