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  1. slab slinger

    May 6th

    Way to go D. Congrats on sticking another hog.
  2. This late in the spawn The fish on the banks are so sporadic one day they bite and the next not. Your better off locating the post spawn females for a reliable bite. Look for suspended fish in spawning coves thats them. Good luck.
  3. Great report hammer. Awsome day on the water. Glad to see some males still in spawn colors. Was on Truman all last weekend. I'm ready to get back out on Stockton.
  4. Good job on 2 old gobblers. Man what hooks on those birds. Congrats.
  5. Glad to join the tagged out club. Got it done this morning with a good buddy of mine. Yes a prostaff hunter and competition caller. Its almost a guided hunt with him. His land him calling and videoing. Kinda nice to just sit back and enjoy the show and just worrie about pulling the trigger. Got lucky and Got one before the rain started up on dade county. Another 2 yr old. 10 in beard and 1 in spurs. Hope it good for those hunting this weekend.
  6. Congrats Billethead...Taged out...you dog....haha. I bet you get tired of all the hunnting, fishing, and shroomin you get to do all the time. Sounds like an awfull life. Lol. Haven't had a chance to go again but headed out in the morning to try for my 2nd bird.
  7. Those are some big whites. Hammer Time hope you stick around you are a great attribute to the form.
  8. Love seeing the kids enjoying the day fishing with dad. Looks like she couldn't be happier.
  9. Congrats Mrs. Billethead. Great bird. Way to go.
  10. Yes shes a English Setter. Retired bird dog of mine 14 yrs old. She's the clean up crew around here.
  11. Fished my friends work tournement today from 630 to 330. It was good early morning till around 10am then boy did it slow down. Targeted pre spawn females on the Big Sac Arm. The fish were there but tight lipped after the sun got high. Fished 8-12 fow with 1/8 oz. jigs slow retreave was key. We managed 22 keeper crappie, 3 eyes, and 3 whites. We took first place with 6.30 lbs. (7 fish) and our big fish was 1.20 lbs. We lost big fish by a darn ounce and squeaked by with the win by an ounce. All in all a beautiful day and a great few hours fishing. All boats had fish but said it was tough. Took an eggpic for those who care to see. Good luck.
  12. I had trouble with finding keepers on little sac arm last Thursday. Tons of fish on banks but you have to work through all the shorts to find any size. Moved to big sac arm today and it payed off.
  13. Congrats on the morels John. Couple real dandys there. Cool info. Thanks billethead.
  14. Don't think you'll be able to get above powerline in a boat unless you've got a jet. Gets real shallow and narrow up there.
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