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  1. JestersHK

    Jigfest 2019 (spring version) food thread

    Hows that foot doing buddy? Hopefully wifes feeling better. Need another ride in that fishing yacht of yours with all the bells and whistles. Hopefully Jeremy can keep his rods together this time if you boys can make it
  2. JestersHK

    Jigfest 2019 (spring version) food thread

    Yep gonna miss ya Rick, but we all hope you get to feeling better. Marty not sure who Lostbear is but by that menu he's ok in my book LOL Wife's gonna make us a cheescake, some muffins for quick breakfast food, and I think I'm gonna do a big pot of chicken and dumplins. Brandons gonna make some chili I believe and Geno my BIL is gonna stock us up on whatever we need from the grocery store LOL. Cookin ain't his thing Haha. I'm pretty sure we won't starve... I'll likely pack on about 5 pounds like last trip! Oh and Marty I got plenty of Monster and Redbull ready to go! #sleepsoverrated #nighttimemonsterhunting
  3. JestersHK

    Spring JigFest - March 1-2

    Working on figuring out my Thursday with the boys. May try to get down with some daylight if anyone thinks you will be fishing Thursday afternoon. We were thinking of maybe scoping out up by the Dam so we can go back out after dinner and socializing for some night action if its wadeable depending on flows. 8 more days!!! Getting jazzed up already.
  4. These weekends sure have been rough weather wise... I ended up playing hookey on a monday to get out and hit some water. This up and down 60 degree then snow, then snow then, 50 degree crap is dumb... 8 more days till Jigfest. Still up in the air on whether we get a massive snow and ice storm or if I'll be fishing in short sleeves.
  5. JestersHK

    Orange Beach Surf Fishing - Mid March

    Had luck with a gotcha plug in the morning from the beaches. Little suckers are heavy so you can really wing them out there and then a jerky fast retrieve back in. Never fished that particular beach but other gulf areas. Mostly whiting and lady fish. I've yet to land a big red. I hooked into a few but never got them to hand... That was using live sand fleas though. My girls are my bait catchers LOL.
  6. JestersHK

    Micro Jigs

    Dang thats a beast! Beautiful specimen as well. You bringing any of these to jigfest? I'm getting light in my light jig stockings LOL.
  7. Agreed BH, sounds like an awesome trip!
  8. JestersHK

    2/18/19 trout Smackdown

    Gonna sore lip all those fish before we get down aren't ya! Looking forward to jigfest for sure man. Hope I can squeeze a boat ride in with ya this time.
  9. Nice hard tails! You keep any of your catch?
  10. JestersHK

    Our annual trip

    Man you guys sure were roughing it with that surf and turf LOL Sounds like you guys had an awesome trip! Thanks for sharing.
  11. JestersHK

    Babler's Report

    Nice one! That orange belly on that first trout was crazy looking. Never seen that before.
  12. JestersHK

    Got lucky today. Last cast.

    Nice one Phil. Always enjoy watching you land those big ones.
  13. JestersHK

    under wader pants?

    Haha true that. I've seriously thought of making some type of water tight porthole... Maybe a water tight lid or some type of fitting. Multiple size port holes but would prolly only sell the XL size lol
  14. JestersHK

    Help wanted.

    I have 2 Idaho rainbow under my belt, but never caught a cutty when I was out there for my 1 half day off fishing I got to do... Might possibly get another trip to job site out there again this year and hopefully I can take a few personal days an dedicate them to this. Thanks for sharing.
  15. JestersHK

    Blown River Backup

    Mr. Humble man LOL All your stuff I've seen has been great! I have soo much raw gopro footage I need to edit and chop up... I also have a drone I need to learn to fly... You do all of these things already at a level I hope to get to at some point so thanks for sharing.

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