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  1. m&m

    Big M area 11/29

    Quill, fat spot. Thanks for the information. Mike
  2. m&m

    part of linda's day on the water

    Bo, way to go! Mike
  3. m&m

    deep bite is gaining steam

    Bill, well we obviously went the wrong way. Should have went south instead of the other way. 3 hours of casting and one light hit and other than the loons and eagles it was a bust. But congratulations on catching the fish that are not allowed to go into Beardsley. Mike
  4. m&m

    deep bite is gaining steam

    I was thinking of going the other way because I know the fish in that cove are trained to not bite my lures. Membership fee is in the mail though so Please don’t cancel my permit. Mike
  5. m&m

    deep bite is gaining steam

    Bill, thanks for the information. Great pictures of healthy looking fish. Might be on the water on Saturday in the same areas. Mike
  6. m&m

    communicating with the mdc

    I sent an email to the MDC asking about any census or stocking reports for the major lakes in MO. A staffer replied with a list of all the contacts for each lake and instructions to contact them directly for the information. Mike
  7. m&m

    Big M area, 11/4

    Quill, nice pictures. Thanks for the information. Mike
  8. m&m

    communicating with the mdc

    This may only be my observations but the daytime tournament weights here at TRL certainly seem to be consistently smaller on average the past 5 years. If that is true, I think the creel censuses would confirm there is an issue with certain size bass. The censuses year to year would confirm that the largest #s in class size should be moving up to the next class size the following year. For example if there are a larger # per acre of 12” bass and a smaller # per acre of 15” bass in 2015, as they grow there should be a larger # per acre of 15” bass and a smaller # per acre of 18” bass in 2016. (Not scientific but #s used only as an example-given catch rates). If the censuses reflect diminishing #s of certain class size then the MDC should determine why. At the end of the day, even with the smaller winning weights, the number of tournaments is not getting smaller. So the economic impact may not factor into it. We just become accustomed to having a limit around 12 lbs. it is interesting that most night tournaments have heavier weights. I would like to know if other major reservoirs in MO are stocked with bass. And if they are, I would ask why not TRL. Just my rambling thoughts.
  9. m&m

    10-7-18 big m

    Fall is here. Mike
  10. m&m

    Got me a newer boat. Finally!

    ST, very nice looking boat. Mike
  11. m&m

    Eagle Rock 10-7-18

    SB, nice fish. Mike
  12. m&m

    geese are headed south

    Bo, how can he fish without a hat? Mike
  13. m&m

    BFL - As a Co-Angler

    JF660R, I agree with Bill and would add the following: If you like the idea of competition, grab a buddy and enter buddy tournaments. If you’re looking to learn something about fishing, hire a guide. Mike
  14. m&m

    Baxter a.m.

    LL, congratulations on the success. Mike
  15. m&m

    Pond to the East

    RB, nice healthy looking fish. Thanks for the information. Mike

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