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  1. Kudos to Seth!

    Congrats man. Keep geeting after em!
  2. Still cannot access OAF from home computer

    After 20 years in all areas of the IT field it really is like a 2nd language, but I never see it as being smarter than anyone else. Its the age old question who is smarter the guy who designs the transmission or the guy who builds and fixes them... Vernon your sig quote really hits home for me. No other job field has as many experts, engineers, architects, acting at such a level of stupidity its mind blowing as the IT field. I still look back to my early years and ask myself what I was thinking screwing around with computers. Not a field I recommend to anyone, but it pays the bills... Would always much rather be doing anything else LOL.
  3. Still cannot access OAF from home computer

    For the non tech folks my wife says this sums it up perfectly!
  4. Still cannot access OAF from home computer

    I'd also be open to swinging by to troubleshoot next time I'm down Bill. If Hughes isn't the problem we can take a look at your router. Router could be blocking access for a host of reasons... Are you using a modem/router combo or a seperate router altogether? I've seen traffic hang up if modems are not configured in Bridge mode properly when used with a supplemental router.
  5. Midwinter Multispecies trip with Ham

    Man rough crowd in here lol. As Duane said I am just that mad at them I guess. Don't forget the child death march on the creek too John! I know my days of marathon fishing will come to a close, gotta get em while the gettins good! Can't wait to fish with you both again, and Ham too.
  6. Midwinter Multispecies trip with Ham

    Yeah... If I was any closer to trout waters is be in serious trouble. Wife tolerates my addiction, but once I stopped going to work and the money dried up I'd be in the doghouse lol. Oh to only fish and not have to work... Someday... Oh wait 3 daughters you say? I'm doomed.
  7. Midwinter Multispecies trip with Ham

    Looks like you guys had an awesome trip! Been trying to get out myself, but everytime I have a window its down below 20...
  8. King Of The River

    Thanks for the confirmation Laker... I just saw him last time I was down there... sad indeed. Def a tough old bird wet wading like that.
  9. King Of The River

    Was this the older guy who would wet wade all the time? If so that's really sad and he was a heck of a guy...
  10. Trolling for larger browns

    Throw jerkbaits and be flexible. Sounds like you figured out already when you can't wade its best to hit the water by boat. I like throwing jerkbaits by the rock bluffs, or in the heavy timber. My biggest problem is that I like to fish stuff that looks fishy, but almost all of Taney looks fishy LOL. Also don't give up when it gets dark. Grab a headlamp and a buddy, and keep slinging those stick baits through the night. Still chasing a Big brown myself, just have to put the time in, at least for me anyways
  11. Lake Taneycomo Report, January 10

    They used to have heavy gold headed wooly buggers body with a streamer like tail at BassPro that were just heavy enough to throw on spinning gear and you could jig them fast in those water conditions. Always could sore lip a bunch of them that way. Sadly they went to the lighter beaded heads and I can't find the heavier ones anymore. My cuz made some similar pattern jigs, but we havent quite got the pattern down to as good as those original ones I had. Sort of a wooly bugger streamer hybrid you'd jig instead of strip. Def a fish catcher for sure.
  12. Topwater sneak peak

    Well maybe not too broken given this past years luck with boats!
  13. Topwater sneak peak

    Hopefully it gets here soon! You'll have to get it good and broken in for us before the next Jig Fest!
  14. USE Sunscreen

    Good advice Griz. I being a bald guy get pretty browned up as much as I'm outside... I try to remember and do a good job, but I need to do better... Wife got me some ultralight HUK hoodies to try this summer to keep the rays off me. I've heard they have good UV protection so I hope they work.
  15. Merry Christmas everyone, and happy holidays.

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