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  1. That weekend is also the Big Bass Tour rescheduled from the spring. Should be a bit crowded on the water. Mike
  2. Sad news whenever I hear about a boating accident. Prayers for both families. Mike
  3. Champ, sorry to hear about your father’s passing. We will keep your family in our prayers. Mike
  4. Champ, happy belated birthday.
  5. Congratulations on the job and the upcoming nuptials. Mike
  6. Aarchdale, congratulations well done especially in this heat! Mike
  7. Sounds like the answer to every computer issue: REBOOT Mike
  8. Very interesting! A small fish derby! Mike
  9. Mixermarkb, you are certainly a service oriented person. Those are great offers to relieve stress for Vernon and bobby b. Mike
  10. bobby b, did your new boat get delivered? Mike
  11. With the high water we are hearing rumors that you will postpone this tournament until the fall. Any confirmation? Mike
  12. Congratulations to Biil jr and Fishinwrench. They followed the process and submitted photos that helped a lot. Mike
  13. Bill, adult only amenities? Who knew? HMMM....👍 Mike
  14. Bobby, moonshine has a fee but if you have an America the Beautiful pass there is no additional fee. Mike
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