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  1. Sounds like a great hunt! Always fun seeing them up close like that.
  2. Man that's awesome! Tell him happy birthday too. Those reds and specks put up a great fight for sure. Have a great rest of the trip, and we'll see ya in 2 weeks!
  3. Way to go on those stinkin bass! Lol
  4. So my oldest of 3 daughters is 15 now... as I've posted her on here before she is my tom boy and will fish her tail off with me and generally just loves the outdoors. Last year she told me she was ready to shoot a deer. Schedules were a mess, but we did end up getting to have her build her a little .300BO rifle all on her own. So we went last Wednesday to check zero on her rifle and she was doing her part and keeping them all in the ring. She was ready as far as shooting went... she's a pretty sharp marksman to boot. We headed to my buddy's property and brought along my popup
  5. I'll check with my crew, but me personally I will not be down until Friday evening. Stupid work... lol
  6. If @MNtransplant comes he may be able to relay to ya. We'll figure something out lol.
  7. Dang buddy, fully understand but you will def be missed... are you anywhere along my route? I'll have her make one just for you!
  8. Did you just assume my type!!! 😛 I'm in earth city everyday for work... Jist sayin lol
  9. Beautiful brownie there, and look at the colors on that bow! Love this time of year... Nice ones indeed
  10. I can attest that Brandons Bulgogi is quite magical... many pounds of it were consumed at one of our last work potlucks.
  11. I told all the newbs I'm bringing with me they better bring sweat pants and a loose belt! I'm down for a chili cookoff! I'm also bringing my personal chef this year too in the form of Ray Ray. Dude can flat out cook and I'm sure he'll bring something magical. Wifey lol'd at us crazies and said since it's for you Rick she'll make ya a cheesecake!
  12. Oh yeah that smoked chili I had 3 bowls of was terrible, just terrible! Hahahahaha Looking forward to deer for breakfast again too! I'll have my better half make us some muffins too for those that like to grab and go.
  13. Well I guess that settles it! Cheesecake it is my friend lol.
  14. Im curious to see how fast the CDC reverts their decision back after the election... I mean if we're covid positive and can go wait in crowded lines because the CDC said so can we not go to the grocery store or shopping as well? They are setting a dangerous precedent there...
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