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  1. big c

    Got me a newer boat. Finally!

    Very nice!!!
  2. big c

    9-19-18 Big Jig Bite Lake Wide

    Thanks for the great info and pics!
  3. big c

    summer has them grouped back up

    Nice!!! Thanks for the info and pics.
  4. big c

    Saturday 8/18 Indian Point area

    Thanks Mike! See ya in a few weeks!
  5. big c

    new place to live

    Gary, feel free to PM me and i will get you my cell number if I can be of any help. We will be there 1Aug for a few weeks.
  6. big c

    new place to live

    Welcome to the neighborhood!
  7. big c

    Indian Point Area - 6/25/18

    Very cool, thanks!
  8. big c

    Howdy all...

    Good news, we will continue to pray for your family.
  9. big c

    My wife

    Our condolences, Michelle and I will continue to pray for you.
  10. big c

    Dam area 5/25

    Very nice my friend! We are waiting until Tuesday to give it a try!!!
  11. big c

    Not all tourney fishermen are jerks...

    Very cool, great guy!!
  12. big c

    Retirement on the Rock

    Congratulations on your retirement. I'm two months into it and love it! Now i need to spend more time on the rock!!
  13. big c

    May 5 Thru 12

    Great report! Look forward to seeing you on the water again (last yr by Indian Point). If so, I'll make sure to stop and say hi.

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