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  1. big c

    Not all tourney fishermen are jerks...

    Very cool, great guy!!
  2. big c

    Retirement on the Rock

    Congratulations on your retirement. I'm two months into it and love it! Now i need to spend more time on the rock!!
  3. big c

    May 5 Thru 12

    Great report! Look forward to seeing you on the water again (last yr by Indian Point). If so, I'll make sure to stop and say hi.
  4. big c

    FLW Costa

    Thanks for the info Bill.
  5. big c

    Crankbait Rod

    Extreme Outdoors in Branson West. They have a great selection of baits/colors that work. They are very helpful with up to date lake imfo as well. Prices are good also in my opinion.
  6. big c

    Crankbait Rod

    Second vote for the Denali Champ described above! !!
  7. big c

    New Spinning Rods

    Check out the Denali line. I use the Kovert Lites mostly and love the sensitivity.
  8. big c

    Places to eat on the lake

    Indian point marina floating cafe has good food and is open. I think rock lane (Charlies) opens up this week, not sure of the date or time its open.
  9. big c

    Indian Point 3/31/18

    ^^^^^^^^good stuff right there!!!
  10. big c

    March 27-31 Report. Its on FIRE!!!

    Great report, thanks!
  11. big c

    Best fish of weekend

    Congratulations! !
  12. Sorry i couldn't make it, love the reports!!!!
  13. big c

    March 2nd, Shad rapping it around Big M

    Very cool Mike, thanks
  14. big c

    Keitech 4'' Swimbait Jighead Size?

    I had the opportunity to do some "pool" testing with six or so different brands this wimter. I found the war eagles Champ told me about worked the best. The fall/rise and action of the Keitech and big bite on both size Champ mentions seemed most natural. Hope that helps and no......i didn't catch a single fish!!! Much like my Table Rock fishing.
  15. big c

    Sunday Fishing Report


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