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  1. It appears TRL has risen 2 1/2’ since Sunday morning at 9am. Mike
  2. WWM, electronics certainly help. Great pictures. We now expect your reports in the future to be very detailed and hopefully you will find similar success. Sometime the fish win. Mike
  3. QB, nice set of pictures. Very healthy fish. Morning bite seems to on right now. Mike
  4. gitnby, the smile on their faces says it all. Mike
  5. Congratulations on the finish. Tough to lose one at the boat. Mike
  6. Yesterday morning the fish won! Mike
  7. bferg, sounds like you adjusted well. Healthy looking fish. Mike
  8. m&m

    Dam area 6/13

    Chris, they were pretty close to your home. Pick a morning and I’ll meet you at the dock. Mike
  9. Bill, great report of a tremendous morning of fishing. Thanks for all you do for everyone on the forum. Mike
  10. abk, nice trip for sure. Quality fish. Mike
  11. m&m

    Cape Fair

    Royal Blue, nice day for sure. Mike
  12. m&m

    Cape Fair

    Dutch, what area will you fish? Mike
  13. m&m

    Dam area 6/13

    1/8 head. One of Dave’s. Mike
  14. I was able to go fishing today from 9-1. WT was 77 in the area around the dam. I hit a couple of secondary points and caught 4 and 3 were keepers 2 smallies and a KY. Found them using the electronics. PBJ Ned in 15-20 fow. Boat was sitting deeper though. Something I learned from Mr. Babler. I had another one on that looked to be a good size largemouth but as I reached for the net, the fish pulled line and went deep. Broke off a ned. Boats came out pulling tubers so I headed in. Mike
  15. Great memories. Family time is great. Mike
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