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  1. my issue is that jerking or pulling on the line to test it, stretches it at least some (fluoro less than mono of course). In that amount of time I can almost snip it, retie it. It's all what you get used to and are comfortable with. Even fun fishing because I don't fish tournaments anymore, I retie after every fish and every hang up.
  2. I inhereted a bunch gay blades from my dad, at least 30, maybe 50. It was always on a rod in the boat in the summer and late spring for him. I also like the smaller kastmaster with white tail for summer schooling bass. You can cast forever on light line, fish it on top, fish it under, even fish it vertical except you might need to move up in size if it's very deep...
  3. I tie nylon-rope flies for gar, down here the old red/yeller is a staple...... There's nothing like "hooking" a 30 or 40 pound gar on a flyrod to give you religion ......... "oh God let him stay one, oh God my arms are burning, oh God he pulled off" <repeat>
  4. It's no secret to my fishing buddies but I do like to go fast but winding op a river and around timber isn't my thing! But like watching it!
  5. Wow, I caught my biggest smalljaw right there, well 10' below there on my last trip!
  6. Either way GREAT fish Wyatt I'm jealous!
  7. Headed that way for a few days early August. Know it's not ideal timing but may do some night fishing! Thanks for the report!
  8. Was fishing at the last long pool beore the confluence of North Fork and white when I was fighting a 18" rainbow on a flyrod. A dark shadow came up and engulfed my fish, the are some huge browns that call that river home!!
  9. This is horrible and they had no business and I'm sure the guy was embarrassed. I would have hlped them out after I kicked the Champion guy's teeth out. I don't tolerate cussing in front of woman and kids and for sue cussing out women!! After we got the bleeding stop he would have apologized to the lady!
  10. Oh he killed me, don't know what happened to the boat!
  11. I had to make a class 2 deposit early one morning, very foggy. I pulled the boat up a hollow, parted and walked a short distance into the trees. As I was taking care of business a large human/apelike creature was quietly moving along the tree line watching my boat intently. I remained very still, didn't even want to make a peep but I lost my balance just enough to rustle the dried leaves. The thing swirled unbelievably fast and looked me right in the eye. I didn't even breath but it knew something was up and charged straight at me. It was a terrorizing incident.
  12. flyrod17

    Big Worms

    I mixed up some brown (peanut butter) dye and laid some Manns 9" black grape Jelly worms in flat, made a pb&j worm, bid blulky bait fished it on rock piles, caught a few but I was a little bit early for that pattern
  13. Exactly why I posted here! If not for TR I would be fishing it. If I broke a rule, my bad! Sorta!
  14. Exactly why I posted here! If not for TR I would be fishing it. If I broke a rule, my bad! Sorta!
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