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  1. Table Rock Lake Guides

    My son and i fished with James Gilzow (Class Acrion). One of the best trips I've ever had. Sharing /explaining imformation was great, easy to be around, very enjoyable trip.
  2. Big C is retiring

    Thank you! Started at Kansas City Mo. P.D. and then spent 30 yrs on the Des Moines P.D. All days will be good on the lake and look forward to meeting more of you guys!
  3. Big C is retiring

    Amen my friend! I haven't been shot at or stabbed doing it (yet)
  4. Big C is retiring

    Thanks Quill, things sure have changed over the last 35 yrs in police work. I had a blast but its a good time to be retiring Glad to be headed to the condo on indian point for the majority of the year!!!!
  5. Big C is retiring

    Thanks, Mike! We should be there 1 March ish.
  6. February 14, Eagle Rock - Big M area

    Thanks for the report and pics!
  7. Fear Not

    Amen Quill !!!
  8. Ice Fishing Part Deux

    Thanks for the pics! Takes a little sting out of being stuck on the frozen tundra here. You guys rock!!!!
  9. Got a new boat.

    Congratulations, very sharp boat! !!!
  10. December 19, Big M area

    Very nice, thank you!
  11. Bank Fishing

    I would suggest the area around the boat ramp at rock lane. Throw a ned as far as you can just to the north of the ramp, from the ramp north about twenty yards and there is some brush and small rock piles out there. Also look to the north and see a hige houseboat in a slip. Throw from the houseboat back to the west along that bank. There is a good depth change along that bank, not to far from shore. Not real sure this time of year but it's been a productive area for me. Also the bank in the SW portion. Just south of the marine dealer office. Hope that helps a little. Good luck.
  12. Spam!!

    I'm not and i check the site often!!
  13. Long Branch report from last few days

    Good info, thanks!
  14. sunglasses

    I have Costa's, Maui Jim's (brand new release) and the new shallow water Oakely's. My personal favorite is the shallow water Oakley's. I used them all last week while being humbled on the Rock. Anyway, I was able to see better through the water with Oakley's. Steep and cheap has the best prices on every brand they carry. They are all too expensive! Take care, Chris.

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