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  1. I'm shocked at the size for sure. Seems like you have your own little private trout stream... Lucky! My goal is to one day have my own private stretch of stream that I can grow some trout in.
  2. Nice job again! How many more lunkers are looking in there lol
  3. October through January is starting to be my favorite times down there... Just have to work around the super cold times.
  4. JestersHK

    Great Books

    Franklin Horton's A Borrowed World series is one I just finished up book number 7 I think. A post apocalyptic scenario that's not as gloomy a Cormac Mcarthy's The Road. Old Man's War is another great sci fi series by Frank Scalia. A good way to just turn your brain off for a bit and burn through some space alien scenarios.
  5. Nice rod indeed. My BIL has a real nice Sage, sadly it outperforms my abilities on the long stick, and will be a while before I take the leap on a higher end fly rod. Dang ultralight rods continue to eat up my fun budget...
  6. Looks like a great time! Glad you both got into some fish. Try to sync up with @CLoyd if you ever want to sling the big stuff at night! He's pretty dialed in especially come brownie spawn time. Love the colors on them bows.
  7. Nice job buddy on the boat and getting the kiddo out there to break it in. I'm sure you guys will make some awesome memories in it together!
  8. Good luck you guys! Safe travels and can't wait to see some fish pics.
  9. Nice! I bet that bow was fun on a 4wt. Some nice ones there, I get and understand the bet thing lol. No brownies?
  10. Facebook cannot die soon enough... Truly evil what it has turned into. I get it's usefulness for running a business, or staying in touch with family, but man the negatives greatly outweigh the positives of using that garbage. Sadly there are few alternatives, and most social media companies share similar views and practices...
  11. Good to see them get busted... I've seen a few groups up there at night fishing with live bait and such and keeping fish. In those cases none of the parties spoke English or at least pretended to not understand me when I told them they were breaking the laws. They all high tailed it out of there as soon as they were confronted.
  12. Yeah I think that def helps them locate, but I also think they can see pretty well in the dark too. I mean I've had them hit a black jig on a moonless pitch black night and I've seen a group of small stockers following my jig in in my head lamp. I know there eyes are very sensitive to light and they will spook on white light. They tolerate the red head lamp better. I am no biologist, and these are just my observations, but pretty sure they see just fine in the dark lol.
  13. So here goes my input for what it's worth... I fish jigs just like I would in the day time. Maybe a bit slower on the retrieve if anything. I will say you really only need either white or black. Either a light pattern or a dark one as in my experience color doesn't seem to matter as much as during the day which makes sense. This applies to either wading or out of a boat. I obviously have way more hours wading vs boat at night. Jerk baits are a whole different ball game, and again just my experiences so take that for what it's worth. If water is off I go with a fast or medium retrieve but I alternate between small twitches and much shorter jerks than I do during the day. You need to mix it up till you find what they like. My other water off method includes an incredibly slow retrieve almost keeping the bait on top of the water while giving it an occasional jerk or twitch. This works better in deeper pools and slower water where they can ambush the lure from below. I've modeled these retrieves of watching the minnows and shad at night swimming around in our lights. For water on with flow I use 2 different methods which are very different. The first is very aggressive hard jerks and rips with a medium to slow retrieve. The other involves a very slow retrieve while keeping rod tip up, line tight, and reeling just enough to where you can feel the lure wiggling in the current. With this method you can almost anticipate the bite on a sensitive rod, as the wiggle will slow down and feel different as the fish pushes the water towards the bait. At night I really like using as sensitive a rod as possible as you're fishing by feel only. Hence my little buggy whips I use... Braid makes up for hook set and rod length for the most part. You really need the edge in the feel department though for both jerks and jigs... We need to just finally sync up and I can show ya what I'm talking about lol. It's allot easier than it sounds and you'll pick it up quick. Oh and if you want Walters, just go fast. They seem to hit a fast aggressive retrieve allot more than the trout. Bass too like it faster. Hope this helps buddy.
  14. I've fished the bouyant spoons and done best on both brown trout pattern and white. I don't throw them much as I prefer a bigger jerk bait for targeting bigger fish while night fishing but I've caught a good amount of fish on them. Caught white bass and walleye on mepps spinners too, again mostly at night in the trophy area. I know @Seth has had some good luck with the Kastmaster ones too but not sure on size...
  15. Dang! A pig chunker there. Bet that was fun!
  16. Nice job man! Glad to see ya back out there.
  17. JestersHK


    The MDC does a great job for kids day events at the parks. I also recommend trying to attend that day.
  18. Awesome! Got a few more weeks before I make it down there...
  19. They're all just gills to me, or maybe bait lol. Sorry John not sorry hahahaha
  20. I'm sure he'd love it! I know I look forward to it every year like a kid waiting for Christmas!
  21. Nice buddy! Bet those other folks were crabby after getting tickets. Looks like you and the girls had a great time.
  22. Those little ones sure are pretty. Glad you made it out. One of these days I'm gonna get down there, hopefully with your guide services lol.
  23. That is so awesome buddy! I remember when he caught that one. What an awesome trophy for him, I'm sure with his skills there will be many more to come. Tell him nice job. That's bigger than any smallies I've ever caught lol
  24. If you're not opposed to fishing for trout head to Taneycomo. If money permits book a trip with this forums very own Duane Doty of oazarktroutrunners. Watch Phil's one cast on his Facebook or YouTube. Go back and watch them from a year ago as well. From there you will be armed with the knowledge know how that if you make the 45min drive to Taneycomo there should be no reason for you to go and not catch fish. In fact you should have a good fishing trip more likely. Worse case hang at the outlets and throw a pellet in the kiddie pool lol. Bennett springs would be my other location again if you want to catch trout. Likely easier even there if you go during the week when it's not busy. Equipment does come into play, but man sounds like you've had some rough goes of it. Good luck out there. If I lived in Springfield I'd be in trouble being that close to such great water...
  25. I'm in the same boat as Seth. I find it very hard to fish from a sitting position... My knees bark after a day on the water though. Trick is to just wade fish that night and the cold compress of waders fixes everything lol. Then after not sleeping for 24 hours you won't feel anything when you finally due hobble into bed lol.
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