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  1. Got a link where we can find this?
  2. Yeah Buddy you are a great fisherman, and a greater person. Just so everyone knows Seth had drug us all up and down the lake all day already and was dealing with the wind and dropping temps, but still went out for a bit with these guys before dinner to make their trip successful. Great job man, and nice of them to track you down too. Sharing our knowledge is what we're here for. Hopefully a few of those guys have the jig fishing seed now firmly planted because of you.
  3. Yeah I need to start a book. I have pics but will rarely weigh a fish unless they are a real fatty. I do try to photo anything 20in and up and keep a tape handy. Have a new digital scale thing but messing around in the dark mostly when I fish, measuring and weighing is a pain in the butt LOL. Hopefully we can cross paths this year! Would love to finally meet ya in person!
  4. Very nice! I'm assuming you are going by the 20in mark for a lunker? We came up short just a few times last weekend although I did hit 19.5. I think I'll use you as inspiration and start tallying my fish over 20inches.
  5. You guys crack me up lol. Nice fish and a great way to end the year.
  6. She's a working net, but I do keep her prettied up and give her a fresh coat of oil every year! Lives in my mud room cubby usually, too nice to be staying out in the cold garage LOL. Poor Cody just didn't start things off right with her. Needs a little more finesse and doesn't need to be man handled soo much
  7. Oneshot if you saw the video of that last shooting at the Texas church the first guy who was carrying small of back had zero chance as the scumbag already had the drop on him. It was heartbreaking watching him get shot and killed as he tried to get his gun out. He did buy the good guy shooter enough time to drop the bad guy though he paid the ultimate price for it. The rule usually is that appendix carry or nothing past the 3 O'clock position is your only chance for up close unpleasant scenarios. I ride at 3 O'clock on my strong side IWB always. Whatever you decide. Practice Practice Practice your draws. Get some snap caps and practice with a timer if you don't have a range or property where you can shoot from a draw. With your line of work you are much more likely to have to use that practice. The majority of folks that CCW have likely never even drawn and fired from their holster ever... Will be a rude awakening for them if they ever have to. Same with the pocket carry guys. Try digging in your pocket to fish out your gun then draw and shoot. Violence in the real world happens fast and as much as you keep your head on a swivel you can still be caught by surprise. Nobody can stay on all the time... Stay safe out there.
  8. That net works real nice still, almost put Kevin's big Walleye in it but was easier to beach her than haver her and that jerkbait make a mess in the net LOL. So finally back home and just wanted to say thanks to all you guys who made such another memorable event possible. Fantastic company and companionship with just a top notch group of folks who I call friends. Thank you to our gracious host Phil for hosting us. My buddy kept going on and on about how awesome the resort is, I know him and his family will be back for sure. Thanks Seth and Les for being great Captains for us non boat guys. Truly appreciate it. I will share one thing from our last evening of fishing that goes along with all of the other fish stories and lies. Around 2AM Sunday morning we were warming up and I took Kevin down to outlet 2 to see what was hanging up there. I got to the top of the steps with my headlamp on and at the bottom was a beast of a trout. I turned my light away from him and told Kevin to get back over here. We both kicked on our headlamps and at the bottom of the stairs was a true Taneycomo sea monster. Huge fish which was well over the 2 foot mark. We got a big brighter LED light and when we kicked it on we truly saw how big he was. He ended up pushing him with the light up into the shallow pocket of water next to the stairs and when he turned I saw the big red stripe going down its side. It was a HUGE RAINBOW! I'm guessing likely a potential new state record rainbow that we were both blessed to be able to see. I tried to creep down there and threw a few casts with the jerkbait but he was gone by that point. As soon as the water is shut off I'll be back down there to hunt that one for sure!
  9. Fishing was slow this afternoon. We put in at the trophy area launch with Les as our captain. Made a few runs up to the cable throwing jigs and jerks but only picked up a few. I think we boated 10 in a few hours we were up there. The wind was just awful and made jigging an exercise in futility. Came back and started dinner. Tonight's menu consisted of Billethead signature series flying fajitas courtesy of Mr. Doty, I brought down some deer and veggies we did in the holy wok too for some venison stir fry, and I think Dave Doty made the ribs. Had snacks and Les's wife made a cheese ball and some killer butterscotch cupcakes that were fantastic. After we were stuffed we went and wadered up and met Blake up by the dam to start our nighttime adventure tonight. Things started of great as I stuck a real dandy rainbow net filler on the DotySS x80. Had another one quickly after that. Blake had a nice walleye right before we got down which we got filleted up for him before he left. Temps started dropping then and braid started freezing as we went below 32 degrees. We're warming up now and gonna head back out in a few. Been slow after the quick start. Kevin picked up a decent rainbow and a few drinks as well.
  10. Yeah didn't really notice it at first, but was full of eggs...
  11. Haha, I had to force him to smile today. We all went out in Seth's boat today. We worked for them but caught prolly 60 for the boat. Kevin had a snaky 18in that barely made a pound lol. Everything else was just mediocre. We doubled quite a bit as it seemed we'd find fish here and there. Color ranged from white, red and white, sculpin, olive, grey, you name it, but nothing stood out more than the others outside of maybe Les and the white head red maribou. Got windy this afternoon and a bit chilly. Might actually get some sleep tonight instead of the feels like 22 with wind-chill tonight lol. Oh and Kevin caught that walleye on a 500 series wlure jerk bait in rainbow pattern. I the the trusty old 606. No nets were harmed in the landing of said walleye. A great day on the water though. Had a blast and the fish fry was just crazy good with fried suckers, hush puppies, crappie, taters, onions, all courtesy of Les.
  12. I'll go ahead and kick things off. My buddy Kevin and I hit the water around 2am and had a pretty solid evening. Kevin caught his first Taney trout and then whacked his first Walter ever and it was a dandy. 26in and 6.7lbs! Caught fish on both jigs and jerk baits. We called it at 6 and had a dozen or so to our names. Slow but fish were quality.
  13. @Ryan Miloshewski still coming down?
  14. So I've been talking to Les. Sounds like him and Seth will be down Thursday to fish. I think Les said wild turkey for dinner that evening. Friday Les is bringing down and hush puppies to fry up. Crappie and suckers. My crew will bring the sides and dessert for Friday evening. Saturday I'll plan on doing a venison pot roast in the crock pot, or maybe a big deer stir fry, whatever everyone prefers. Phil do we know a final head count?
  15. My buddy and I will be down Thursday night late and will plan on fishing through until the morning. We need lodging for Friday night and Saturday. Geno is supposed to come down Friday as well but not sure if he'll get down in the morning or evening yet but he'll be there. FMCBrandon had to cancel as posted above but may make an appearance. My last+1 is out as well due to work. That's it from my group Phil. So the summary of who is staying Friday and Saturday night is Me Kevin my buddy Geno brother in law
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