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  1. Thanks for all the tips. I may give Creve Couer Lake a shot. I hadn't come acroos that website yet, thanks for sharing. From what I understand, the problem with fishing for asian carp is that they are more of a filter feeder. I think if the water was clear enough some dry fly fishing, similar to grass carp fishing, might do the trick.
  2. After hearing all about carp this winter I have to give it a try. The problem is I'm having trouble finding a good spot in the greater St. Louis area, preferably across the river in IL or to the north but beggers can't be choosers. The issue is finding clear enough water to sight fish for them. I know there are plenty in the big rivers and side waters but visibilty is inches. Anyone feeling generous and willing to share their spot? What I'm looking for is a small, clear river that they are in or a clear lake with some shallow areas.
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