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  1. Mixermarkb, you are certainly a service oriented person. Those are great offers to relieve stress for Vernon and bobby b. Mike
  2. bobby b, did your new boat get delivered? Mike
  3. With the high water we are hearing rumors that you will postpone this tournament until the fall. Any confirmation? Mike
  4. Congratulations to Biil jr and Fishinwrench. They followed the process and submitted photos that helped a lot. Mike
  5. Bill, adult only amenities? Who knew? HMMM....👍 Mike
  6. Bobby, moonshine has a fee but if you have an America the Beautiful pass there is no additional fee. Mike
  7. That’s a chunky bass for sure. Mike
  8. I think the COE is creating a new normal too. Mike
  9. Fishinwrench, here at TRL we’ve had storm after storm blow through since Vernon came to town. We think he is still here hiding somewhere. You’ve picked the right times to go out. I can only imagine how crowded LOZ is during the day this holiday weekend. Mike
  10. Wrench, nice 19.5. Healthy looking fish Mike
  11. Alex, nice set of pictures. Mike
  12. Wrench, what is the length you’re claiming on the biggest of the two fish? Mike
  13. Has to be caught in Missouri public water. Mike
  14. Make lemonade out of lemons. Nice pictures of healthy fish. Mike
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