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  1. m&m

    Big M area 2/13

    Quill and Bo, thanks for the tip about braid on a Ned Rig. I was thinking about doing it this year. You’ve given me ideas on color and size. I do not use a leader on anything except a C-rig. I figure if the A-rig wires don’t scare a fish from biting, braid certainly won’t either. One less knot I have to worry about. My boat is at Ulrich for a spring checkup so it gives me time to organize my tackle, service my reels and change line. I totally agree about the stable weather too. Bring it on! Mike
  2. m&m

    Clunn gets it done!

    My son tells me that the young guns are so in tune with their electronics that they don’t cast as much as us old guys. Many of them have 4 - 15” screens for their electronics and because of their experience with video games and computers, they can cast to the fish’s mouth. Mike
  3. m&m

    Lower End Bite Feb 2nd & 3rd

    David, Great Pictures of healthy bass. Congratulations. Mike
  4. m&m

    Bass Pro Tour

    Thanks hunter Mike
  5. m&m

    Bass Pro Tour

    Is the BPT on a cable tv channel or do you have to watch it on the internet? Mike
  6. bobby, I have a consulting business so I wanted unlimited internet. We pay $150.00 a month for unlimited and it is at 30mbs download speed. We get the buffering thing also for about 10 seconds when we down load a movie. Been very happy with the service. Mike
  7. I’m by the dam and use Viastat. It is a satellite service but it is pretty fast for rural areas. Mike
  8. m&m

    Kim City - Jan 22 deep bite

    Dock, good looking fish. Mike
  9. I agree with abk, the reason it is hard for me to catch fish is not my fault. Nature is against me. And there is at least one very productive cove that is restricted. I guess that is why it should be called casting instead of fishing. Sounds better too. “I went out today and made 1,200 casts.” Instead of “I went out today and caught 3 fish with 1 keeper.” At least now I know it is not just my ability. Nature is my foe. Mike
  10. I’ve got the plates, plastic ware, and napkins plus I’ll bring an extra 6’ table. Mike
  11. I’m just not that mad at them right now. Mike
  12. m&m


    DGR57, welcome to the forum. Great group of people on this forum willing to share. Mike
  13. m&m

    Sunday Trip

    Fat smallmouth for sure. Mike
  14. m&m

    Kings River 3 hour tour!

    Sprint, thanks for the information. 3 hours and 6 keepers sounds like a fun time. Mike
  15. m&m

    Big M area 11/29

    Quill, fat spot. Thanks for the information. Mike

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