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  1. JestersHK

    Custom painting lures

    May just be the lighting or did you go a shade more on the brown side with those @duckydoty? Looking fantastic. Offer still out there I ship my kids down to ya to do the dots LOL. Could speed up the process
  2. JestersHK

    Custom painting lures

    Those sculpin 606's are crying out to me! Lol Looking good guys.
  3. JestersHK

    Big creek info

    A coworker of mine has a small farm just outside Annapolis. Just a bit south of the 49 bridge that crosses over the Big creek. While down there hunting this year I noticed how inviting the creek looked for some wade fishing. I did not have any rods with me, but plan on packing waders and a creek kit next time I venture down there. Just looking for any pointers. Looks like there is an access at the bridge you can park at, but havent checked it out to see if they were posted or not. Just looking for any general info on the area. He's not real big into fishing, but said they have caught largemout and smallies out of the Big.
  4. JestersHK

    Big creek info

    Thanks Al, I'll likely be wading and exploring on foot to start out. It just looked like a great little stretch of water from what I saw of it going down 49. The hills in the area are def steep. My buddy has some monster hills on his property. I think his deer are part billy goat lol.
  5. JestersHK

    Big creek info

    Thanks! Going to print that off. Can't wait for some warmer weather to arrive so I can go check it out.
  6. JestersHK

    OAF's Top Trout Tips Article

    Very cool! Enjoyed the other articles there as well. Keep up the good work.
  7. JestersHK

    Getting Jiggy with it - March Taney Trip

    Jigging is an artform, and unique to each individual. I've never seen 2 people fish them exactly the same. Generally there's two main types, slow with an occasional pop and drop, and fast where you are "swimming" the jig. Both will catch fish, I'm primarily a fast jigging guy, but will slow jig more now although I'm still learning that craft especially out of a boat. I also think the water condition plays a big factor in how you want to fish it. Wade fishing a seam or in faster moving water I will slow it down and drift and pop. Water off with little or no generation and I'll swim it to get some movement going. Differs if you are wading or in a boat too in how you want to present it. Best bet is just force yourself to fish a jig all day with no power bait. Just need to commit to it for a little bit. You will likely end up catching less fish than with bait, or ya never know you might be surprised and outfish them too. Depends on what mood the fish are in. Best advice is watch Seth's videos and watch Phil, Duane, Ryan, and the rest of the crew on Onecast as they provide a video example of some great techniques.
  8. JestersHK

    Megabass 110 help

    The blanks @duckydoty has been painting up have held up really well for me. The samller jerkbaits bills have held up much better than my rapallas while banging them off the bottom on Taney. They have a megabass 110 knock off that performs great for a fraction of the price, like $2-3 a piece if you catch them on sale... They are sold at wlure.com They also have a wide variety of pre-painted baits as well. If you buy the pre-painted ones I suggest changing out the hooks though. The standard hooks are pretty terrible.
  9. JestersHK

    So, we went fishing...

    Very nice guys! Looks like you guys had them figured out. Thanks for sharing what looks like an awesome trip.
  10. JestersHK

    2019 Masters Results

    Interesting... For the weight tournaments I've always wondered how many head up and try to hook into a big one up there. With the generation where it was you'd have some great water to fish for sure. Thanks for the info.
  11. JestersHK

    2019 Masters Results

    Good luck and look forward to hearing how ya do! Still struggling to find time in January to make it down there I will live vicariously through your posts SIO3 LOL !
  12. JestersHK

    2019 Masters Results

    How did the 2 that fished up do? If ya know?
  13. JestersHK

    2019 Masters Results

    Sounds like better than last week's conditions but still a bit tough? Nice seeing keeper browns caught.
  14. JestersHK

    Are you prepared ?

    Last night they had already called for early release at the kiddos school... I am WFH today mostly because I'm already sick of the office in just my first week back from winter break... Wife bought some new sleds for the girls which I'm hoping will cause a nice little bubble of no snow at our house!
  15. JestersHK

    Boswell Results

    Sounded like some tough fishing. Hopefully they settle down and cooperate better for this upcoming weekend. Looks like the heavy flows might stuck around for a while?
  16. JestersHK

    A rare breed of retiever with a great pedigree

    Pats neck must get sore with all the medals she gets for hanging out with you! A true saint! Keep her happy Marty! Glad you guys had a successful hunt buddy.
  17. JestersHK

    Article Help--Top Trout Tips

    Seth we need a food report today as well as a fishing report! Good luck out there today guys.
  18. So after the night of circus wrangling that occurred with @fmcbrandon and I's Taney seamonster @duckydoty gifted me an old guide net from up north. We joked about strapping this big honking net on my back, how it may get some odd looks from other anglers that don't know what lies beneath the dark waters, but after losing the big ol girl to my wimpy little butterfly net I promised myself never again. So I've taken my gracious gift, and I'm giving it a makeover and some TLC over my winter break to ensure I can extend her life for many moons to come. I'm not sure what the heck I'm doing though, and I know Duane's got more wood working talent in his pinky toe than I have in my whole body, but I know how to sand and finish so I'm giving it my best. I did find some good info on the web. First on disassembly of nets. I found the finishing knot and got started breaking her down. Wasn't too long and I had the net and wire removed leaving me just the loop. I also found some good info on finishing and water proofing wooden nets. There's a ton of different types of epoxy and coatings out there, and I ordered some west systems epoxy which will give her a new water proof layer of protection, as well as provide UV protection too. But I'm getting ahead of myself... Tonight I ended up with just the first round of sanding the old coating off and getting down to the bare wood. Didn't take much and the original beautiful wood was showing through already. I've thought of staining it, but I think I'll leave it raw with maybe just a touch of tung oil, or if anything a very light stain to bring out the different grain. And that's where this first post ends. I have a few more additions that I'll cover and I'll keep this updated of my progress. Thanks again Duane! Can't wait to get her back in the water!
  19. JestersHK

    Never enough net... Until now.

    Jerk baits... Darn trebbles are a pain at night. Jigs I usually just pop them off, I'll net them too if it's a decent fish or if it has really pretty colors so I can take a quick pic. QB that's a great choose your own adventure story LOL. Prolly not too far off the mark of what will happen either I don't think I'll end up running both at the same time, just getting a feel for it if I decided to. You never know though, you can never have enough net...
  20. JestersHK

    Suson Park St Louis County

    Maybe we can hit one up again next week. Take a long lunch or something.
  21. JestersHK

    Suson Park St Louis County

    Yeah if you can get a bit of chop in the surface that's the ticket. If not just slow down that retrieve a bit too. Never been to that park, but there's one off Midland that stocks them too! Hope you catch em next time buddy!
  22. JestersHK

    Never enough net... Until now.

    Some size comparison lol
  23. JestersHK

    Never enough net... Until now.

    Finally got her back together today... Did 3 coats of boiled linseed and it got to where it didn't want to drink anymore. Did some test fitting on my vest and I think it's gonna work out just perfect. I'll roll my little butterfly net for normal size fish and use the big one for the real sea monsters lol. Thanks again Duane buddy. Was a great winter project for me! Can't wait to get a fish in her.
  24. JestersHK

    Article Help--Top Trout Tips

    You ain't lying there buddy! Funnel cake sundae for the win. All that sugar keeps me going later into the next night too lol.
  25. JestersHK

    Article Help--Top Trout Tips

    Can't catch em from the couch. Don't make excuses to not go fishing, life is short, just go fish. You'll never remember what you did at work or the day you spent on the couch, but you'll always remember a good fishing trip. Taneycomo requires adaptability and versatility. Once you stop waiting for the perfect flow or conditions and just learn to fish all the different kinds of water you will be enlightened. There's a whole nuther half of the day once the sun goes down. Bring a headlamp, extra batteries, a BIG non butterfly net, and a buddy or two and get out there. Sleeps overrated.

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