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  1. I SPF 70 on my nose and head. I wear a hood until it goes above 90 or so. I'm only 38 and already have a spot on my nose... Started the gloves this year as well. I really like them for trout anyways with the extra grip. I need to go full wrap at some point as much as I'm out in the sun. Skin cancer sucks.
  2. Good job on all the birds guys! Glad to see the young ones out there too! They are our future. Good job dad's.
  3. I'd throw that in a heart beat. Been beating up our pond bass in clousers, but I catch them too with small ned rigs and ultralights. I bet being such a finesse pond they would hammer that. What's the skinny on your line and setup? I know you said 8wt.
  4. Nice buddy, Hope that top water bite gets fired up for ya.
  5. You guys are lucky, and I'm jelly at getting out in the woods. I've been hunting them through the glass here at work as they taunt me... Easy pickings from about 4 stories up lol
  6. Nice job Liv! Way to show your dad how to get it done! Congrats on the new species too John.
  7. Seth provided some great info, and I agree, water off or just 1 unit running then head to Taney. The chance at much larger fish alone for me drives me there over the parks. Although Montauk is a beautiful park.
  8. I darn near fell in the pond rescuing one from a tree branch lol. But I know they are made to be fished not stuffed in a display case. They really are beautifuly crafted Marty. Gonna wear these out for sure.
  9. Nice job you two! Looks like you guys had a great time. Good job dodging those flies Mike!
  10. Our good friend on here Fishndoug lives pretty close by to Don's. He took that pic to show me some of the amazing work he was doing and to hold me over for when mine gets done. Hope he doesn't mind me posting it, but man small world lol.
  11. That is super awesome Travis! I'm pretty sure I got to see your fish before it was done lol. A thing of beauty. Don is doing my big brown for me as well and I can't wait to see it. A true artist indeed.
  12. Had a light morning at work so I decided to fish the front coming in at my local ponds. Got my girls all off to school, let my lovely bride sleep in and took off after the bus had left. I fished my usual spot but ran into some wicked wind. I was fishing a small ned on my spinning rod but missed 2 bites due to the bow in my line. I finally connected on a hard bite and landed first bass of the morning. After that it was all fly rod for me. I popped 3 more bass on a grey and white clouser that some stranger had dropped off in my mail box. I tell you what it was the magic ticket on a fast strip. The wind pushed me up to a different pond with a bit more of a break. Then fishing really got fun. First was a bass, then a Gill, then I started in on the crappie. Never switched flies and the clouser just whacked them on just about every 2 or 3 casts. Truly grateful for them showing up in the mail yesterday!
  13. All my ugly casting, short rods, and other imperfections are all hidden in the darkness! Thankfully I can catch em in the daylight too.
  14. Very nice! Creature of the night here myself. So peaceful out there in the dark.
  15. I knew I should of met ya at home for dinner... Lol Still jelly of the fish time you got in! Great trip report.
  16. JestersHK

    My Bees.

    Love reading these posts JD! Thank you for sharing, we have a few hives around here at work, and I am starting to learn more about the keeping process. Very cool!
  17. Nice day there buddy! Keep getting after them and enjoy that retirement! One day I hope to get there too... Don't think I'll ever get tired of fishing
  18. That's called getting it done! Beautiful fish there, congrats guys that's very impressive.
  19. That's an awesome weekend there man! Those are some very impressive numbers throwing sticks. No competition there lol you put a hurting on some nice ones. The bite sure was impressive wasn't it. I told Seth that under different circumstances if we weren't trying to go for huge numbers we'd likely of been up there with ya doing the exact same thing. Great times indeed. You'll have to fish the tourney with us next year. It's for a great cause, and ya can't beat the meal after either!
  20. Looking forward to the next time we can fish together my friend!
  21. Right back at ya buddy! My fish Karma was working pretty good this weekend . Blessed with a great weekend of fishing for sure. I do owe @Seth a 20in Brownie... I was hoping and praying it would happen for him. He did get catch a ton of really nice rainbows, and even a chunk brown just never got over the 20in mark on the browns. I also failed him on the Walter that got away LOL, and I owe him one of those too. Hoping I can get back down there with some slower water at some point with him so he can experience the whole night bite jerk bait thing. The past 2 times we've had heavy generation which stinks for wading at night...
  22. So kind of a formal recap here. I must say this was the best weekend for me out of a boat on Taney ever. Fish we're hungry and we had a consistent bite pretty much all up and down the lake FOR 3 WHOLE DAYS! Trophy area fished well, albeit a bit slower down around the boat ramp. The sections after the trophy run and the clay banks both fished really well. Eddy fishing was on fire. Not just in trophy area but a little further down lake as well. Above and below the narrows also produced, heck pretty much anywhere there were eddys and structure you could find a bite or two. We doubled up 8 times I think when we'd find them? You'll lose some jigs in structure, but if you're not getting in there or down there you weren't catching em. I will say we caught a ton of smallish fish. We also we're targeting schools of fish for the tournament since you need numbers to get the length total up there. We'd find a school of dinks and just sit there and sore lip as many as we could. One small stretch I think we motored and drifted back about 5 times just in one small stretch but almost every cast we were getting bites. The upside to the above is that we also caught some really solid healthy bows and browns once you weeded past the schools of small stockers. The fish were healthy and had some really good fighters and colored up beautifully. I had a brown follow on my jerk bait that was a monster, and we had several other follows by some solid fish including one that followed a small 11in rainbow all the way to the boat and was ready to take a swipe at him till I pulled him up. Wish I would of let him take that one in hind sight... Night fishing was kind of a bust for me, but honestly with the amount of fishing we did and the numbers we caught it didn't bother me much. I need more practice fishing out of a boat, and had a great teacher who I got to watch put on a clinic Saturday when it comes to deep slow jigging. We fished white, but I think for me personally the darker jigs caught more fish for me anyways. I fished a tri olive zig jig quite a bit, and also a 3/32 grey on grey which put up some great numbers. I literally fished that jig till it fell apart... You needed 2 rods as well one with 1/8oz for the fast deep stuff and then 3/32oz for hitting the Eddies. Speaking of rods I did pick up a 6ft rod instead of my normal 4.5ft buggy whips. The extra length for sure helps out of a boat, and I got to break her in on a nice brownie Sunday. Appreciated having a bigger rod for that fish. Equipment wise I also found another great piece of gear in a pair of Huk fingerless gloves. My wife is always on me for good reason about sun protection and she bought me a pair of these. Not only did the tops of my hands not get burned, but they are fantastic for handling fish when you have to. I use the jig pop method when I can, but sometimes you have to get a hand on them to get them released. With the textured grip on these gloves you only have to grip them once, and you avoid when they go squirting through your hand and you are constantly trying to get a better hold on them. From a fish health perspective with trout I will be wearing these pretty much everytime from here on out. Really helps with conserving the slime coat when you do have to get ahold of them. Great turn out for tournament, great company, lots of laughs, and some fantastic stories. We lucked out and got a last minute room at Phil's and as usual just my favorite place to stay. Just overall a stellar weekend of friends and fishing that will be hard to beat on the fishing side of things!
  23. I have to thank @Seth for being my trusty Captain and guide! He's a good net man as well! Plus he's got a wicked boat that just fishes great!
  24. It sure is! Tips my hat to @duckydoty Biggest fish in it so far. Although I have it setup for wade fishing it really is a great boat net too.
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