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  1. I used and abused a lot of rappallas. X raps and husky jerks were my go to before Duane started up the signature series. After finding wlure I'm not sure I'll go back to rappalla... I've broken more bills and had more hooks pull out of them than I'd expect. I bounced a brand new x rap off one rock and broke a bill on the 1st cast... they just dont seem as durable or last as long as they used too... The WLures on the other hand I've only broken 2 bills so far out of all the models. Just a tougher bait. I have one of Duanes original 2018s, that's way over the 100 fish mark. Beside the walleye paint removal she's in great shape.
  2. Not sure what brand on the SS they are using but wlure has at least 2 different types of hooks. The cheap ones that break off after one fish then another type that is pretty serviceable although they're a bit on the heavy side. Those cheap ones are terrible and I've broken them taking the covers off which really suck too. I've gotten both types on the same baits from the same orders...
  3. All of us threw signature series that Duane and Blake hand paint. They sell them at Lilleys Landing. The numbers represent the lure models. The 606 is a medium sized 2 hook offering that seems to out perform the other models for me anyways. The French Pearl white was the hot color although I did catch a few on a rainbow pattern too. Good luck on your trip!
  4. Yes we do my friend. I don't mind the cold, but last night was just splendid. No wind at all and just me and the other crazy cooks who will stay out and fish all night lol. Hopefully we can get our girls back out as well. Those were some super great days on the water.
  5. So I feel human again after a nap so on to a more detailed report. We fished from the Dam all the way to the last outflow last night with 2 units running. We finished up in the AM down past the boat ramp. We covered some ground and hit most of my wading holes that I know are accessible with this CFS flow Blake and Tyler left around 1AM and honestly it was just getting started as the almost full moon was finally all the way over the bluff. We picked along the banks and worked an area over with Signature Series 606 and new smaller cousin 762 French Pearl's and they were lights out. I've had nights where the fish were hitting hard, but last night when that moon popped out it must of done something to them as they were just hitting like a mack truck. All of them were fat and stacked with big shoulders on them too. Not a single one broke 20, but a few were 18, and one 19 fatty. As we got past outflow we carefully waded out to the grassy knoll there to fish the seam by the grass flats. That's when it happened... Rob got flat out smoked on the 762. He uses a really stiff 7ft Loomis bass rod for throwing jerks and I'd never seen it bent over like that. The fish made a small run then turned and ran upstream right at Rob. He did his best reeling like a mad man and finally got tight again then the fish just stopped and turned back and he was bent over drag screaming again. He turned him back towards us and head and mouth porpoises about 20 feet from us. With the moon out I could tell it was a beast. And then hetheashed twice and Rob ate his jerkbait and a bunch of slack line right in his arm. A true soul crusher... Robs caught lots of big fat bows and has a handful of 20in plus fish to his name down here and he said that's 1. The hardest hes ever been hit, and 2. Biggest fish hes ever had on that rod... Wish we could of got him into the big boy net, bit that's fishing. Overall we had very good consistent catching all evening with very few small fish. By small I mean 14 and 15in were the dinks tonight and even they put up a good fight. Just another awesome night on Taney. After morning bite was over we headed out and hit Bennett Springs on the way home. Place was a zoo and after beating on some stocker rainbows it was time for this quick trip to come to an end. Thanks again Blake and Tyler for hanging with us again. I enjoy the camaraderie as much as the fishing my friends.
  6. Was a pleasure meeting up with you buddy. Im glad we were able to get schedules figured out and glad the fish cooperated. The one fish guarantee lives on! And don't forget, the peanut has to go in the water! Looking forward to our next adventure.
  7. Im back home now. Great quick trip and great night bite. Was great finally getting synced up with Tyler and always fun fishing with Blake. Gotta crash for a bit now and I'll add some more pics and a better write up when I awaken from my slumber. Yes I do sleep occasionally... lol
  8. My buddy Rob and I met up with Tyler and Blake around 10 and got the party started. Tyler got the one fish guarantee and first fish was a Walter followed by some rainbows. Signature series is money as usual and they are flat out slamming them tonight. Just fat chunky bows. Rob hooked into a donkey a bit ago down by last set of stairs but it bull rushed him then spit the hook. He surfaced once and had a huge mouth and head on him... a heart breaker for sure. We're having 4th meal now and getting ready to head back at it. I'll post some more pics in the morning too.
  9. It beats knowing you had a sea monster brownie on the line for a bit.. I say carp, drum, gar, and it helps take the sting out of it lol Tyler and I are gonna do some night fishing tonight if you're free.
  10. Going to get down around 9or so tonight and meet up with @MNtransplant for a bit. I'll likely fish through tonight into tomorrow then head back in the afternoon. If anyone wants to venture out in the dark just give me a shout.
  11. Very nice Ryan! Stick with that jerkbait bite, sometimes it's better not to see the big ones lol... they haunt you for a bit. Just imagine it was a foul hooked gar
  12. Way to get after those stinking bass lol. Looking forward to your trout report with Rick. Hope you guys tear them up!
  13. Watcha throwing? You hunting for sea monsters? Or wanting to catch numbers?
  14. 606 is my absolute go too much anymore down there. Duane's sculpin flavorings best, but they'll eat the regular ol patterned ones too. I think it's more the motion on the bait sometimes, especially at night.
  15. I have a mix of quantum energies, quantum smoke, and pflueger presidents. Shop around on Ebay. I got my last quantum smoke for $80. It's usually around $159. You can sometimes snag last year models too for cheap. Also a great place to get extra spools and rebuild kits.
  16. Ah a good ol silver bullet we call them. They aren't the prettiest rainbows but man they pull and always good for the aerial acrobatics! You going to be there next Tuesday night? I may come down for the evening and spend the night in the water.
  17. I literally spit my coffee out reading that one! Hahahaha
  18. I'm not near the fisherman and likely never will be to some of these characters either. I have however learned and continue to learn when I get to fish with them. If you come down and want to night fish I'll give you the 1 fish guarantee same as I do for all my buddies I bring down lol. You'll stand on a certain rock and if you follow my minimal casting and retrieval instructions you'll catch at least one fish. Guaranteed I'm up to about a dozen guys who've caught their first night trout that I've brought down or met down there to chase fish in the dark using my fail proof method.
  19. I'd imagine Phil will do Taneyfest again in the fall, but I'm down for mid to late summer trip with some fellow OA folks . Figure we throw out some dates and gauge interest and go from there? Lodging with Phil if he's not full up is my preference. Thanks for kicking this off. I've met some great friends off of here and would love to meet some more of you all.
  20. A great idea!!! We've done Taney fest at Phil's, but maybe a summer event, and a winter event? I'm game lol
  21. Nice report man, That's a chunk bow for sure. I totally get what you mean about Taney... I've fished a ton of other water in my short career as a trout fisherman, and there's just something special about it. Keep those reports and texts coming in, and I'm looking forward to when we finally get to fish together.
  22. Man I've been slammed since all this hit... initially got let go and my contract was canceled... then they called be me back in a week later and I've been running hard ever since. I've had 3 more termination dates and they keep extending me out... I can't turn down the money, but as soon as I'm out of work again im taking some me time and going to try and stay a while at Taney and the White. Tyler has it figured out. Just have to work on getting time to fish together setup. That goes for you too Ryan
  23. Fantastic report and wish that young man well for us. Next time hopefully you guys get them in the boat!
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