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  1. Fishing The Gasconade?

    Would you say it's safe to leave a vehicle there over night for a shuttle?
  2. Smallmouth, eagles, and alligators, oh my!

    Great trip report. Looks like a blast. Does alligator have a tiger head?
  3. Gigging is great!

    100% spot on. I also highly doubt that Native Americans left their stream accesses littered with dead fish that they decided not to keep.
  4. 2017 garden thread

    Anyone here have experience with cabbage aphids? I've been using diamataceous earth to kill any eggs, but don't know how to kill the existing aphids?
  5. Gigging is great!

    That will really help the issue. So if you (as well as many others), feel that there is a flaw in a policy, just get over it. Not challenging the status quo or addressing issues that can directly affect any wildlife species isn't going to help. Just sit down, shut up, and hope one day your children will have books to show them what Missouri streams used to be like.
  6. Missouri Botanical Garden

    My favorite place in St. Louis! Had an internship their back in high school. The first pic is my favorite, but those orchids are pretty awesome. Grateful my family took me there as a kid, and I'm sure your daughter will feel the same one day.
  7. PB!

    Those are some beautiful fish, congrats
  8. Sounds like a great trip Scott. I put in at at blue springs conservation area Sunday and floated down to right above the state park. Brought in a few 8 to 12 inch fish a couple in the 14-16 range. Monday floated back down to Arapaho campground who shuttled my vehicle. Fishing wasn't as much as a priority as viewing the eclipse on a gravel bar with my lady. I did still manage a couple rock bass, 12 inch largemouth, a few more small bronzebacks. I must have missed you guys by about 12 hrs. Always good to get back on the water.
  9. 2017 garden thread

    I've had a similar situation as bittlethead, a few little bunnies under my pineapple sage bush. The dog should be running them off any time now. Peppers have been doing really well for the past month. Brandywine and Cherokee Purple doing pretty good, but on the slow side. Kale and Chard growing like weeds. If these temps start to drop soon I may start getting ready for round two with lettuce, spinach, beets, and carrots. Now I just need to find a neighbor with cukes to trade with.
  10. Solo Overnighter

    Thanks for the report. Never done a solo overnight, need to make that happen. Looks like that tree makes a good tp holder.
  11. 2017 garden thread

    My spinach is beginning to bolt, I expect the lettuce to follow soon with these warmer temperatures. Started the second crop of radish last week, most of which have sprouted. Peppers doing well so far. Tomatoes haven't turned yet, but have some nice sized Cherokee Purples. The Yellow Pear looks really bad, almost completely dead. It never seemed to recover from the septoria, after all the rain. Best of luck to everyone.
  12. Nice evening

    I've noticed this myself. I'm thinking the flooding gave them plant of food for a while. Hopefully that means some chunky bass coming our way soon 😁.
  13. Field Work

    You have a great looking office sir.
  14. 5/17 to 5/20 Courtois

    Thanks for the report Steve. Went down the C.A. today with the lady. Water was running a little high. Not much fishing, but cleaned up a couple trash bags worth of cans and whatnot. Beautiful day to be by the water.
  15. 2017 garden thread

    Do you guys let your lettuce go to heads before harvesting? I usually just thin the outside leaves to promote growth from the middle. Also, my Cherokee Purple has struck first and has a couple small toms on it. So far so good this season.

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