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  1. Praying all goes well for Aaron and his family. Mike
  2. Edyer, Safe travels. Mike
  3. 196, nice day for sure. Active fish. Mike
  4. Terrin, nice fish. Mike
  5. edyer, you certainly put in the effort. Nice pictures of healthy fish. Mike
  6. House. Off stormy point road. We have a view towards the dam. Mike
  7. Welcome to Springtime at Table Rock Lake. Rain, high water, and floating debris. The lake looks huge driving on the dam. Mike
  8. I’ll chime in as another Florrissant guy. Early years spent in south STL Then moved family to Florissant in ‘73. Coached soccer for Norco Eventually retired and moved to TRL. Loving it here. The old area has changed but so has south STL. I’ll say this, it is much easier to practice this social distancing here in the TRL area. Mike
  9. m&m


    Wait, what? Golfers lie too? OMG! Fisherman and golfers lie! Who knew? And why didn’t anyone tell me? Mike
  10. Wait, what? Is there an implication that fishermen may not be completely honest? Say it ain’t so. Mike
  11. m&m

    SK 3/21

    Congratulations to those who went out and enjoyed the lake on Saturday. Water is high, a little color to it and some floating debris. Be careful. Nice pictures of some healthy fish. Mike
  12. We have to get permits from both agencies. COE cancelled all TRL special event permits. Mike
  13. 196, cold front coming through tomorrow night. although it might be a good time to practice fishing in some water with color in it. Mike
  14. m&m

    Rain, Rain, Rain

    Yes but only with top water baits. Mike
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