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  1. I made it out with my fishing buddy Rob. He pokes fun and calls me the great white fisherman, and he's the great white hunter of our group lol. We're hunting new property this year at his cabin, but still learning the land. We decided Saturday that we'd go out at dawn and scout. Scout we did... after about 5 miles with all our gear in the lovely hill country we found our way back to the cabin after finding the power lines... having 1000 acres to hunt is nice but man you can get turned around. I hunted Saturday afternoon while my partner napped lol. I saw 2 doe on the trail road
  2. I enjoy our stays at riley's, but if it's not in the cards I'll stay wherever. Thanks to all of you for the offers and the coordination. Makes it nice for folks like me who stink at planning...
  3. Very nice buddy! Tell Liv I said job well done! Im sure she can get one more before end of year.
  4. Man that's just awful...
  5. Well I'll have to check the books, but my plans are always in a constant state of chaos. Im fine with waiting till Oct. 30th I'll fish all night and sleep in my car if I have to lol... I know that's night for everyone though, and by bday 3 I'm a bit ripe in those waders.
  6. Beautiful specimens! Thanks for sharing
  7. That I agree we shall one day see Rick. I prefer my dunkings to occur in the summer time Lord willing lol. I watched Geno swimming around like a drunk dolphin in December and didn't look much fun!
  8. Slipped down the river? Like white water rafting lol. Okay not that bad, wasn't picking seat cushion from posterior line after my ride shoal hopping with Duane lol. Im a bit skittish in boats though for sure. Exact opposite when I'm standing in the water! Haha
  9. Man rough crowd in here hahaha. You guys better watch it or I'll drag ya all up and down the river at all hours of the night lol. Marathon death March fishing Ftw!
  10. Awesome man! I'd live a salamander for my aquarium.
  11. Congrats on the new rig! Hope she treats you well.
  12. I told Travis he needs to get down to jigfest and bring those good eats with him!!! He was making me hangry lol luckily we had quite the feast to fill me up lol
  13. Thanks Marty, sorry Pete I don't do the social media FB stuff...
  14. I have my opinions on this whole mess like everyone else... but most of you all know where I stand. You all know I'll be there, we'll see how many of my tag a longs come with me. Looking forward to it for sure!
  15. That sounds better than Jerk Fest! Haha
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