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  1. Randy, I’m bringing a 3-burner stove to keep the chili hot so if anyone else wants to bring something that needs to be heated, this stove will handle it. Mike
  2. This discussion surfaces a lot. I agree with Bo on this one. My evidence is the A-rig. No line is more visible than the wires on the A-rig and they don’t seem to affect the fish biting that contraption. Mike
  3. Randy, I see Jeff will bring utensils. If that doesn’t include plates and napkins I have them. I’ll bring some chili for everyone. Mike
  4. Randy, glad you’re coming. I’ll bring plates, napkins and plastic ware utensils. Mike
  5. All, application is in just awaiting authorized permit and then will go to COE and get them to approve. Looking forward to another gathering with everyone. Mike
  6. Snagged, we also picked the Table Rock area as our retirement destination. Our kids and most of our grandkids are in STL so the short drive for visits is an added bonus. We began our search about 4 years before retirement and now have been here daily for 3 years. One of our best decisions. You won’t regret it. And meeting the people on the forum has been an extra pleasure. Mike
  7. m&m


    Can I interrupt and ask what’s a Ned? Mike
  8. Bo, tremendous pictures of healthy fish. You are a very patient fisherman. I tip my hat to you! Mike
  9. Jeff, hopefully you thawed it before this morning. Mike
  10. I wish all the forum members a Happy Thanksgiving. We live in the greatest country during the greatest time in history and have many things to be thankful for. In addition to the many blessings I am thankful for, I want to thank all of you who’ve shared advice and information on the forum. I truly appreciate it. Mike
  11. Pretty brave of you and apparently a good day considering the elements. Mike
  12. Sounds like many of the reports on the forum. Multiple ways to catch fish on TRL. Mike
  13. DeadCalm, great pictures of healthy fish. Ironic nickname. Must have been a wild ride back. Mike
  14. Seth, we’ve all had days like that. Mike
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