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  1. Certified pack mule and Genx'er checking in... graduated what seems like forever ago in 98... fishing day and night ages you faster I hear, so in fish years I'm like in my 90s already! 😃
  2. Caught my last one at Jigfest a few weeks ago... was hoping to hit Taney one more time, but work and life got in the way... At least this one was a nice fish and capped off the day with @N9BOWand @BrandonSTL right before we headed in.
  3. Simply awesome my friend. Glad you persevered through this stupid year with the rest of us. Congrats on the PBs and tell Landon congrats as well. Hope to fish with ya again soon. We need to just make it happen!
  4. This one stands as my best photo I think I've personally taken. Everything worked and it's a special time and place for me on the pan in CO and the other from AZ that same trip...
  5. Some great pictures in here. Im no photographer, but the ones I do capture usually hold a special place in my bones. I catch myself often forgetting to take more pictures, but most of these moments stopped me in my tracks and said hey dummy you should take a picture of this. Most all I've posted here before. The kids and family pics are my favorites, followed by fish pics, but could fill pages here posting all of those...
  6. Glad you got those kids out Mitch! As a fellow father of 3 girls I'm just enjoying every minute I can with them. My oldest turns 16 in a few months and luckily she still has interest in hunting and fishing with me. Still working on the middle child but shes coming along... the little one well shes part feral in her up bringing but I think she'll be like my oldest! Lol
  7. Glad you got out with the kiddo Cody, stinks about the battery, but as others have said glad you caught it in time... I had a little drone battery flame up inside a charging bag on me once... they can be fickle little fire starters for sure.
  8. Mitch, Phil should have all my code from the previous work I did for the measuring app. We were incorporating 4x4 tile which you laid next to the fish, or incorporated into your measuring board, which was a big barcode. That set your base line and you placed draggers from nose to tail of the fish. It also date and time stamped the photo, captured GPS coordinates which you could turn on and off, and uploaded the files to the cloud where they could be viewed in real time. Goal was to use it for scoring Phil's length tournament. I'll get back to it one of these days, but life sma
  9. Copying here as everyone needs to get to enjoy this as much as I did.
  10. Man back at work today and I'm already jonesing to go fish again. What a fantastic weekend with a great group of guys. Thank you @Quillbackfor all of your coordination efforts this year and all the years past. Thank you again @Phil Lilleyfor graciously footing the bill for the cabin. Thank you to all my fishing brothers for the good times, good food, and most of all the good laughs. The fishing was great, but second place to hanging out with all you hooligans and the good natured ribbing that gets passed around all weekend. Day fishing was good this year despite the low flow
  11. I've spent a lot of hours in the water, in the dark, sometimes by my self, and I'm still more of a nervous Nelly in any boat with moving water...
  12. Glad you posted it. Awesome fish buddy and I'm just ecstatic you joined that elusive 30in club. An impressive catch indeed and I'm super happy for you.
  13. Nice man! Sounds like it's picking backup at night again. Waiting for Blake to post his report on the new club he got to join last night!
  14. I missed hearing that my friend. Let's not wait till next December to go fish!
  15. Smoked chicken wings and salmon courtesy of Cody and Phil.
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