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  1. Which creek we talking about? Possibly one that is located right before troy mo and dumps into big creek that's part of the cuivre river?
  2. Old Navy cargo shorts are where it's at. Don't understand the new wave nut huggers that are all the rave lol
  3. I get checked every now and then Seth. You saw that spot on my nose last month. I just keep an eye on it for now. New spots that show up you need to keep an eye on. If it looks weird get it checked out. I look at it this way. I spent the majority of my life outside not ever wearing sun screen at all. Now that I'm older I figure I better start taking care of myself better as my pops has had 3 nose surgeries, and his hands are a mess of scars from having spots frozen or cut off. Being bald and having a burnt dome is no fun either lol.
  4. Yeah that's one of the prettiest ones I've seen you post. Love fish in their spawn colors. Can't wait to get back down there. Still bummed we didn't get to meet last time due to the weather...
  5. Beautiful cut there!
  6. I SPF 70 on my nose and head. I wear a hood until it goes above 90 or so. I'm only 38 and already have a spot on my nose... Started the gloves this year as well. I really like them for trout anyways with the extra grip. I need to go full wrap at some point as much as I'm out in the sun. Skin cancer sucks.
  7. Good job on all the birds guys! Glad to see the young ones out there too! They are our future. Good job dad's.
  8. I'd throw that in a heart beat. Been beating up our pond bass in clousers, but I catch them too with small ned rigs and ultralights. I bet being such a finesse pond they would hammer that. What's the skinny on your line and setup? I know you said 8wt.
  9. Nice buddy, Hope that top water bite gets fired up for ya.
  10. You guys are lucky, and I'm jelly at getting out in the woods. I've been hunting them through the glass here at work as they taunt me... Easy pickings from about 4 stories up lol
  11. Nice job Liv! Way to show your dad how to get it done! Congrats on the new species too John.
  12. Seth provided some great info, and I agree, water off or just 1 unit running then head to Taney. The chance at much larger fish alone for me drives me there over the parks. Although Montauk is a beautiful park.
  13. I darn near fell in the pond rescuing one from a tree branch lol. But I know they are made to be fished not stuffed in a display case. They really are beautifuly crafted Marty. Gonna wear these out for sure.
  14. Nice job you two! Looks like you guys had a great time. Good job dodging those flies Mike!
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