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  1. Yes to 0600, and worms. I would be most interested in learning where (type of structure/depth) to be fishing this time of year. Also being shown geographicaly and on sonar what different structure looks like to find similar areas. The number of fish caught isn't as important as learning from a guide the type of areas and techniques most likely to catch a few this time of year. I think if you want to catch numbers you're wasting time. When with a guide pick their brain on a technique or two and have them explain/show you so you learn it. The best part of learning from a guide is finding your own area similar to what you were show. Then use the technique shown and catch 'em! Just my thoughts but thanks for asking!
  2. big c

    Dam area 6/13

    Ok, thanks! I'll let ya know when we get in.
  3. big c

    Dam area 6/13

    Mike, I'll be back next Monday afternoon for a couple weeks. Maybe you can show me a trick or two? Take care
  4. Good luck and take care. I am trying to become the guy you told me about a few years ago (retired now) when describing the tiki bar at Rock lane. Still have your post/response when we bought on Indian point. My all time favorite. Anyway, best of luck.
  5. I have fished out of that series a couple of times and enjoyed it. I'm surprised we don't see more around for the very reason you mention. When the lakes get busy, windy etc all the better.
  6. I got to see a couple new baits of theirs. Very nice looking and great quality. Looking forward to trying them on Table Rock.
  7. I second that Vernon, very good jigs.
  8. Believe me, that day it would not have surprised me!!!
  9. Amen Bill! I decided to keep my boat in a slip, covered. I can't make this up-last spring my son and I went to un tarp the boat and found a goose sitting in the middle of the tarp on two eggs. That caused the back (transom) portion of the tarp to have a gap in it across the back. After getting the mad goose off which was accompanied by her mate (wish this was filmed) the cover was removed. At this point we discovered a coon had been in the boat assuming it got under the rear portion of the cover as mentioned above, maybe due to the eggs. After six hours of cleaning the boat and dealing with the ripped up passenger seat and butt seat which was laying on the floor, it got worse. My son opened a front deck storage compartment and there was the coon!!! My lack of good luck kept right on going. The coon was running from front rod locker to locker (passenger to driver's side). Then he hunkered down under the recessed trolling motor peddle. Once that was removed and he was "helped" out now more clean up was under way! The guys at the marina were terrific! After their help with the removal of the coon they fixed the seats and thoughly cleaned/detailed the boat. Needless to say, I hate geese and coons! Again, can't make this crap up😳. Boat is good as new now.
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