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  1. Interesting. We did hit the back of Soap, and the shad were everywhere. Didn't notice the higher temps though, but maybe I didn't look, because the water was so clear - I guess I assumed it wasn't as warm as other, more murky, areas. Thanks.
  2. IMO...the Red Eye lipless is over-hyped and over-priced. I have some, and I still throw them, but they're no better than seem of the cheaper BPS and Academy Sports lipless cranks. That H2O Express lipless is really nice. Curious...where did you find 48 degree water? We were all over the Gravois Arm - particularly Indian Creek - and didn't find anything warmer than 46, but most was between 43 and 45. Caught several fish on Friday, only a few dinks on Saturday and Sunday. It was TOUGH. Thanks! BTW...if you were up that way - we were buzzing around in a black skeeter - big guy at the helm with bright orange windbreaker and a bright yellow Lews hat tight lines. PMR
  3. We will be staying in the 1st cove on the eastern side as you head up the Indian Creek arm. I guess we'll have to make a few runs here and there to see what we've got. I like clearer water for fishing jerk baits, but if the dirtier water is warmer and we can find fish shallow - well...we'll adjust. Anything to write home about on Sunday? Attached is the water clarity at the Water's Edge motel in Gravois Mills - taken about 2 hours ago.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I was able to cancel my rental on the Little Niangua an find a place on the Gravois. Owner sent me pic of water near his dock - visibility abot 3 feet. Still...to my original post...no public water temps online I guess? Have never fished a decent sized lake in the midwest where water temps can't be found beforehand. Though...I suppose you can't beat the firsthand info available from the anglers here! P
  5. "Muddy"....really? What a bummer. We are heading down this weekend. Booked a AirBnB place on the Little Niangua Arm. If it's truly muddy then maybe we should cancel and move closer to the dam. What do you think. And, if you don't mind me asking, where did your temps come from? Your boat, I hope! Thanks. PMR
  6. Been searching online for almost an hour and can't believe that the most visited lake in the state does not have surface temp available online. One would think there would be a temp at multiple locations. If anyone knows of a source, please share. (Angler Spy only has Bull shoals and Table Rock). Tight lines. PMR
  7. rains coming Good Friday so I'm on my way to the river right now. have a great day at work everybody!
  8. Close, but no cigar. The BassTrix lure only comes in 3" and 4" - this thing measures exactly 4.75". And the flat part of the tail is longer than the BassTrix lure. I checked my order history at all sites I shop online and came up with nothing. Perhaps I picked this up in a bin at Bass Pro, or some other shop, and it's actually a BassTrix prototype - something they got on the shelves at a store before the lure settled in to what it is today. In any case, it's very similar, but not the same thing. Thanks!
  9. True...9 days from now 1/2 the rivers in the state could be out of their banks - but the other half...different story. I've never in my life cancelled a fishing trip for bad weather. Seriously. I'll pack up and drive to Arkansas, or even Tennessee if need be. I HOPE to float closer to home, but come hell or...high water...I will fish.
  10. Been throwing these for 2 years now and I'm down to my last one - but have no idea who makes it! I think it's a drop shot worm but I fish it more like a fluke. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the speedy replies everyone. If it's floatable Good Friday, and we luck in to some fish, I'll post some pics when we return.
  12. I think I floated nearly every mile of the Meramec in my bachelor days. I've been married for almost 15 years and have been busy raising 4 boys - but as they are getting older, and prod me to fish almost every weekend, I am finally getting back to my beloved Missouri rivers. The boys have floated the entire Jacks Fork 3 times now and have experienced the Meramec, Huzzah, Courtois, Black, Big, and a few others. But the one section of heavenly smallmouth water that has forever eluded me is the upper-most Meramec. I've done Hwy 8 to Scott's Ford dozens of times - and looking upstream at put in (when there was daylight) always awakened an uneasy curiosity that only faded after shoving off and focusing on the float at hand. In exactly 9 days my 13 year old and I hope to get on the water for some Spring-time bronzeback action - something I haven't seen since the Buffalo River in '98. We live in Maryland Heights but will be in Warrenton the night before our float. AS we’ll be close, my original plan was to hit the Bourbeuse for the first time in 12 years - but that section of the Meramec just keeps calling me. I need to put my son on some fish, that's a given, so I'm not opposed to floating a different section of the river – or a different river altogether - but I've often heard above Hwy 8 is typically most floatable in the spring. We'll be paddling kayaks and plan to put in at the low water bridge at Hwy U. So, after that book I just typed.... Does anyone have an opinion on that upper stretch of water? Recommend any other stretch for this time of year? My inclination - should we not do that float is to do the Hwy 8 to Scott's and double up the fun with trout and smallies. But, like I said...I've been there - done that. Also, can someone recommend an outfitter to shuttle my vehicle to Hwy 8 access? Thanks in advance. I just joined the site yesterday - don't know what took me so long! Pat Reddy
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