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  1. Ouchy. Good thing that didn't end up badly!
  2. The bream was fantastic! I enjoy the food just as much if not more than the fishing lol.
  3. You bringing the other goods as well lol. Trip olive flavor for me please!
  4. I'm at about 90% on my plus one QB. He's got a few more things to get figured out, but will likely be staying and he is boatless as well. Thanks for putting all of this together once again.
  5. Glad you boys had a great trip. Wish you could of saw the big fish John... Next time I guess lol.
  6. Nice gills! Not too shabby of a bucket mouth either! Love pond fishing.
  7. Nice! Glad you had a great trip. That's an awesome brownie to boot. Glad you survived your run in with those other questionable characters lol 😋
  8. Thanks guys, I was telling a buddy tonight that now that I'm home I really didn't fish all that much but it was still a good trip. I think if the water would of cooperated I might of hit it harder. I flew solo last night so around 1am I called it. Not the smartest thing to be wading with those flows even just hanging up on the banks... I was sad the jerk bait bite wasn't better, but happy to see that I could still jig them up... Until next time! I'll be back down in a few weeks. Hope I can find a brown then.
  9. Night 2 begins... Fished in between 1 and 2 last night. Had a couple hooked up in the jerk baits but the decent one popped off and the other was bait sized... Switched back to jigging and it was game on again. I threw an 1/8 black and sculpin with a black head on 4lb and it was just rainbow after rainbow after rainbow. They were all strong fighters and had a silver bullet give me some aerobatics too. Size wise they were all decent but not huge. I think I had 1 18in bow all weekend for big fish. Most were between 14 and 16, but solid fish with shoulders on them.
  10. So we started up past outlet 1 tonight. Rob caught first fish on the ol 606 signature series. I had a few bumps but didn't get hooked up. Switched over to a 1/8 oz sculpin with orange head and started picking up fish. We moved down past outlet 1 and picked our way along the bank. Picked up a few more. I had 3 on 4 casts at one point. Pretty solid rainbows and had a good jig bite going on a slow retrieve. I switched over to a trout patterned Doty SS and it got crushed by the big fish for the evening. Didn't measure but it was a net filler of a rainbow... Rob hooked a few more nice bows as well on the jig too. We're heading to SDC tomorrow so called it early tonight. Well be back at it tomorrow night though. Not a bad evening of fishing. Some real pretty colored up fish too. No brownies yet though...
  11. Just got down a bit ago... We won't be fishing till this evening though as the family is down. Although with this flow we'll mostly be picking our way around the edges, but hope we can still catch a few.
  12. If you haven't read the other thread by Phil you will now have plenty of water to pretty much go anywhere with the gates open pushing 11000cfs. Should be good fishing up by the dam if we see any shad come through. I'd at least start with a few drifts from the cable to check things out.
  13. What's the combined cfs of 3 gates? Looks like our night time wading plans are gonna be scrapped for this weekend... Bummer.
  14. Should have enough water for that. Stop in at Lilleys and they can show ya where you need to stay at in terms of channels and skinny water. Good luck fishing, you picked a great time to be down there.
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