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  1. Norm M

    Thanks Tim. Norm if you make it here to read this get well soon!
  2. Fly fishing in a cypress swamp

    Nice one PW! Thanks for sharing and I agree with answer C!
  3. 4 Months Out, 4 lb 11 oz Smallie

    Awesome on all fronts!
  4. Making meat

    I sat till around 1030 this morning. My buddy was a few hills over, but we have just enough cell service that we can sometimes text. Neither of us saw anything so i let him know I was going to walk and stalk my way over to him since the rain quieted the leaves down. My blind was setup facing a fence line, backed up against a little bluff. I climbed out grabbed my pack and for once remembered to put my GoPro on my chest strap. Good thing I did as I made it maybe 10ft from my blind and there's a big doe coming down the fence row... I now have a video memory of a deer who cheated death by about maybe 5 minutes lol. Back home now, started raining on us again and the wind picked up. Was a nice cool morning though.
  5. Evening Sit

    That's a nice buck. Hopefully you can connect with him. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Making meat

    Sitting in my blind this morning... can you send one of those my way? Nice job buddy.
  7. 10/20/17 Night

    Man! Congrats on your PB. That is a big old bow right there! That's the one thing about fishing at night... hard to take pics, especially if you're by yourself.
  8. Fall Turkey 2017

    Thanks! My view this morning... heard a bird, but couldn't get him to commit. Winds been brutal today. Stinking bees are thick too. Need a good cold snap.
  9. 10/16/17 Night

    If the waters off and you have decent moonlight, try slinging some topwater beetles! Just hook set on the swirl, but need no generation or really flat water... Nice job on the night catch!
  10. 28-inch Spawning Colors Rainbow

    Man thats a beautiful bow! Nice job buddy!
  11. Fall Turkey 2017

    I'll be down in Steelville tonight. Hunting a turnip field in the AM, but yeah trying to get first blood on this crossbow... I am hesitant to call it archery hunting lol. These things are like shooting lasers. Sunday we are going to do some predator hunting. Lots of yotes and some bobcats on the property so we are going to try and thin them out a bit. Hit that first hole at Taney! Don't forget the magic 1:00AM witching hour when they come alive!
  12. Fall Turkey 2017

    Nice job buddy! Still hoping to get one, heading out this weekend. Going to try to for a bird and a deer combo!
  13. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    I'm working on freeing up this weekend and will try to make it happen this year. Should know by end of this week for sure, and will try to bring FMCBrandon with me.
  14. How to catch walleye on Bull Shoals

    Nice Buddy! Whens the fish fry!
  15. Man very sobering thread here... Although my dad is still in his 60's his failing eyesight is to the point now he is almost blind. I still get him out here and there, but he's no longer able to pound the water with me... no longer able to hunt either. I'll strap him into a boat chair though and last year had him out on Taney. The worst is watching his frustration he feels about his dependency on others to change baits or lures, or handle his fish. I'll keep making him go though as I still get a smile out of him when he gets that tug on the end of the line.

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