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  1. Musky . Probably released by some Fellows lake anglers. I have seen 2 caught in the lake and one below the dam. A couple of years ago several Talapia were caught . When the lake froze and thawed there were several dead Talapia around the old outlet. I have seen some strange looking fish over the years. Only one gar. People release them when they outgrow aquariums or they move.
  2. Excellent! I will try to get it up there hopefully somtime this week. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Not bad and OUCH! I read recently that you were very busy. I am in no big hurry and you have excellent reputation as being honest. I live in Springfield but would have no problem with driving
  4. Thank you for your response. Do you have a rough idea of the most those repairs would cost. It doesn't sound like that's something I could do myself.
  5. It is the shaft to shift rod linkage. It has made a grinding noise 2 times when I put it in forward. After 2-4 attempts it did engage and I drove it back. It did it again when trailering so I just cranked it on the trailer. It goes into reverse with no problems. Drained the lower unit and it was clean. I am going on what I found on the internet.
  6. I have watched some videos on how to adjust the shift linkage on a 95 200 hsp. Mercury black max. Looks fairly straight forward. A buddy warned me that it needs to be adjusted very precise . Is this something I should attempt or have a mechanic look at it?
  7. The bass pro outlet had quite a few terrovas and some ulteras when I was in there the other day.
  8. I thought I might have known you. I have only seen one gar in the lake and thought you might have been the guy who caught it. I have always found it strange there are not gar in the lake.
  9. Alabama rig is good bet. Jerk baits work also, especially this time of year. I have never purposely fished for muskie and have not fished fellows for a few years because of catching muskie. They can ruin a bait in a hurry.
  10. This should be posted at every ramp skiers,wake borders an jet skies use.
  11. I don't belive giving the park cops trash bags would help, I fish lake Springfield enough I could have my mail delivered there, and lucky if I see one 2 times a year since they turned the hot water off. If they had a presence, I can only wonder if it would be as bad. This morning at least 5 dead turtles, which I see alot. Smashed by rocks.
  12. I don't think the city hates fishing, just the trash, line and hooks some leave behind. Go below lake Springfield dam on a Monday the beer cans, bait containers and general trash is horrible. After spoon bill season the treble hooks can hurt. I have experienced the same at Fellows and McDaniels , they do have people that clean it up.
  13. Fished out of Empire on Saturday. Best 5 came on frog, probably 14#s. Caught probably 40 fish, only 7 over 12". Small worm caught numbers, frog caught better fish.
  14. Not so good actually no keepers. Had a good practice last weekend the fish were shallow and active tough getting the boys to move out and slow down. We were forced with moter to stay close to ramp. Great time though. Next year I will have 2 of my boys fishing with me, can't wait. I am die hard and addicted to fishin it was a hard day not being able to fish. Kinda like your starving and have to stand in a buffet line for 8 hours without eating.
  15. Thank you very much I will do that. You have been very helpful and it is much appreciated.
  16. Boat started peferct every time . Would get on plane for 2 minutes or so, consistent every time, then would want to bog down till I backed off the throttle some then would pick back up and for another couple of minutes. From one problem to the next I guess.
  17. I am in Springfield Ketchup. Ok, no additives then ( a little hard to swallow for me) Any suggestions on fuel. 91 octane that is ethanol free is available at some stations and only get what I feel I will use that weekend.Thanks again for all the help and advice I will post on how it runs sunday.
  18. Thanks RangerR83, i wouldn't have to write that all down in check list to remember it. Mine either starts and runs perfect or won't start, I Can tell immediately whether it will start or not. I have started it every day this week with muffs and it has started right up. I have cleaned every connection and did not notice anything . I will fish the high school tournament on Stockton sunday but not get out of trolling motor range, hopefully all will be ok. I have noticed in past post fishinwrench you do not like the "magic additives" what would you recommend?
  19. Excellent thank you again. I have checked the connections but I will check again and clean them all . I could be missing one someplace. I appreciate all your advise .
  20. I did the compression check today on all 6 cylinders. 5 were 90 psi 1 was 89 psi on a cold engine. All the plugs looked the same, a little oil no water that I could see . Checked the fuel on the out going side of fuel pump shot out in a good steam. The gas looked ok although I am not overly sure what bad gas would look like unless it was obvious. Hooked up the muffs and she fired right up. The plugs were all just past finger tight. I put them back just a touch tighter. Is this correct? Thanks for all your help and dam that was a nice bass!
  21. I would gladly drive that far for a mechanic with your reputation. My daughter and 2 of my son's love to fish. I bought this boat last August so my son's can fish the high school fishing. It is truly a blessing to get your children involved in hunting and fishing. There are just so few bad influences in the woods or near the water. I bought a compression tester and hopefully will test it tomorrow. Thanks for your advise.
  22. Thank you very much. It is hard to beat a man at his trade. I will try the steps you have given me and go from there. From what I can see compression testing is the same as on a truck. Fuel preasure testing looks a bit more complicated. I have a high school fishing tournament with my son sunday, so the trolling motor will have to do. I have been known to trip over a dollar to save a dime before. I believe I saw you were located in loz that's a pretty good trip for me, especially considering my truck is older than my boat.
  23. Thank you for your response. I have not had the compression checked or checked the plugs, I will do this when funds are available. My motor is fuel injection. I will do some research on checking the fuel pressure. Would draining the tanks and putting new fuel in be a logical first step? I feel like something may be clogging the fuel line. Is this possible? When it starts it runs perfect . Unfortunately I am on a budget.
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