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  1. JestersHK

    Our first trip !!

    Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to finally get up there... Just awesome.
  2. JestersHK

    Man down!

    Ouch! Thats a good one there man. Glad you were able to self extract.
  3. JestersHK

    Hauled in a 20”er today

    Congrats to you both and that onesie is awesome! Hope you guys are managing some sleep.
  4. JestersHK

    Made some memories!

    Nice job man! Love seeing the kiddos out fishing!
  5. I'm late to this party but once again the Billetheads deliver! I wish I could of been along for that one. I even recognized some of those CO locations from my last trip there. Hopefully next year I can get back out there. Or if anything maybe I can sneak into the camper, and then I'll be the pack mule and lug all of the gear for you guys Needs more night fishing though! LOL
  6. Nice trip John! And yeah those sharks look like fun for sure! Glad you and the Fam were able to get out into the salt for a bit. As expected I'm glad Liv was able to put a hurtin on them too.
  7. JestersHK


    Wow! Can't wait to see your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and all follow up attempts! Thats a beautiful piece right there.
  8. JestersHK

    PB LM this morning

    Yeah, I wish I would of taken some more time to get some better measurements. My neighbor could of even brought our scale down in less than 5 minutes... He was about 10 minutes out from coming down and fishing with me and we could of got some better pics... I didn't want to chance it with her though, I had to really play her out on the ultralight to get her in and she was gassed. Plus our pond temps have stayed so high I didn't want to risk losing her. Bout had to strip my boots off to get her revived out in moss free water, but she swam off strong. I will just have to keep my little fish scale on me for next time. I really hope one of my kiddos can hook into this one again!
  9. JestersHK

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Can't wait to see the first big Brownie you catch on those! Looking good buddy!
  10. JestersHK

    PB LM this morning

    I headed out late morning to one of our little ponds by my house. This was actually the second one I stopped at and it was prolly around 10 when I got there. I had on a blue and copper weed less worm and about my 3rd cast I had a great bite. Now my neighbor makes fun of me as I fish these bass with my little ultralights with 2 and 4lb line, but I always tell him until something big enough breaks me off I'm not messing with getting bass gear out lol. Well today I think I about met my match. Somehow the 4lb line held up after 2 runs and a big jump. Big girl finally rolled on her side for me and I was able to lip her at the bank. Biggest one I've personally caught. I suck at guessing bass size but I'm confident saying she was over 4lbs. Could fit my whole hand in her mouth... Gonna try to guesstimate her length off the rod picture too. I got my pics quick and she swam off healthy so I hope to battle with her again sometime... Fishing stunk after that one lol.
  11. I was always a funny smart butt, so back in the first days of online gaming in the late 90's I stole Jester as my call sign from the instructor in Top Gun. During early 2000's I had a short lived competitive war gaming career( 8th in the world Mom! LOL). I also started buying HK firearms and began 3 gunning competitions when I finally hit the ripe old age of 21. One of my games would say you've been killed by username. So since I fancied HK weapons it would say you've been killed by JestersHK... My Avatar is Heckler & Kochs logo.
  12. JestersHK

    A check on the Bucket List! Alligator Gar

    Man that's awesome! Nice job! Those fish look wicked. You use big surf type gear I assume? Bet the fight was fun!
  13. JestersHK

    Good Morning on the Upper End

    Nice Walters RPS!
  14. JestersHK

    New pb smallie

    Man thats a nice fish!
  15. JestersHK

    7-23 evening and 7-24 mid day report

    Nice job buddy! Glad you got to at least see a sea monster! Guessing that was Phil's pet fish though right? Wonder if its the same one that was under there a year or so when he go pro'd them.

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