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  1. Boozer

    crappie jigs

    I know they used to years ago but not sure about anymore i will check that out sometime
  2. Boozer

    crappie jigs

    I have not fished it much so I don't have any idea either way to be honest. I don't know of any place else close to here to take my grand daughter to fish or just to get away for awhile without driving to grand or lamar or over in Kansas.
  3. has any one found good colors of crappie jigs around wildcat glades or have a favorite?
  4. All I can is wow great post he will remember that day forever
  5. I bought the heritage angler 10 kayak the other day
  6. what do you all recommend kayak or pelican predator? For fishing rivers and small lakes. would love to see every ones ideas on both and what you think would be best
  7. yeah I drove down by there some froze over cant wait for the crappie to start biting didn't get to go this morning wife gave me honey do's
  8. Has anyone fished lately was thinking about hitting it tomorrow morning?
  9. First time here read a few topics and really enjoyed the great info. Im in Joplin looking for a good place to fish in the surrounding area like shoal creek by the low water bridge and any other ideas nice to meet everybody
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