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  1. So went down Thursday night to steelville. Hunted Friday with the pointy sticks. Saw a 6 that I passed on but that was it for Friday. Saturday opener with the boom sticks I saw 2 does being chased by a big buck that sadly went away from me. Shot at a mature doe that afternoon with my buddy's rifle that was prolly 250 and change away... Missed. 4 wheeler mishap put my long gun out of action that morning... Watched 3 does for almost 3 hours. Saw a big coyote which eventually ran them off, but never a good shot at him either. Overall a good weekend in the woods despite the bad stuff, but it happens. So how'd the rest of you all do?
  2. JestersHK

    Opening weekend come and gone. How'd you do?

    Nice deer fellas, congrats on the successful hunts. I too heard about a fatal accident as a coworker knew one of the people involved... a guy shot his buddy on accident allegedly. Be safe out there.
  3. I use them with my cousin and my buddy for a friendly competition. We only count trout though... I think we need two of those bead boards for Jig fest this year and we'll track each fishermans daily total! LOL Maybe we make one for @Johnsfolly for number of snags or lures lost! Just kidding buddy I am right there with ya leaving tackle in the river LOL
  4. JestersHK

    Jig fest boat thread

    Lol, I have myself and 2 Brandon's coming. We are all boatless. One of the Brandon's is seeing if he can bring his buddies boat down. Pretty sure Marty will have his shoal Hopper with him too!
  5. JestersHK

    Jigfest 2018!

    QB you got my other buddy Brandon down too right?
  6. JestersHK

    Jigfest 2018!

    4 wheeler battery died, flat tires on the more reliable one... Riding back in with my buddy on his, had rifle over my shoulder and not over my head. Hit a huge rock and rifle popped off shoulder swings around and caught the back rack right on the turret leaving a big gouge all the way down to bare metal. Zero'd it back in when we get back. Was knocked way off... Shoot at deer next morning and they didn't even move. Shoot it again back at cabin and it's 3 foot or so off again... I'll give it another go at the range or if I go back out, but it seems like it won't hold zero anymore. I only brought 10 rounds or so down with me lol. I had a great spot setup but all with long shots. I had my 30/30 with me so hunted some other spots rest of weekend... Great days in the woods, but no deer to bring home this weekend.
  7. JestersHK

    Jigfest 2018!

    Yeah my hunting was a roller coaster as well. Busted scopes and ATV rides in snowstorms mixed with 3 beautiful days in the woods...
  8. JestersHK

    Jigfest 2018!

    I'm right there with ya. I was more excited about JigFest than deer hunting lol.
  9. Haven't seen too many successful hunts this year yet for archery at least from my buddies. A friend of mine drew a lottery draw at Busch Wildlife, but its been too warm and the few days he's been out there were none moving... Deer around me have been up and moving since the cold weather finally started to kick in. Have a few hunts scheduled for week after next, but curious if anyones been out or had any luck?
  10. I too have still been seeing them almost all in the evening. FINALLY I will get to get out and sit this Friday and hopefully can stick an arrow in one... Heading down Thursday evening to Steelville. Looks like they are going to get rain and snow into the wee hours. Hoping maybe a layer of the white stuff will get them moving around for me Friday morning... If not then at least it will be nice and quiet moving around with everything wet, soaked, and cold for firearms opener LOL.
  11. JestersHK

    Aqua Therapy

    Nice job man! Glad you were able to get out. I agree the fall colors were in full display this weekend. Nice that the fish cooperated too!
  12. Nice deer man! I too would of put another one into him. I also agree with Kayak_Runner that would be a site to see if you came across it out in the woods LOL. Perfect Blood Donut.
  13. JestersHK

    Got my buck

    Nice buck buddy! Big body on that sucker too! Looks like great shot placement as well. Hoping Friday I can stick one too!
  14. JestersHK

    Muddy Mad River - Ohio Fishing

    Thanks for the info buddy! I'll have to remember this for our annual Ohio trip next year! Good job on the catch too.
  15. Leaving tomorrow afternoon and should be in sometime Friday night for another weekend at my favorite fishing hole. Me and my cuz will be fishing hard all Friday and Saturday night. This is a family trip this weekend so daytimes gonna be packed with SDC and other stuff, but we'll be fishing all night or until we can't go anymore... Gonna try to get my daughter back out in the water with me at some point during the day too. She doesn't like the cold so the 40 degree rainy evenings will likely deter her from night fishing with us. If anybody would like to sync up and fish with us just shoot me an IM. Hopefully the DO levels stay solid while we are there, and I'll try to keep this thread updated with Pics.
  16. JestersHK

    TR for upcoming weekend. 11-2 thru 11-5

    Well finally made it back home. Started off last night early and there was about a half unit going I think. Caught a few small ones up by the dam with the flow then it shut off so I took a break to let things settle down. Met a guy from Kansas and we chatted for a bit. Was his first time down so i tried to show him around in the dark lol. We went up by rebar and past, but they really slowed down last night for me at least. CLoyd told me to go smaller and sure enough they responded better. Smaller lures on slow retrieve was what they preferred. Did catch a few small ones and a pair of smaller brownies. Had one average bow too, but nothing big. With hunting coming up prolly won't get back down till mid or late December. Hoping JigFest can hold me over till then lol
  17. JestersHK

    TR for upcoming weekend. 11-2 thru 11-5

    Night 3 begins... Hoping that rain got them fired up. Marty I don't know how many more years left of this before I slow down lol. Gotta get after them while I still can.
  18. JestersHK

    TR for upcoming weekend. 11-2 thru 11-5

    Saw one last night cruising. Well saw his eyeballs in my lamp. We didn't catch any last trip either. First time in a while we haven't caught them. And yeah @trythisonemv I just wish it was closer... But then I'd get myself into trouble. Feel like I was in a car wreck today between SDC and sleep deprivation lol
  19. JestersHK

    TR for upcoming weekend. 11-2 thru 11-5

    So last night got interesting... Started off throwing jerks past outlet 2. Fish were stacked up all over the place and hitting surface pretty regularly. My cuz struck first on his fly rod stripping olive wooly buggers. I've been trying some of the super cheap lures that Duane used for his blanks. They so far have been pretty good producers, but last night things just started to go downhill. Started breaking hooks left and right on them, then broke 2 bills off bouncing on the bottom... Just seemed like my luck had changed. Then I stuck a pig. Hit me like a truck and then the aerobatics started. Very similar to the big fish I lost last time I was down, I survived the first jump, but the second one he shook off... Not sure what I would of done different, I did hook this one on a jerk bait that had pinched barbs in the back... My sissy fingers are to blame lol. Then it started sprinkling. My cuz checked his phone and said we got 20 min before rain. We were all the way down past rebar again so we headed back to the pavilion and got rain gear on. Got geared up and it was just a nice pleasant rainfall. I like fishing in light rain, and my cuz said, " man if it's gonna rain, it should really rain, not this piddly stuff" Well God was listening as we were up by outlet one and he unleashes a line of rain and wind which chased is off the water... Thanks cuz... Lol So we did catch a few normal rainbows and one little brown. Saw a few big browns, but overall not the night I was hoping for fish and weather wise. Maybe tonight will be the night!
  20. JestersHK

    TR for upcoming weekend. 11-2 thru 11-5

    Long day of Christmas at silver dollar city today... Just got back home and getting geared up for night number 2. Last night we did see a sea monster down past outlet 2. I'm usually pretty conservative on estimates but I bet he was over the 25in mark. He was chasing smaller bows in the flats but couldn't get him to hit the jerks. We're gonna get the long sticks out tonight and Chuck some streamers and mice.
  21. JestersHK

    TR for upcoming weekend. 11-2 thru 11-5

    A few bows... Overall a good night.
  22. JestersHK

    TR for upcoming weekend. 11-2 thru 11-5

    Started around 10 or so. Had 3 rainbows right off the bat with the jerk bait down by outlet one. Moved down towards 2 and hit a few more. We then went down past rebar and my cuz hit a nice 21in brownie.
  23. You make it out KR? My plans want to crap on me with dumb work stuff... Fishing this weekend, but hoping to go Thursday and Friday before the firearms opener... Seth those look like some nice freezer fillers there buddy. Healthy looking does for sure.
  24. JestersHK

    Jigfest 2018!

    Don't forget his boat rides! Gonna miss that this year Maybe instead you can take me shoal hopping Marty! His jerkbaits will be in attendance, likely all I will throw again this year as my hunt for big brownies continues...
  25. JestersHK

    BilletHead's first turkey with the bow

    Nice bird buddy! You hit him on the wing butt? We got a mess of turkeys and I wouldn't hesitate to stick one with the bow. My buddy shot his first right at base of the neck, but I've heard to shoot the wing butt since that bobbing head is always moving...

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