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  1. m&m

    Weekend walleye excursion

    Ranger man, congratulations, nice pictures. Healthy looking fish. Mike
  2. m&m

    fishing update

    Another trove of great information from wise men. Mike
  3. m&m

    8-9 Long Creek

    Superfluke, nice pictures. Thanks for the information. Mike
  4. m&m

    Just Kicking and Stewing

    All, this is one of the best threads on here. I appreciate the information provided by those I consider knowledgeable. It seems that the two things I don’t like to do (fish >30’ deep and night fishing) are the two things that have the best chance of catching numbers of fish. But I keep fishing anyway because I love it! Mike
  5. And then you have to contend with the boaters who decide that the middle of the channel is where they want to stop the boat, jump in the water and just drift. Crazy!!! Mike
  6. Do you mean Memorial Day next May? Mike
  7. m&m

    linda is" whuppin" me!

    Bo, thanks for the report and pictures of healthy looking fish. As we were leaving Moonshine last night it appeared that a tourney was getting ready to start around 7pm as the bass boats were pouring into the ramp. Competing with the crazy boaters running without lights, I hope all the bassets made it back safely. Mike
  8. FS, pretty slow around the dam area right now. Fishing deep >30’ seems to be the place to start. Use your electronics to find bunch’s and the try to entice them. I went over to Taneycomo last week to fish for bass and caught a few. WT was 69 - 71 in the Bull Creek area. Nothing bigger than 14” but it was fun with topwater and bottom creature baits. I put in at the ramp at Rockaway Beach and motored to Bull Creek. Was able to fish lily pads and lay downs. But the TRL dam area has been tough. Mike
  9. m&m

    7-28-18 fishing report

    Thanks for the information. Sounds like a fun day. Mike
  10. Bill, sent you a PM. Mike
  11. m&m

    Good Morning on the Upper End

    Randy, nice jag of fish. Mike
  12. m&m

    Indian Point Area - 7/27/18

    Bobby, thanks for the report. Be careful out there with the crazies. Mike
  13. m&m

    new place to live

    Gary, get with big C and bobby b to learn about traffic patterns to get in and out of Indian Point. Welcome to the neighborhood. Mike
  14. m&m

    new place to live

    Gary, what area are you looking at? Mike
  15. m&m

    Big M area 7/23

    Quill, those 8 master craft boats just wanted to get a closer look at your Phoenix. They were jealous. Mike

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