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  1. Hope you guys are staying safe down there. Praying it is not as bad as they are expecting..
  2. Access is my pain point with both of those... They do hold fish, but man getting to them has always left me scratching my head. I absolutely love Indian Camp creek. Was out there last weekend with the kiddos, and caught a few gills, sunfish, and I even got into a 14in bass. I'll PM you some details on where I fish it as well... I'll be out around there tomorrow as I had a trip planned to go fish Spring and Roubidoux, but with the rain I figured a 2 hour drive to a blown out creek was not worth it
  3. Congrats Mrs. BH! That's a mighty fine bird. Now think of all the money on guide fee's you'll be saving!
  4. Nice job you two! Glad you were able to get out for a bit. Pretty sure if Livie keeps it up she can double that goal for this year!
  5. Night time with some flow going on down in the trophy area has rewarded me with some spectacular evenings. Throwing sticks at em seems to target the bigger fish for me anyways. Also you'll be surprised what comes through the gates. We've caught Gar, Drum, Smallmouth, and largemouth, whites, and of course the walleyes. One thing that works for me is wade out as far as you can, and try to get your stick in the flow. Then go with a super slow retrieve, rod tip up and let it just work the flow towards the surface. There were times when I saw or heard fish hit from below and come out of the water and set the hook on the splash. Daytime in a boat, trick is usually just have to find em. We've beat the banks before too almost fishing them like bass with some good results. White jigs with a red neck is always my go to after gates are opened up. The shad coming through flips the switch I guess. Man I really want to go down now LOL...
  6. Nice! Some of my most productive trips were fishing trophy area right after they have had the gates open. Seems to wake em up. Also leads to many multi species day and nights with the fish coming through. Now just gotta find time to make it down there...
  7. Those are some nice fish!
  8. New Academy walls are almost all up. Drive by there everyday on my commute. Never been to one of the stores, but have heard good things about them...
  9. Congrats to Mrs. BH! Nice Bird! I hear her guide is an alright guy too
  10. I'm heading down for a day trip next Friday. Anybody been out lately?
  11. Lost a friend and coworker yesterday in a motorcycle accident yesterday... For you guys that ride please stay safe out there...
  12. Way to get after them in MD John!
  13. Nice, figured I wouldn't be the only crazy one to try it It is definitely different, but pretty fun and a good option at night versus drifting glow in the dark indicators... Def helps when the jig or stick bait bite is slow like it was this weekend. I am going to find a good lightning bug pattern as I know they were chomping on them.
  14. So Saturday night even though I had a pretty good jig bite going the fish were hammering top water between the dam and outlet one... There was a pretty decent hatch going on so I figured I'd try it. We saw a ton of lightning bugs on the way in and had a ton of moonlight almost to the point you didn't need a headlamp. So I tied on a little floating Ant/ bug pattern to begin with My cuz was giving me some trouble as you generally have to be able to see the fly and the fish you are casting to, but I decided to cast in the general area and mentally checked off a 6 foot circle where my fly may have landed due to my crappy casting and then wait for the boil or for the fish to surface. At first there was a lot of false hook sets, then a few I know I just missed on, then I finally had a good cast lay down nice and smooth and BAM my little floating ant/lightning bug looking fly got hammered. Being I was throwing jigs and sticks all day I broke off on the hook set on from what I saw was a pretty decent fish... That was my last fly of that pattern from one of my trips out east so I put on a big narly looking fly Brandon had made up for me from when I was in Idaho. After a few cast and a few more misses I finally nailed a 13in bow on it. Was pretty rewarding for me, as it is definitely not an ideal time to fish top water as you literally have everything going against ya, but I think you can get away with not making that perfect cast at night, and maybe do not have to have a perfect match on the hatch once they are actively feeding. Something I will definitely try again, as it can get a bit boring at night some evenings, and especially on Taneycomo I've found it always pays off to switch things up and try new stuff.
  15. Well done Livie! Awesome bird you got there. Awesome story John and I'm glad you guys were able to have a successful hunt!