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  1. Shell Knob TODAY

    Bill, thanks for the report. Encouraging information for sure. Mike
  2. Long Branch report from last few days

    Blazerman, thanks for the details. Healthy looking fish. Mike
  3. Big M

    Thanks for the report. Maybe it is beginning. Mike
  4. Cape Fair 9/17

    Cheese, congratulations on the first Wally. Hard to lip land those, eh? Mike
  5. Anyone Do Fantasy Fishing?

    Champ, congratulations. Well done Mike
  6. Big M area 9/14

    Does that make you a fisherperson? Mike
  7. Big M area 9/14

    Vernon, thanks for the report. I hear it is really difficult fishing right now. One reason for you might be the U of KS woman's volleyball uniform you are wearing. I heard fish aren't hungry when they are frightened. lol Mike
  8. Phone service

    Rodmaker, I am in the dam area and my AT&T works fine until I get into the far reaches of Long creek or way up the white river. The real question should be about internet service as what I have found it is slow here. by the way, what area of the lake will you be living? Mike
  9. Anyone Do Fantasy Fishing?

    This is an offer I cannot refuse. I'll be in next year. The fees I will save so I can fish those private waters will cover the cost of the lures I may have to send to others. Mike
  10. Anyone Do Fantasy Fishing?

    Brett, although I don't do fantasy anything, I thought you did an outstanding job as the coordinator. As I read the posts I didn't see anyone complain rather everyone seemed happy. Mike
  11. Cape Fair 9/9

    Cheese, nice healthy looking fish. Thanks for the information. Mike
  12. Motor repair question

    ewlech, I appreciate everything you said until the end. don't let your wife speak to wrench . lol Mike
  13. Missouri Water Patrol

    I was talking to a family the other day. They said they have a 30' boat and only go on LOZ during the week. Their boat is too small. The complained about the really big boats. Mike
  14. Fishfinder/GPS advice Side imaging?

    I'm going to chime in. I upgraded my electronics last year. After research I chose the Raymarine dragonfly pro7. I have one on the console and one on the trolling by motor. I stayed away from SI. The units are great for the way I use them. The clarity and detail are great. Before you upgrade, I suggest you look into them. IMO Mike

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