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  1. That certainly explains it. Mike
  2. abk, “telling the wife ....”? You spelled “begging” wrong. 😃 Mike
  3. QB, great pictures. Thanks for all the details. Mike
  4. Bill, thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate you taking me to a different part of the lake. You are correct about staying out a little deeper. I had a blast and we had a good day catching and releasing very healthy looking aggressive fish. Mike
  5. Longball22, thanks for the details. Fishing is a very humbling hobby. I’m not a golfer but can only imagine that hobby is humbling also. I’ve been looking at the DC reel and I appreciate your summary. Mike
  6. abk, wow on the bellies of the fish! Lots of competition out there this weekend. Mike
  7. QB, nice pictures. Certainly a good day to be on the water. Mike
  8. STL, congratulations. Nice payday doing what you love. Mike
  9. The guy that caught the 9.02 also weighed in a 6.42 today. I was there when he weighed in that one. He said he is missing a party where his daughter is announcing the gender of his second grandchild. He told her he just had to fish. They said Friday was a bust for them but then they switched and got on them. Mike
  10. m&m

    Big M 4/5

    Gotta luv that top water bite. Good looking fish. Mike
  11. Went to the final hour weigh in today. I was told a 6 lb smallmouth was weighed in today. Totals so far reflect it takes. > 6.01 lb to get into the top 10 overall. Mike
  12. Targa, congratulations Mike
  13. Exactly my plan Dave. Mike
  14. Good luck to all the OAF members fishing the Big Bass Tour this weekend. Make us proud! We’re rooting for you and looking forward to seeing your name on the leader board. Mike
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