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  1. m&m

    10-7-18 big m

    Fall is here. Mike
  2. m&m

    Got me a newer boat. Finally!

    ST, very nice looking boat. Mike
  3. m&m

    Eagle Rock 10-7-18

    SB, nice fish. Mike
  4. m&m

    geese are headed south

    Bo, how can he fish without a hat? Mike
  5. m&m

    BFL - As a Co-Angler

    JF660R, I agree with Bill and would add the following: If you like the idea of competition, grab a buddy and enter buddy tournaments. If you’re looking to learn something about fishing, hire a guide. Mike
  6. m&m

    Baxter a.m.

    LL, congratulations on the success. Mike
  7. m&m

    Pond to the East

    RB, nice healthy looking fish. Thanks for the information. Mike
  8. m&m

    Kayak Tournament

    One more reason I don’t fish when it is dark or full fog. Mike
  9. m&m

    Baxter a.m.

    Fishrman, thanks for the information. We took a pontoon ride on Sunday from the dam to Shell Knob. Saw plenty of bass boats in the area from Baxter to SK. Waiting to see other reports from that area. Mike
  10. m&m

    the big three

    Bo, thanks for the information. That toothpick trick is old school and it still works. Been doing it for a long time. Mike
  11. m&m

    Indian Point Area - 9/17/18

    bobby b, nice pictures of healthy fish. Mike
  12. m&m

    Upper End Report

    Randy, been there, done that too. I guess that is why we call it fishing instead of catching. Mike
  13. Managed to get out for a couple of hours after the fog lifted. Launched at Moonshine at about 10am. Must have been a small tourney as there were about 12 trailers on the parking lot. Unusual for a Wednesday morning. No wind and 78.3 WT when I launched. Finally caught 4 in water under 12’ after the wind picked up.RC with a little yellow on it was the trick for me. Nothing exciting, just a typical September day on TRL. Picture is the largest I caught. Next time I’ll try dragging that jig deeper. Mike
  14. m&m

    double trivecta

    Based upon the strictest interpretation of trolling: every time you cast a lure and while retrieving it you hit the trolling motor you would be trolling. So I think dragging a bottom lure while using the trolling motor is not against the spirit of the rule. Just my 2 cents worth. Mike
  15. m&m

    Cape Fair 9/3/18

    Cheese, sounds like a great time. Thanks for the pictures of some healthy looking fish. Mike

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