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  1. Fished the Little Red for several years, but I've never seen any stoneflies (of any real significance) there. Until last weekend. Noticed some pretty voracious rises, so I started paying closer attention to the bugs in the air and on the water. Caught one with my hand, and it was absolutely a small stonefly. Tied on a tiny chubby chernobyl (size 10-12 maybe?), and it was gangbusters. Anyone else ever noticed these small stoneflies on the river? Have I been living under a rock?
  2. Lurked for a while. Finally signed up. I'm Brandon. I live in Memphis and spend way too much time at work thinking about fishing and way too much time fishing thinking about work. Go figure. Addicted to fly fishing for the past two years. Would have a brown trout for a pet and a chandelier of sex dungeons and rubber-legged wooly buggers if my wife would allow it. I'm slowly winning her over. Mainly fish the Little Red and the Spring. Cheers.
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