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  1. Be My Valentine Day

    Bill, days that dreams are made of. Congratulations on the outing. Mike
  2. Big C is retiring

    Chris, congratulations on your retirement. We look forward to seeing more of you at TRL. Mike
  3. February 14, Eagle Rock - Big M area

    Quillback, nice outing for sure. Healthy looking fish from 5’ of water. Mike
  4. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    Dave, we will keep you and your family in our prayers during Lent and beyond. Mike
  5. OA One bass who is bringing what list

    Phil, Any Ozark Anglers hats left? I could use a new one and don't mind paying for it. Mike
  6. February 8, Eagle Rock to Big M

    Nice pictures. Thanks for the information. Topwater Ned? HMMM.... Mike
  7. OA One bass who is bringing what list

    I’m also bringing bowls in case someone brings a crockpot full of chili, soup or stew. Mike
  8. Border Lakes Permit (BLP)

    tjm, thanks for the information. I guess you just saved me some $$ this year. Mike
  9. We have the OAF one-bass tourney on March 10. Quillback has provided a list of those in as of today. It looks like many more fishermen could be signed up. If nothing else consider this a prefishing event for the big bass tournament a couple of weeks later. There is no entry fee for the OAF tourney. Winner is the one who weighs in the heaviest bass. You get bragging rights for a year. You can launch and fish anywhere on TRL but you have to weigh in your fish at Eagle Rock COE ramp. We also have a great lunch and you get to meet all the other OAF members face-to-face. Get signed up. Mike
  10. Border Lakes Permit (BLP)

    Here’s what I do. Although I don’t have to buy the MO Resident license because of my age, I still purchase it so I can also purchase the AR/MO border permit. Together they were only $22 last year. I haven’t bought mine this year yet but I will by the weekend. Mike
  11. Sad News

    Fishrman, sorry to hear about your son. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Mike
  12. 2017 MDC Table Rock Fish Survey

    Smalliebigs, come on down. Don’t let the lack of big fish keep you away. The challenge is to catch fish. The reward is a keeper. Mike
  13. Has the worm turned?

    Quillback, nice pictures. Sounds like a nice time. Mike
  14. finally caught a few

    Bo, good stuff. Healthy looking fish. Mike
  15. 2017 MDC Table Rock Fish Survey

    Phil, thanks for the link to the report. Now I have my excuses for each sector the lake. Mike

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