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  1. Yep same result for me this weekend, no telling how many fish we caught but most were small. Started with minnows, ran out of them fast switched to tube jigs and sliders. Really didn’t matter what it was they would bite it. Don’t know what the deal is up there right now but there is a crazy amount of 5” to 7” crappie, next year and the one after will be unbelievable up there. We fished weed beds most of the time out there with our jogs about 5’ to 6’ under slip floats.
  2. I spider rig up there often and do very well. I use double minnow rigs. Usually either run channel edges or rig over the abundant weed beds that are in deeper water, you can find good weed beds in 15 to 20 feet of water.
  3. Didn’t go, couldn’t end up getting anything lined up with anyone to go up with me and didn’t feel like fishing solo.
  4. I am going to head up to fellows mid afternoon to catch some crappie. Everyone I usually go fishing with can’t go this weekend. I have a good size boat and can fish 3 people very comfortably. If a couple people want to go out and catch some fish shoot me a pm and we will line out a time to meet at the ramp. We have been catching the heck out of crappie, lots of numbers and some good cleaner size fish. Also been catching a handful of walleyes every time out. Anyone struggling to find and catch crappie on that lake or just wanting to get off the bank send me a message, be good to meet some other members on here and have some fun.
  5. Hit the crappie again last weekend with my father in law. We had a good trip caught plenty of fish with some nice quality crappie mixed in with the cleaners. Again the weed beds produced the numbers, most fish came on spoons and even caught some on crankbaits. Better quality fish came off of wood fishing tube jigs or gulp alive minnows under floats. The panfish bite is really good up there right now and will be until fall so if anyone gets time to get up there and fish go for it, it is really hard to go wrong on the crappie right now they will bite about anything! Also we are starting to catch some real nice gills that are 7 plus inches in length, not getting a bunch of them but starting to catch 5 to 10 each time out. I don't usually keep them it seems hard to find big ones but we ended up keeping a couple, they took the spoons to deep and the treble hooks got them in the gills.
  6. We were not after bass but we did see a boat early in the morning fishing top waters on the north east side of the lake by the road you come in over the lake on and they were catching a lot of fish, some nice ones to from what we could see. Not sure how long the top water action was on, the wind started blowing pretty hard from 8 am on.
  7. I hit fellows last Saturday with a buddy, fishing was very good along deep weed edges. We caught a lot of crappies a 6lb channel and a 24" walleye. All were caught with spoons.
  8. Those are good detailed pics along with the picture bassfisher had with the weeds in his hand. After seeing the diagram it is definitely that coontail weed that is everywhere. The crappies are stacked up in it thick. We caught them all weekend last weekend in that stuff and ran out this evening for a couple hours and hit them again. They are biting good around that stuff and its easy to find most of the coves have it in them. We caught them tonight on pink jigs about 3 or 4 feet under a float, they didn't want anything moving just wanted the jigs dead still.
  9. I am pretty sure it is hydrilla. I think the MDC is in to it also, just this year they have plastered the boat ramp with signs about invasive species and even painted on the concrete to inspect the boat for them before leaving. The pics of hydrilla online look exactly like what is out there also. I am by no means an expert on this type of stuff but you seem like you know what is what and what the different under water plants are MOPanfisher. I am gonna try to get up there and fish this weekend if I don't have to work so if I can I will take a good close up of the stuff in the water and then I will grab a handful of it and pull it out and lay it on the boat and snap a few pics. I will get them uploaded and posted here so you can have a look at them and tell us what it is. I would definitely like to know what it is for sure, I also know of a few areas that have a different type of weed so I will snap a pic of those and see if you know what they are also. I have always been curious as to what the different plants are.
  10. Went and hit fellows looking for some crappie on Memorial day. Fishing was good, fish were a lot deeper than they had been. Found the fish in 12 to 17 feet of water in and around weed beds. Bites were aggressive but the fish were scattered you really had to cover water working in and around weeds to get bites and when you got one there would be a flurry of bites for about 5 minutes then the school would move on you. Tried fishing wood thinking they would be more concentrated there but didn't have much luck. We had a 40+ fish day and of those only 3 came off brush piles the rest were in the weeds. There were a lot of quality 10" or better fish and as always when fishing weeds there were plenty of small crappie as well but that is a good thing to see, should be plenty of fish for the next few years. Lot of people out there that day and saw a lot of them catching fish, even saw a guy pull out a 40" muskey so that was pretty cool.
  11. The grass you are seeing in south arm is hydrilla. It started getting thick in there a few years back and seems like it is going to take the back half of that cove over. There are places that are close to 20 feet of water and that stuff is growing from the bottom all the way to the surface. It is in several places on the lake. Good news is I have found it to be loaded with fish. I don't know about bass but the crappie are in it thick as are walleyes. You just have to find the edges of it that is were I have been doing well just letting a roadrunner with a minnow on it free fall down the deeper edges. I would imagine a top water would be good for bass that way you can cover water or do like bassfisher said and flip your way through it.
  12. Ran to fellows mid day yesterday for a few hours. Caught around thirty crappie with 10 finding their way to the live well. Fish are really turned on right now. Most of what we caught was real shallow, 4 to 6 feet of water. We caught most everything on a 1/32 ounce jig about 2 or 3 feet under a float. Jigs were tipped with 1" gulp minnows in watermelon pearl and the smelt color. All the fish were caught out of weed beds, it was real windy so we just went into coves on the north side of the lake that were protected from the wind and scanned them until we found weed beds in 10' of water or less and then started casting around them. Most of the beds were pretty active, lots of minnows jumping out of the water around them so we new there was fish in them. You have to weed through a few small fish before finding one keeper size but they are all fun. Something about seeing a bobber go under brings the kid out of a person.
  13. Crappie are biting pretty well. I fish from a boat so I cant tell you how bank fishing is. I have gone up several times in the past two weeks and done very well. Water is up quiet a bit from all the rain and the crappie have been scattered, some have been on deep brush in 18 or 20 feet of water and some have been real shallow around brush in 5 feet or less. I caught several Saturday on a fixed float with a minnow 2 to 3 feet under it right against the bank around wood. If you have trouble finding brush that is holding fish you can always go into a cove and find weed beds, most of them have weeds and the weeds pretty well always have crappie in them with gills and bass mixed in. Just find the deeper edge of the weeds and pitch weedless jigs or a slip cork set 7 to 10 feet deep and you should be able to pick up enough for a nice dinner for you and a few buddies. Fishing is real good up there right now so get out and take advantage of it before the blistering heat sets in!
  14. Anyone been fishing fellows lately, I have been to busy with work to fish lately but may have a chance this weekend. Anyone know what the water temps are and if the crappie are starting to move in to spawn yet?
  15. Tangora Marine in Nixa has always done right by me, he has been doing it for well over 20 years. He is pretty fast and fair. Phone number is 417-725-4405
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