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  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast! Congrats to the both of you and glad you guys made it home safely! Super jealous... Hoping to do Alaska next year.
  2. I got a great deal on the Simms freestones... They are not the goretex made in MT ones, but so far they are holding up better than my previous 4 or 5 pairs of white river ones... They have a warranty and will be replaced for a small fee when they finally do leak. One day I'll get a wild hair up my butt and drop $700 on a pair of the G4's with the zip up front... Maybe after my 3rd set of braces for the last kiddo lol The free stones aren't bad for what they are... Just not made in the USA.
  3. Did someone say AmberJacks? Hope you get after em Cody. Hardest fighting fish I've come across so far.
  4. Nice buddy! I usually have better luck with a full moon with the jerk baits lol. Highlights them from above I guess. I'm needing a trip down badly...
  5. Very nice! Glad to see ya getting out there!
  6. Sounds like a great trip Ryan. You try the night bite at all? I want to see more of those 20lb brownies! Love watching tanks come up out of the murk and start following the jerks... Saw your buddies hook removal video. At least he was smiling with that hook in his thumb lol. Been there done that!
  7. You been fishing out that way Dutch? I'm heading there next month to fish the Frying Pan and the roaring fork.
  8. Would a supreme or other brand work?
  9. I'm shocked at the size for sure. Seems like you have your own little private trout stream... Lucky! My goal is to one day have my own private stretch of stream that I can grow some trout in.
  10. Nice job again! How many more lunkers are looking in there lol
  11. October through January is starting to be my favorite times down there... Just have to work around the super cold times.
  12. JestersHK

    Great Books

    Franklin Horton's A Borrowed World series is one I just finished up book number 7 I think. A post apocalyptic scenario that's not as gloomy a Cormac Mcarthy's The Road. Old Man's War is another great sci fi series by Frank Scalia. A good way to just turn your brain off for a bit and burn through some space alien scenarios.
  13. Nice rod indeed. My BIL has a real nice Sage, sadly it outperforms my abilities on the long stick, and will be a while before I take the leap on a higher end fly rod. Dang ultralight rods continue to eat up my fun budget...
  14. Looks like a great time! Glad you both got into some fish. Try to sync up with @CLoyd if you ever want to sling the big stuff at night! He's pretty dialed in especially come brownie spawn time. Love the colors on them bows.
  15. Nice job buddy on the boat and getting the kiddo out there to break it in. I'm sure you guys will make some awesome memories in it together!
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