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  1. I understand the visibility of line diameter under water but can someone explain to me how the wire on an A-rig is invisible? Mike
  2. Jeff, healthy looking fish. Nice day for sure. Mike
  3. m&m


    We’ve all had days when the fish wins. Mike
  4. I Pre-registered my name with the Stone County health department. They said they should have the vaccine in about 3 weeks and they will call me to get me fully registered. Mike
  5. m&m


    Most days the fish win. Mike
  6. I never leave home without it. One in each vehicle and one in my wallet. Mike
  7. Nice healthy looking fish. Merry Christmas to you also. Mike
  8. Jeff, nice day for sure. Healthy looking fish. Mike
  9. Cheese, congratulations on the grandson. Also sounds like a good outing for you fishing. Mike
  10. MOfish, I’d see if Mr. Babler has an opening for that week. Money well spent. Mike
  11. Pete, in January we have another one at our church, Our Lady of The Lake. If interested download the Red Cross app and search for it here in Branson. They will do the test and post the results on your app. Cheapest way to get the test plus you’re helping someone by donating blood. Nice trade off. Mike
  12. I donated blood for the Red Cross and they automatically conduct the test as part of the process. Mike
  13. Magicwormman, glad you guys are on the mend. It’s no wonder the medical experts are baffled by Covid as the degree of symptoms are all over the board. Kudos for donating plasma. Mike
  14. Champ, that’s exactly what my kids said! Mike
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