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  1. We will be out tomorrow in our old blue Ranger. If you see us say hello. Good luck to everyone.
  2. Right on! We left too early I guess. Were you guys in a John boat with trolling motor? My wife and I were in the blue ranger.
  3. Put in at Aldrich yesterday day and motored up to the iron bridge. Caught one really small male up there. This was more of a test of our new boat. But we did fish quite a bit. Didn't see anyone else catching. Water temp in the lake was 39-40 and 41-42 up river.
  4. They are already there....
  5. This sort of thing is real helpful when your an hour away and trying to piece together enough info to figure out if its worth a drive over there. Doesn't look as high as I thought it would be. Thank you for posting. Anyone seen the river in the last 24 hours? Still chocolate milk or has is cleared at all? Thanks all.
  6. The fish are taking chartreuse and white as of Sunday. In either jig or clouser patterns. Of course it would really help to have a fly rod. ; ) but if you can throw a jig, something light weight out into the current and let the current swing it down stream. The fish are taking it on the drop. The guys stripping and adding a lot of movement to their jigs aren't catching as much fish. Remember this is last week info but I hope it helps. Good luck.
  7. I have not been to Taylor bridge yet this year and I hear the water is really low but that has been a good place in the past. I usually go upstream from there to the powerlines and then drift back down. Hopefully it rains soon!
  8. Went down today and stayed between the lake and the steel bridge. Caught 25-30 fish from 12 to 4. All but three were small males. I was fly fishing using clousers. There were a few spin rods there. They were catching a few on clear swimming minnows.
  9. Last April I floated the entire Buffalo River from Steel Creek to the White. I could only fish so much due to time restraints but when we got near Rush I was surprised to catch a beautiful rainbow at a riffle. Never caught another for the rest of the trip. Got me wondering though if in the winter months trout swim up from the White? I float fish below Bennett Springs on the Niangua in the winter for trout with excellent results. Wondering if this could be a similar situation? Does anyone seek them out specifically? I have searched this and other sites and turned up nothing.
  10. Problem with walking down or up from the bridge is that you are trespassing. This was the problem at the property in question and why we are now shut out. Many of us (myself included) had assumed that it was a MDC access since one of their signs (a "no vehicles beyond this point" sign) was at the parking area. It is in fact private. After years of people entering without asking and yes, leaving trash (and ruts) they finally had enough and closed it last year. I had a lengthy conversation with them and apologized. They let me fish one last time and I gave them a limit of fillets as thanks. You probably need to ask before you waltz in there to avoid another problem. Best bet is to come up from Taylor via a boat or trail. That way your on Corps land.
  11. Thought this thread would be a good way to keep everyone informed of current conditions. Went out this evening and the bite was pretty good on white and chartreuse clousers. Water clarity is much better than it was two days ago. They turned off once the sun was off the water. Ended up with 7 nice males.
  12. Nothing this afternoon. Still a little muddy and running fast. Not even a nibble.
  13. I really thought that rain would flood everything for a while. Barely effected the levels. Trees probably soaked up alot of it. We got hammered here in Springfield. Getting home was tricky. Cars were floating down streets!
  14. Got into some this afternoon just below power lines. White clouser. Caught 5 in 2 hours. All big males. I missed several more. They were short biting. This rain has probably wiped things out for now though.
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