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  1. Rolled with Ham finally this morning and hit up a creek to find some fish. Find them we did and had 100 fish in the boat in just a few hours. I had 30 or so this morning before we decided to hit the Norfolk. Then things took a nasty turn and we tried to work on Hams motor, but I couldn't diagnose past bypassing his fuel filter and checking flow and fittings... I did hop in Brett's boat for the afternoon and continued whacking them pretty good. Much larger fish than this morning, and I switched over to jerk bait after the first drift. Brett and I and his friend Nick put 115 in the boat and had some real dandys. His best one was a beautiful 19in cutt. I had one just shy of 18 and numerous over 15. Was a great way to finish up the day minus the boat issues... they struck again this year. Richard ate up his trolling motor prop, Brett's batteries went out, and Ham had his motor issues... Great day though and Rick's chili was phenomenal for dinner this evening. I'll let the other boys post up, but sounded like every one had some pretty awesome times out there today.
  2. Thanks for the start Phil. Seth and I boated 25 in just a few hours when we got down yesterday. Had 2 pretty nice smallies and I stuck a little brown. This morning we started in same area down at buffalo confluence, but with an extra 5k of flow I guess it moved them out a bit. Lots of trash too. We boated 25 or so again today, but it was tough. I did catch my first white river cutt and a decent brownie along with the rainbows. Never got a brook for the slam. We boated all the way past rim shoals to crooked creek. Drifted back down and jerked the slower water.
  3. Good deal buddy, we were just talking about ya. If you could grab some plastic plates that would be great! If not, no big deal.
  4. My goodness I'm still stuffed from last night lol. Hats off to the chefs as everything was top notch! Really great evening last night and nothing feels better than getting to catch up with old friends.
  5. Rick I got your cheesecake with me and some home made muffins. Also bringing a beer medly you guys can help me drink. If we need anything else I'm happy to pick up whatever we need on the way down. We're about 4 hours away.
  6. I pinged him for some more info on this. I guess come afternoon tomorrow we'll know for sure lol. Safe travels everyone.
  7. So @Seth and I will be down Thursday afternoon and I was thinking of just launching there at Buffalo access. With this much flow will the launch be usable? Sorry may be a newb question, just trying to gameplan for tomorrow.
  8. In the winter months I have had some really successful trips using orange. Even midges with just orange wraps work really well. Have some scuds that are a real light brown almost light orange that work well in the winter months. Orange San Juan Worms too this time of year have been successful for me in the past. Not sure why just that it worked.
  9. Word to the wise, do it before ya get down there as cell service is lacking. We will have wifi at Riley's though.
  10. Gonna be above freezing the whole time!?! That's unbelievable. 3 days... Can't wait lol
  11. That was about the funniest thing I saw all trip last year. John went from having a stud big fish on to micro fishing on the next cast. We're talking like a 4in rainbow hahahaha. Just the look of disgust losing the fish followed up by more disgust at the sink, which then turned into a boat full of laughter at his expense. But all out of love buddy!
  12. Way to get after em! Love the variety too
  13. Nice job buddy! Can't wait to catch up next week!
  14. I don't generally. I don't throw heavy mono but I'd say on the smaller stuff I get less looping and hook tangles with it. The coating on the stealth stuffs pretty good and slick until it wears off... Biggest issue I have with braid is when it gets below freezing. It can freeze on spool and to itself and create a rats nest of epic proportions lol. If I set a rod down in freezing temps I always try to blow on the spool for a bit to prevent it from sticking on that first cast.
  15. For now yes. I texted Brandon but have not heard back yet. Pretty sure he's a solid no though.
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