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  1. JestersHK

    St. Croix rods

    So I would call them first and ask them if they can inspect the rod for defects. I agree a 6 month old rod should not be breaking in that manner. If thats the case maybe they would replace it outright or under the cheaper option possibly? Obviously my experience was different on a 5 year old rod out of warranty, but I found $60 for a replacement on a $120 rod that I broke was pretty fair treatment. Hope they take care of you, and good luck.
  2. JestersHK

    "Lectric Leech"

    Thinking these would be deadly on my local bass and monster gill population... Just sayin
  3. JestersHK

    Roubidoux and Spring Creek

    Reviving this topic as my buddy and I are hitting these 2 creeks in the morning. Hopefully have a good trip report to follow if we can find a few. Water conditions look good since the last rain they had which had them running pretty good. Hopefully they are cleared up since then.
  4. JestersHK

    St. Croix rods

    @shrapnel Looks like your Mojo would fall under the $55 replacement plan. Plus whatever it will cost to ship the rod to them. https://stcroixrods.com/pages/service-warranty I'd call first as well and they will get you all setup. Also surprised to hear it broke like that.
  5. JestersHK

    St. Croix rods

    I just had an out of warranty rod replaced a moth or so ago. Just give them a call and I am betting they will take care of ya. For $60 I received a brand new replacement on one of my premier ultralights that got eaten by a car door. Thats a pretty sweet deal on something that 1. was out of warranty and they could of told me I was out of luck, and 2. was absolutely my fault for it breaking. I'd explain the situation and also kindly ask if they could inspect the rod for any defects. I'm kind of surprised it broke lifting a fish as I've put my little buggy whips through some abuse and knock on wood havent broken them other than car doors.
  6. JestersHK

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    That $1000 worth of baits won't mean squat when he pulls in the next state record, maybe even world record Brownie... I thought I had it bad chasing sea monsters LOL.
  7. JestersHK

    Simms G4Z vs Freestone Z's waders

    Hahahahaha, I think I might of pee'd a bit laughing at that. What happens at jigfest stays at jigfest!
  8. JestersHK

    Simms G4Z vs Freestone Z's waders

    I'm pretty sure when Mrs. BH has you stuffed we are going to want you clothed in your native outfit attire and not your birthday suit. Although the latter sight might make an interesting yard ornament down there in Billetheadville. Plus we both know I can't sit still that long...
  9. JestersHK

    Finding Joe Brooks

    You should see me try to watch Wicked Tuna... I do stop occasionally I promise 😛
  10. JestersHK

    Venting a little......

    Phils still got a few Yaks to rent as well out of his place I think. I have yet to try them out though. I also fished with some guys from Springfield who Kayak at night, but only with the water off. I think a Yak at night with little or no flow would be awesome for chasing big browns. Def a buddy system though as it would up the need for safety.
  11. JestersHK

    Simms G4Z vs Freestone Z's waders

    With the G3's at closeout pricing they are just a tad more or the same as the Freestones Z new. You guys are leaning me towards the G3's... I have a vest for all the gizmos and doo-dads to hang off them vs having it on the front of the waders. As for pool bladders Mr. BH, you can only drink soo much monster to stay up at night without peeing every 10 minutes LOL.
  12. JestersHK

    Finding Joe Brooks

    Found this today as my search continues... I am going to sign up for the SlingTV 30 day trial just to watch it. For those cord cutters out there that seems to be the only option besides Dish Network and Uverse...
  13. JestersHK

    Simms G4Z vs Freestone Z's waders

    That's my main attraction for a zipper LOL. I know that trying to pee in the middle of the night and forgetting to zip up the top pouch of your waders which you've now dumped car keys, phones, wallet, batteries, and God knows what else into the brush is super awesome... Much worse if they go into a urinal or into the dark abyss of a camp style bathroom. Somebody needs to make a pee port on these waders... Sell it to Simms for big bucks LOL. I may do some experimenting on my old waders once I upgrade. Were the Freestones just not up to snuff? Better or worse than the whiteriver stuff?
  14. JestersHK

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    Yeah stinks you lost em... I've caught a few walleye jigging at night on 3lb maxima and a 4'6 ultralight. Thats a fun time for sure if you can keep the line out of their mouths. I hate treble hooks. As I've said before on here I crimp all my barbs which def costs me some fish but with night time + treble hooks + angry fish I'd much rather those hooks come out easy vs sticking and staying put...
  15. JestersHK

    Finding Joe Brooks

    I've searched most of the online providers with no luck other than the 9min intro...

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