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    JestersHK got a reaction from LittleRedFisherman in The boy and I got on them good!   
    Good to hear from ya buddy.  Glad you and your son got out for a great day together.
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    JestersHK reacted to netboy in White river sulphur hatch still going on 7/19...   
    We had minimum flow the last few days so fishing has been good. Wednesday was fantastic at the dam with lots of sulphurs coming up.
    Yesterday I went to the dam and they scheduled min flow to noon just like the day before....low and behold the sulphurs started hatching around 9ish and it was great for an hour or so and then the dreaded horn went off. Caught some really nice rainbows as well as a couple of nice cutthroats. 
    After that I drove down to Roundhouse Shoals and had some good Sulphur dry fly action there.
    Today I didn't trust the schedule so I went downstream to Rim Shoals and ended the morning with a good day on Sulphur dries. 
    I didn't take any pics as I was out in the middle of the river.
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    JestersHK reacted to LittleRedFisherman in The boy and I got on them good!   
    Not often we get to break away on a weekday, but tropical storm Barry gave me some time out of the field, so my son and I decided to head to the cabin for a couple days and take a day to white river.  I had not been on the white since jigfest, so I was itching to go to God’s country once again.  It was hotter than the hinges on the gates of Hades, but the 56 degree water helped a little with a light breeze.  We put in at reds as it’s one of my favorite spots and closest drive from the cabin.  We Immediately starting nailing some fish, and some good ones. After the first hour we realized this was going to be one those patented zig jig beat down days Ham experiences most of the time.  I have to say I’m impressed in recent trips of the quality of some of these rainbows compared to when I started fishing the white in the 90s. Seems to me the quality size average is better?  Landen got the hang of the zig jig last year and he picked up where he left off.  I got a brown before we left and a fiesty smallie.  Just a great day!  It started to really get hot round 2 so we left but some great memories where made!  Got to make them when you get the chance!   Bret. 

    Being away from the white to long can age a guy, this was me when I first got there, glad I reverted back to my old self after a couple fish!   

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    JestersHK reacted to ness in Micro Fishing in now a thing   
    I did GSMNP a few years back. A couple night’s stay on our way to the coast. Was dealt heavy rains one day and high water the next. Managed a few rainbows but never got a brookie. And Michael Jackson died.
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    JestersHK reacted to Flysmallie in My Bees.   
    That’s a nice haul! 
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    JestersHK reacted to jdmidwest in My Bees.   
    Too late.  Just got done, 11 gallons.
    I still have the rest of the hives to do this week or next.
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    JestersHK reacted to Flysmallie in My Bees.   
    We need some video of that. 
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    JestersHK reacted to jdmidwest in My Bees.   
    I will know by the end of next week.  I pulled about 8 gallons off the 3 hives at the farm Sat.  I split 2 of them into 2 new hives.  Honey extraction equipment just got set up in my kitchen and I will spin out that batch tomorrow after work.
    I will pull honey off of 5 hives at the other spot this week if the weather clears.  Not sure how much they have on them.  The others were started this year from my wintered hives.  Taking bees to make splits early cuts into the honey production.  So does a swarm, I know one hive did that.  But I caught the swarm and it is growing well.
    A well managed hive in a good year should produce at least 5 gallons of honey.  The farm has mostly pasture and trees for the bees to collect.  The other spot has some crops nearby.  Weather has been good this year, flowers are still blooming and stuff is green.  Last year, June was a drought and bees used honey instead of storing it.  July greened up and they stored up well for the winter and all but one of my hives over wintered well and came out strong.
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    JestersHK reacted to Bill Babler in Holitna River Float Trip with Bill and Phil   
    It has been 9 years since our last big Alaskan adventure , "Kelly River Float Trip" other than either Kodiak or the Naknek River, so Phil and I determined before I get to old that we need to do something that neither of us had done.  
    I had a plan.  For years I have heard and read about a great white fish that prowls the circumpolar regions of North America, Asia and Russia.  This fish is the Sheefish or Inconnu  Though somewhat widely spread it inhabits regions that for the most part, you just can't get there from here.
    Alaska's Kobuk River and Selawik River house the largest breeding populations (about 60,000 fish) and that was to be our first destination.  Trouble was we can't get there from here this year.  The flights are out of Bettles Ak. and there is none available in 2019 as they are already booked for the season.  It was going to be a huge undertaking transporting rafts and gear for the trip but we have done it before.
    Several years ago Phil had a guest come and speak on a river off the Kuskokwim called the Holitna.  This is a large class 1 and 2 grade river that starts in the Kuskokwim mountains and flows 110 miles to the main river at the small settlement of Sleetmute, It has a very good population of Sheefish, along with pike, char, grayling and all 5 pacific salmon species.

    When we first found out about the river the owner of a small lodge, the only one on the entire 110 mile river was the gentleman that spoke at Phil's.  The lodge was the Holitna River Lodge and the owner was Rocky McElwain, I believe.  It has since sold to Dan Paull and he has renamed his business Alaskan Adventures, still with the Lodge on the Holitna River.
    Phil and I will get this blog going to show you what we are up to with preparation, gear, flight information and you will be able to join us on the journey down the Holitna in search of char, salmon and the mighty, Tarpon of the North, the Sheefish.
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    JestersHK reacted to yaknar in 8 year Walleye   
    I got out on the river this week. The last time I was out I caught fish, just none picture worthy, but I did have a deer come down to the bank to check me out. This time I caught a bunch of average size smallmouth, nothing big, on shallow crankbaits, and soft craws, and a few pumpkinseeds. I couldn't find any goggle eyes. I also caught a gar but when I got it to the side of the kayak she got off. But the fish of the day was the walleye. My streak now is 8 years in a roll with catching a walleye in the James, just bragging. I got hung up in a tree hanging over the river, paddled over to get the lure , and while I was over there I made one cast upstream and had a nice fight on my hands. I caught it up stream from where Wilson creek flows into the James. I did lose one lure but to make up for that I caught a rod and reel, won't tell what lure catches rods. The catfish pic is to show where I was fishing. Great day on the river....All were released to fight again......

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    JestersHK got a reaction from Daryk Campbell Sr in My Bees.   
    A question if you dont mind me asking as a total dummy to bee keeping like myself how much honey do you think you'll collect this year?  Very impressive operation you got going on there!  Enjoy the bee keeping threads allot so thanks for sharing.
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    JestersHK reacted to LoweSTX175 in Weekend Report Near 81 MM   
    Got the chance to fish both the early mornings and evenings around MM81.  Caught several keeper crappie and catfish around the docks and my nephew nailed this solid walleye the morning of the fourth off of Gross Point.  Crappie were hitting live minnows just above the brush, catfish were hitting dead minnows and cut shad in the same area.  The walleye was taken using a #9 flicker shad trolled against the current right at the shelf above the main channel.

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    JestersHK reacted to drew03cmc in Wading trip Monday 7/15 REPORT UP!!!   
    The first access was deep right at the bank, so that was a no go, but we went upstream next, and waded up to the next bridge. We started slow, but fishing picked up about halfway. I caught 10 smallies and he caught 4. All of his were on either a grub or a Little Dipper in shiner. Mine were on a Jackall Dera Spin, 1/8oz buzzbait and Zoom Super Fluke Jr rigged on a Gamakatsu G Finesse 2/0 hybrid EWG. When we got to 42, the skies began looking ominous and a 2wd 4cyl Ranger on wet rocks going up that access did not sound like my idea of fun. We turned around and at this point, I'd only caught 4 smallies and he had 1. We decided to make time and hit the couple best pools again, which were in the upper half of that wade. I lost the big fish of the day that had to go 16+. It hit the Fluke Jr and immediately ran downstream yanking drag. My bait flew back at me as he only had the tail...drat. I caught 3 over 12, big fish at about 14. When he caught his first, the smile said it all. The rains ran us off the creek after about 4 hours, but a lifetime of memories were made and it's a creek I'll definitely be back to next month.

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    JestersHK reacted to netboy in Weekend report   
    That was a great story and a great walleye. 
    Congrats...and kudos on the release. It will be bigger next year and hopefully you will catch again.
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    JestersHK reacted to Haris122 in Weekend report   
    I had a brief stay down in Branson this past weekend. I didn't fish much, and when I did I didn't catch much, but I did get my nicest fish that I ever caught from Lake Taneycomo there this trip. Saturday afternoon we briefly hit up the public dock at Cooper Creek Access, and threw a few different stickbaits out there for about half an hour, to no avail. A lot of the time floating algae or whatever would get caught on the trebles and lip, and kind of make it a pointless retrieve, but I wasn't expecting much luck there anyway, especially with as little time as we were going to spend there that time. Late Saturday evening though, we hit up the trophy section near the hatchery in full gear and had some action. At first we tried a spot we came across while scoping some more of the place out, earlier in the day. It was a bit downstream past outlet 7 on the map. There we threw the stickbaits for about half an hour, maybe a little more, and after no bites in that time-frame, I was persuaded that we try our luck back upstream in-between outlets 5 and 6 on the map, a location we had some more familiarity with.
    For a while nothing was happening there either, but I eventually did get a bite on a small shad crank bait cast somewhat close to and parallel to the shore. That got me trying some more in that general direction when bam, in the middle of the night, all of a sudden something big hit and took off with my lure. Immediately dread set in. I was afraid I was going to lose it before I ever saw it, but in what was probably the next 5 minutes,  the thing took drag, tried dogging away, but slowly but surely, got brought in close enough for me to make it out. What I had on my line, was a big Walleye. Another minute or so getting it close enough to me to net, and a very lucky netting later (the lure came unbuttoned from the fish as I scooped it in), I had in my net that big walleye. I can't say exactly how big it was, but I imagine easily 22" long if not more, and heavy. I caught a 18" walleye down there before, but this fish was clearly much more massive. Probably about as wide as 2 if not 3 of the one I had caught there before. I can't tell you exactly how much it weighed, but if I had to guess it had to be at least 3-4 lbs. By far my most massive fish I ever caught down there. After figuring out how to hold it up for a few pictures, I put it back in the water and watched it swim off. After that I decided to cast out some more in hopes of catching an equally impressive trout of some sort. I did catch a respectable rainbow that went maybe 15-16", but after letting it go, that wound up being all the action for that night before we took off, after ~3 hours of fishing.
    Sunday, it got to be about noon by the time we got back to the same spot to fish, by which point more water was being released again. We kept throwing the same stuff, along with some roostertails, but this time nothing came of that spot. After maybe an hour, I decided to try out the spot where we started out the night before. There ironically I caught another fiesty rainbow that went maybe 14-15", but that wound up being it in the brief half hour or so that we still had left to fish. Just to finally see what some of the lower areas of Taneycomo look like, we drove down to Rockaway Beach, and fished from the dock there, for another half hour, but unfortunately without any further action.
    Wish we would've hit it at better times in the day, and for longer, but overall I'm still pretty happy with that Walleye, and though I wish there would've been bigger or more of them, the 2 rainbows I caught, were far from my smallest ones from there, so I'd say it was a successful little trip.
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    JestersHK reacted to jdmidwest in My Bees.   
    White is the color of the year this year.  Picked up a gallon of latex barn paint in white for a change, thinking it would cover better.  Turns out to be a 3 coat paint, don't know how it will hold up. My hives  are turning out to be a mix and match of colors from the mis tint stuff I pick up on clearance.  Cedar and the clear coat stain seems to hold up the best.  I wish I still could get the cedar, it was a bargain.  I have 8 boards left and will probably use them to make some more.  Pine does not hold up as well.
    Made some new hive covers this week.  5 new nuc hives to start new one.  I have to make some bottom board and new deep hives when I get a chance in the coming weeks.  I have another round of equipment on order. 

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    JestersHK reacted to rps in Skiatook Water Levels   
    First exploration of the lake today. The boat is in it's new slip.
    The first picture is of the huge marina.
    The second is looking West, upstream from the dam.
    I am not accustomd to being at the dam end. I will need to adat.

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    JestersHK reacted to slothman in Net Monkey   
    My net monkey helped daddy get a topwater fish in the boat tonight. My first Whopper Plopper fish. 
    She LOVES to drive FAST!!!!! LOL

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    JestersHK reacted to Bill Babler in Simply Unreal Fishing   
    Ethan with a Super nice Taney Brown Trout male with Kype in full spawning colors.
    Click on the pic for a totally beautiful male brown in full color.
    On Taney everyday this past week with results that were beyond good, especially for the Summer heat.  If you can fish, Great.  If you can't fish much it does not matter, your still going to get bit.
    Have not fished above Dave's flat or below Lilley's, all in between, mostly averaging about 50 fish per day with most in the 14 plus inch class,  with lots and lots bigger, and very few smaller.
    By playing the flow you can continue to have success throughout the morning.  I'm starting at either 5:30 or 6 am.  Till 8 am you cannot make a mistake.  Stickbaits, Power Bait, Crawlers, jigs, PW, all are working.   
    When the sun hits the ball game changes, as does the flow but the bite can continue if you adapt.  Seems like at about 8 the flow really slow down, and at this time if you go to live bait your not in trouble.  The Power worm, power bait or sitckbaits will almost go dead.   You can go to a TJ full micro in pink or any small pink jig under 100 oz and you will still be fine, with that or a crawler.
    I have not been out there as much latter in the morning past 10 am but the guides that are taking multiple trips are telling me at 11 am or so when the flow increases the bites are totally insane on a crawler or down around monkey on PB.
    If you watch it and only keep the quality fish you can clean 4 fish that easily weight close to 5 pounds after they are gilled and gutted.  Over a pound and a quarter average and that is fantastic, at any time of the year, let alone dead of Summer.

    Lots of brown trout currently on the move above Lilley's.  They seem to be hanging in any of the bends or deeper pockets and by that I mean just depth changes, as really there is not a lot of deep water right now.

    Big fish are also coming in as just about every trip  we are catching both rainbows and browns in the 20" to 22" class.  
    If you get a chance even though its hot outside right now so is the bite.  Come on down.
    Good Luck

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    JestersHK reacted to netboy in Water starting to come up 7/12   
    Water was up a bit this morning and really scheduled to come up more the next few days. 
    I took the boat out this morning at Cotter and did some "fly fishing" out of the boat. Not my favorite way to fly fish as I put on an egg/midge combo under an indicator and then just watch the indicator as it drifts with the boat. But it does work... caught lots of rainbows a nice brown and this pig of a rainbow. I could barely get my hand around it to get the hook out and release it. I don't think she has missed many meals.

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    JestersHK reacted to Smalliebigs in Please show yourself   
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    JestersHK reacted to Smalliebigs in Please show yourself   
    I did the Meramec on Friday and the Big Piney yesterday. Both days were absolutely some of the best fishing I have had in Missouri for a bit, the numbers were offf the charts and so many fish from 16 to 18 over the last 72 hours it’s gonna be hard to wipe the grin off my face.
    on Friday I nailed some quality fish on top in front of some very cool younger fellas. They would cheer me on and and we ended up shotgunning Two Beers there on the sand bar.... the one kid recognized me from here and I forgot your name so please come forward. You guys made an old washed up dork feel good with your  cheering me on and chugging some beers 🍻 😜
    so many fish over the last Two days it kinda all bleeds together but, it was epic.

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    JestersHK reacted to snagged in outlet 3 in Vacation Trip Report   
    Drove home yesterday and no problems so that was great.  Since it's still the weekend!  Went out this morning and was catching small smallies and spots when I set the hook on this spot and my airstream snapped in two.  Must've dinged it on the drive back.  Nothing over 12 inches but there were a lot of them so it was fun.  Tube did all the damage.  It wouldn't even get to the bottom most times.
    @Phil Lilley or @duckydoty what rods are you using to throw jigs these days?

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    JestersHK got a reaction from Johnsfolly in Making My Return to Taney   
    Fishing the other half of a day can be rewarding.  
    I'm slowing down... I'm still chasing them, but the marathons are getting harder to recover from lol.   As long as they are biting I'll fish till the sun comes up lol. 
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