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  1. Bo, nice day. Great pictures. Mike
  2. Cape Fair

    There’s no place like home. Nice healthy looking fish. Thanks for the information. Mike
  3. do the bass know something we don't??

    Bo & Quill, thanks for the information. Mike
  4. Big M area - 11/08

    Quill, certainly one of the better reports lately. Congratulations on the nice fish. Great pictures. Ned, the new fall and winter bait. It is hard to put it down. It flat out catches fish. Mike
  5. Abk & Alex, thanks for the reports. I haven’t seen many boats around the dam area for the past week or so. Mike
  6. Big M area - 11/06

    Quill, thanks for the report. I’m happy for you that you got out. It’s been about a month for me but now I’m ready to try it. I might get out later this week. Nice picture. Mike
  7. White Bass Size limit

    I’m having trouble visualizing the type of spots you two are describing. Maybe if you PM me with the map location I will get a better grasp of what you are saying. lol Mike
  8. B.A.S.S. Rule Change

    I took all my tackle out of my boat before I took it to Ulrich for some warranty work. I realized I have a lot of tackle that I did not throw this year. Flat boxes I didn’t even open. HMMM....have I become one of THOSE guys who has too much tackle?? Say it ain’t so. Mike
  9. Roaring River- Table Rock Lake

    And don’t forget that cove with no name but lots of snakes. Mike
  10. October 9. Big M area

    Quill, thanks for the report. Nice healthy looking fish. Mike
  11. Tournaments galore

    176, sounds like you just fish charity tournaments because you are always donating your entry fee. Just sayin Mike
  12. Browning Air Stream Rods

    Snagged, I’ll assume it wasn’t the one you gave your wife that was still on her finger. That would be cruel. I solved the problem of my ring coming off by gaining enough weight that I can’t get it off my finger. Mike
  13. Navigating the Kings Question

    Vernon, it is good to read your post showing that you guys take the time to enjoy the beauty of TRL. You gave him very good advice. Mike
  14. Quill & Carl, thankf for the information. Seems difficult right now. Mike
  15. New play toy's

    176, does it come in white? Mike

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