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  1. Thanks Panfisher! You usually have the inside skinny!
  2. MOpanfisher do you know what the 10 day release schedule looks like? Just wonder if Memorial weekend is going to be a flood out for us since the lake will keep rising. Just curious if they have a tentative date or lake level at Truman when they will release. They are releasing water at all the other Osage reservoirs but Pomme.
  3. MoPanfisher, looking at the latest lake level forecast, is there any reason why they are cutting it down to 50 cfs and holding the lake almost 3 1/2 foot high at 842.5.? Shouldn't they be pulling it down to pool around 839? Just curious...
  4. Panfisher, do you know why they are holding the lake 2-1/2 foot high during wettest part of the year? Seems like every time the lake jumps up, they release until the lake gets to 841.5 when multipurpose pool is 839. Just wondering...
  5. We did really good off the dock this weekend. They were deep, 20' FOW catching them over structure in about 10'-12' FOW. Mostly males, couple of big females thrown in. The weather was the main problem Saturday. Really windy, once the sun broke out, the cover under the dock got going. Its only going to get better!
  6. Never mind, I just saw the current copy on the website. An update on any major changes would be nice if you could pass them along! Save the reading of 150+ pages. As usual, thanks for keeping us up to date on this stuff!
  7. Will a copy of the new plan be available to the general public?
  8. What a crazy year with all the high water! I thought July was crazy since usually we flood in the spring but to have this in January is even more odd! I just wonder what spring holds for us . I stopped by the lake week before last and could not believe how high the water was. 1993 all over again. Even more, it could have gone up another 10 feet before it would reach maximum flood pool! Can't even imagine what that would have looked like! Do you still see .6 a day drop, or will the drop fall with decreased outflow?
  9. FYI....Also thought I would throw out, the Harbor is closed until further notice due to flooding. Just saw that on my Facebook feed from their feed. This would include the restaurant, and marina (gas) I am assuming.
  10. Thanks for explanation... It did not make any sense to me as to why as high as the lake has gotten, they have not bumped release up when I knew at other times when the lake has been at lower elevation that they would run 3500 CFS. Just wishful thinking they can drop the lake quicker so we can start enjoying summer again.....
  11. Thanks, I have seen that, and it shows the control points and flood zones for Truman, but not Pomme. Just curious at what point they will step up from 2800 CFS like they use to do to more like 3500 CFS. I was once told that 3500 CFS was the maximum they could release without causing downstream flooding and erosion. Obviously if we were in catastrophic flood, they would have to release more, but we are nowhere near that. The lake would tend to drop about .6 a day at 3500CFS release. We have to be getting to that critical point. More rain and the lake may push over 860. Just hoping the rain will stop and they can start moving some water so my family's summer is not lost!
  12. Panfisher, Do you know where I can find the lake regulation manual for Pomme De Terre. I was searching for the flood control zones and release points for Pomme. I did a google search, but nothing turned up. Thanks
  13. And the drum beats on...looks like they are shutting down the release and the inflows are rising...up she goes AGAIN....maybe we will be close to normal by November! LOL...
  14. I think it will pass the lake forecast from yesterday. I bet we see 857 when this is all said and done. Does the public have access to that 10 day forecast you post? Also, they use to let more than 2800 CFS out of the lake, more like 3500 CFS, can they still do that once they the other lakes under control? The Ozarks is 2.5 feet over full pool and rising. This is just crazy!
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