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  1. 18 minutes ago, JUNGLE JIM 1 said:

    I have three daughters and grandaughters  that fish, started them all early and it paid off. I like the Huk gear as well. I wear it more than anything else. Need to find some summer colors, the darker ones are too hot to wear right now.

    Thats awesome!  Gotta plant those seeds!  I am a lucky man in that at least my oldest will fish all day with me.  She's a bit of a tom boy.  The other two will hang for a little bit, but my oldest gets mad at em like I do.  

    I am new to Huk gear but so far they have exceeded my expectations.  Nice being able to keep the sun off ya.  The hoodies work great as I'm bald so I can keep the sun off my dome.  I have some of the long sleeve shirts too which I like.  The back on that hoodie is vented and stays pretty cool up to about 85 degrees or so.  I also need to shop some lighter colors though.  Beats lathering up in sunscreen.

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