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  1. Jeff, hopefully you thawed it before this morning. Mike
  2. I wish all the forum members a Happy Thanksgiving. We live in the greatest country during the greatest time in history and have many things to be thankful for. In addition to the many blessings I am thankful for, I want to thank all of you who’ve shared advice and information on the forum. I truly appreciate it. Mike
  3. Pretty brave of you and apparently a good day considering the elements. Mike
  4. Sounds like many of the reports on the forum. Multiple ways to catch fish on TRL. Mike
  5. DeadCalm, great pictures of healthy fish. Ironic nickname. Must have been a wild ride back. Mike
  6. Seth, we’ve all had days like that. Mike
  7. Quill, I’d find a new walking path. Just sayin... Mike
  8. I just got a notification that MLF bought FLW. Merging the tournaments, series and scoring. Mike
  9. Jeff, sounds like you threw a bunch of different things at them. WT has really cooled off quickly. Healthy looking fish. Mike
  10. mojorig, thanks for the details. Sounds a lot like the meetings a few years ago about the shoreline management plan. Mike
  11. I read the link and I think it is addressing the changes in water usage demands including for recreation. So I think it could include fishing. It also may be the forum to mention a stocking program. October 29, at the Dewey Short center at TRL dam. Mike
  12. Vernon, wait to book Bill until after he and I go in October. I don’t want any bad juju from you left over in the boat. lol Mike
  13. Bill, great report. I’m available when you have a free day and just want to go fishing. Mike
  14. Bill, congratulations! Well done my friend. Mike
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