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  1. I think they said he pocketed close to $150,000 in tournament winnings... The damage he did to that tournament circuit you'd of thought they would of exposed him sooner. If I was the author of that article I bet he sleeps with one eye open for a while.
  2. It's crazy that they can push 20k cfs non stop yet you can watch TR continue to creep up... Allot of water indeed.
  3. That is wild looking there on its fin. Glad you and the Mrs. Put a whacking on em. You def are living right and have them figured out. I may need to come see ya in August so you can give me some Jedi training on the long rod before I go to CO lol. That's if you are taking on apprentice padawans. Beautiful fish as usual. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Yeah I had only watched the video earlier... I finished reading the article and WOW! I mean he basically tried to straight up potentially kill those dudes if he did in fact loosen the lug nuts on their trucks and trailers. Creeping around dudes houses and threatening kids... Thats just nuts.
  5. Man, surprised we don't see him with some monster spoonbill as he's got a good technique going there! Makes ya wonder don't it, I'm sure it happens more often than we can imagine in the high speed low drag Johnny extreme world of fishing we live in nowadays. Likely felt the pressure from social media to deliver, or needed some more sponsors or sponsor's dollars so fishing morals go out the window in order to deliver...
  6. That's awesome! Looks like a great couple days on the water with the family. Had pretty decent weather too for the most part minus the storms on Sunday.
  7. HAHA, I actually though about throwing a small rapala, but the jigs were working and I was short on time... I stood in some of those same spots that you fished in 2016. I tried to fish some of the areas you mentioned but the run off was crazy when I was out there. This September I'm looking forward to more favorable water. We leave Friday and will fish along the way, prolly stay the night in Estes park and fish around there until we hit the lodge on Sunday through Thursday. Estes Park and the waters around it were cool, but I caught more fish and thought the scenery was better on the Pan. I did not go up into the mountains in Estes as I was again just short on time passing through, so plan is to go up up up this time. I'd like to catch a greenback this time around.
  8. I fished those and bead head nymphs, although my bigger fish I caught came on a sculpin flavored jig on 2lb test. Yes I know using a spinning rod is impure LOL but the reults speak for themselves hahaha
  9. I'll be hitting you up for sure! One of my favorite pics of the trip
  10. I fished it last year for about 4 hours on my way back home from Arizona. I caught some just beautiful browns and rainbows including a 16in fat brownie. My wife rented a lodge for me for a fathers day gift that also has almost a mile of private access to the river right off the back porch. I'm counting down the days for sure as its just amazing and beautiful out there. I here there are some huge fish up by the Dam too. A very special fishery for sure.
  11. Buddy I'm trying to enjoy the moments more. I was really dialed in on getting my buddy on some fish and it worked for the most part. I'll have almost a whole week in September on the frying pan in Colorado to chase those wild fish and soak in the scenery and company.
  12. Just as a PSA we do not stand out there in the water while its storming. Please don't anyone do that LOL. With a bit of remorse I will say that I don't think I'm as mad at them as I was before last December when we caught that big one. I know there are bigger ones out there and thats what keeps me going, but haven't been on a hard bender since that last trip in the cold... Maybe I broke myself, maybe I just need more time to adjust. I'm always happy to be fishing, but unless they are screaming drag, or way over 20in they just don't get my blood pumping like they used to. I will say I ran into 2 guys fly fishing that were part of a big church group staying at lazy valley. This was there 2nd time on Taney I think and first time night fishing for one of the guys. They weren't having any luck so after chatting with them for a bit, and giving them some lures and pointers I took them up past outlet one in the flat right there. After a bit of stripping, the old wooly bugger produce a nice fat 18in rainbow for the first timer guy. He was ecstatic, and it made my night seeing him that happy. I guess you could say my one fish guarantee worked out for us.
  13. Welcome! Nice first post. Plenty of water to get those boats wet on.
  14. Well this weekend didn't quite work out the way I planned. I try to keep some pics going while we're out, but fishing in the rains a bummer, and fishing around the storms last night was sporty. Last nights bite was better. They shut the water off right when we got there. We threw almost all jerk baits non stop. I got crushed way out in the lake, had a fish start smoking drag thrashing all over, then it was done, popped off. I'd really like to have seen that one for sure. Lost 3 solid fish this trip. 2 on jerks, one on jig. We always stay by the cable, but wanted to show some other spots to my buddy as this was only his 2nd time down here. We went down by outlet 2 when the first thunderstorm popped in. After about 30 minutes of rain and lightning things settled down and we went back to it. We decided to go back by the cable and after that rain the bite was on fire. Pretty much getting bumped every cast. Nothing huge, average to small bows, but we did catch two walleyes that lived for another day.
  15. Got the all clear this morning. No cancer for this one... Thankful
  16. Pretty slow night last night by my standards... no size either which was a bit disappointing. Did catch this little guy along with some small bows. We fished the usuals last night with 1 unit running.
  17. First cast fish on for my buddy. Caught a little one as well. I missed a nice one dueto drag stupidity... lol
  18. Well shoot I'll be down there tomorrow night and Saturday night. Don't be a stranger, meeting weird dudes off the internet becomes more normal after the first trip, just ask John lol. Seriously though, if you can get away for a bit just shoot me a PM and I'll send ya my cell. I promise I'm not a vampire or anything. I've met some really awesome guys who I now call friends from this place. Happy to show ya how we chase them at night, and I'll give ya the same 1 fish guarantee deal I give everyone else lol.
  19. John will plant a seed that's hard to come back from lol. He is a great patient teacher. Congrats on a nice trip and love seeing these kiddos out fishing.
  20. Man your fish you catch sure have some shoulders on them. You've posted just some beast tall rainbows... I'm jealous as I'm sure they were an absolute blast on the long rod.
  21. Probably the first day without a Marty forced lobotomy at the BH ranch in a long time. I agree the spoils of war left me wishing I knew how to knap and make sauce lol
  22. Def not gone... I bought some of the buggins spray. It kept them from biting me as bad, but still just swarming all over me... Never experienced bugs this bad in my life.
  23. Man that looks like a fantastic time with great company. May those new pointy bits live in perfect Harmony amongst that famous bear whistle in the house of @duckydoty! How late is too late to get in on the MartyQ leftovers lol
  24. I'll do my best. We'll see may be bank fishing if they keep non stop generation up... We def should buddy! If they kill that water get out there with a jerk bait and work it slow. I sent ya my methods a while back. Should be able to whack em good on the slow retrieve at night. SIO3 buddy if I didn't have 3 of them I'd prolly be retired and living in the woods already. Wouldn't trade em for anything in the world, but man they sure can be expensive little pets LOL
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