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  1. Just curious how everyone's been doing out there. Haven't been out in a few weeks because of work. I see the lake is finally getting a little back to normal levels (if normal is a thing at Pomme).
  2. I'm not a bass expert either. I sort of fish like a child . . . ask alot of questions, fish with what's been successful, and completely forget what I learned.
  3. Yes!!! Thank you Gumboot! Was curious if anyone has any info on the bass spawn right now????????????????????
  4. Just curious how the bass and crappie are doing as of recently. Not sure how the rain last night will affect it. Last week we did pretty good fishing in 25 fow catching them around 10ish feet. The crappie that is. All the fish were full of eggs. Are they catching about the same? Also curious how the bass are doing? We just caught babies while fishing for crappie
  5. Went out today and Saturday . . .unfortunately after all the rain. Fishing was bad. Water is real muddy. Talked to many more on the lake and was consoled with similar reports. The debris and wind on Saturday was pretty mean. Does anyone know, roughly, how long it takes the lake to recover after an even like this?
  6. Haven't had a chance to get to the lake yet. How are things (other than the traffic, I know that's bad) ? Where ya'll finding the fish at?
  7. Great Crappie report! Thanks for the knowledge! Anyone have a bass report??????
  8. If the shad are everywhere, are the White Bass easy to catch now? I've run into that a couple of times where just throwing a bare hook would work!
  9. How deep are you all finding the crappie?
  10. I'm also curious about a fishing report! I've stopped by Bolivar Landing several times in the last month to see only a couple of boats each time. The water is still up in the turn around. My boat is dusty!!!!!
  11. Checked it out for myself today. Lake is way up into turn around and large logs. Just as you said. Hope it gets launch-able in a couple of weeks . . .or more?!
  12. I'll try this again. Anyone been out to Bolivar landing? What's it like?
  13. Anyone been out to Bolivar Landing?
  14. Anyone have any news on fishing in the morning? Been hearing of a good late afternoon / evening bite. How about the morning?
  15. This is probably a bad time to ask (considering the extended heat, lack of rain, etc.), but when is a good time to fish for Muskie at Pomme? Spent a week last month catching Pike in northern Minnesota and am itching to catch some muskie here at home.
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