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  1. Hunter, some days you win and some days the fish win. Sounds like you had a winning day for the dog days of August. Mike
  2. Here’s my 2 cents worth....I love to fish so I try to go to a new spot each time out. I try to use the electronics to locate fish and baitfish. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Fishing to me is like the cake, catching is like the icing on the cake. So for me it is a mindset. Anytime on the water spent fishing is a good time. I try to appreciate it every time. But I agree that this OA forum has helped me understand this lake a lot better. I wish I had Bo’s courage to fish at night but maybe I will this fall after the pleasure boaters dry dock their rigs. In the meantime, I enjoy the fishing and get really excited during the catching part (if it happens). Mike
  3. Quill, nice pictures. Congratulations on braving the heat and humidity. Mike
  4. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he has to have a boat, 10 rods and reels and $4,000 worth of tackle. Mike
  5. Bill, I’ve been out with you on the water a couple of times and we have another trip set for October. I appreciate your explanation of the various types of clients who hire guides. To anyone who is thinking about hiring a guide you should understand that you’re paying for knowledge. Catching fish is the extra part. There is a reason it is called fishing and not called catching. To Bill, all the other guides and all the people who share their knowledge of TRL, I say thank you. Mike
  6. Two guys were fishing in Alaska and camping in the wilderness. One night as the two were sleeping a bear was rummaging through their campsite and headed for the tent. They awoke to the sounds of the growling bear. They jumped up and one guy stopped to put on his shoes. The other guy says, “you can’t outrun that bear.” The guy with the shoes on says, “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun YOU.” Have fun and looking forward to the pictures and stories. Mike
  7. I bought a new trolling motor and took my older bow mounted motor guide to Branson West Marine and had them completely rebuild it. It is a Motor Guide Digital Tour 24 volt with 82 lbs thrust. Contact me if you’re interested. Mike
  8. Steve, it sure was hot. Chunky spots. Lmb looked good also. Mike
  9. Sprint21fter, sweet 4 days. Congratulations. Mike
  10. Jeremy, looks like somebody likes pink. You’re making Great memories with your fishing buddy. Mike
  11. m&m

    new member

    murdok, welcome to our world. Many of us who live here and can fish table rock lake every day, have similar results. Don’t get discouraged though, keep trying different things but also imagine how some of these spots will be in the spring or fall and then plan your next trip during those times. You’ll be ahead of them by then. Mike
  12. Fishrman, sounds like a great day. You fished till noon? We saw boaters, tubers, skiers and jet skis out very early. Mike
  13. Bo, nice of you to let your brother hold the fish. Mike
  14. m&m

    new member

    Welcome to the forum. Good luck. If you get on the lake by 5am and idle out to the gravel point, you can listen for any top water action. The dam area is clear and don’t be afraid to fish in the evening into darkness. Mike
  15. BassPaster, it’s pretty tough around the dam right now. Like quill said, use your electronics to locate fish and go after them. Mike
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