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  1. I was down at Bass for a family camping trip this weekend. Didn’t fish much but caught a few using a wacky rig or trick worm around the rip rap they dumped along the bank. It looked like there were several bass and goggleye guarding beds. Biggest caught was probably around 14”
  2. Wow, haven’t been by there in a long time.
  3. I guess the lake you can fish is the one along Salt Lick. So you can just go park and fish it or do you have to ask?
  4. I call geese with no call. Started when I was in grade school. I could mimic Canadas, Specks, and Snows until I had a bad case of strep throat. Now I can only do Canada and Snows and the Canada sounds are not as sharp or high pitched. ( I would have likely chosen Goosetalker, but on the first forum ever got on, that name was already taken)
  5. We floated this stretch yesterday and had a decent day of fishing for both bass and rock bass. Most of our bass were 12-15”. Most of the rock bass were really good size. For whatever reason, it did not seem like the fish wanted to chase baits at all. I caught one nice largemouth on a spook, and a small one on a fluke. Otherwise it was all wacky rigs, Neds, and HD craw. I had large smallmouth explode on a fluke in a fast riffle as I was reeling really fast to get it out of the way of a canoe. Tried but never had another hit in a riffle like that the rest of the day. Even dead drifted through riffles and the tailings and had maybe a hit or two. There are 2 German shepherds on this stretch that followed us for miles all the way back to Indian Springs. They were friendly, but annoying as heck. They greeted everyone but they seemed especially fixated on us as they followed us around after the float as well. We never fed them and I did not see anyone else feed them. They have the owners number on the collar which we were able to call before we left. It was a pain as we could not stop without them showing up and swimming around us. Not really a problem for the general float crowd but kind of a annoying deal for those fishing. We reported the issue to Indian Springs even though there is not much they can do I suppose. Just wanted to make them aware. They stated it has happened in the past but ours was the first report of the year.
  6. I'll be floating Monday from Scott's Ford. I was curious to see how the water color was so thanks for the report.
  7. Thanks for the review. I definitely intend to use this as more of and waterwillow/laydown frog, not so much mats and pads. I have a few creeks that I can wade the edges but are deep enough to go over my head with big lay downs. I bought one in white. I will likely bend the hooks out just a bit. If it doesn’t work out it won’t be the first time that has happened.
  8. Yeah, I was looking into the Sprinker and it seems that maybe the Booya was built better from reviews. I also thinking for open water situations I could add a trailer single or treble hook that would hang off the belly of the frog so I wouldn't have to sacrifice hook up and utilize one bait. Not sure if that would mess up how it tracked in the water or not. Also trying to decide what color I would get if I only get one. I fish some lakes, but would also take it on the Meramec. Obviously be best to get a few in different colors.
  9. Anyone have any experience with the Toad Runner? I will likely add a whopper plopper to my bag as well but I have some wading spots where a weed less option would really help.
  10. IWe did Berryman back to Bass one year and got caught in a big storm. Luckily, we actual were right by Blunts so we were able to get under the pavilion
  11. Lots of options if you want to mainly target bass. My only experience has been the 9 mile float offered by Ozark Outdoors from The Bluffs back to their place. It's a little longer than I like to do for my style, and by the time you hit the Huzzah confluence it seems the last stretch takes forever. Lots of jets put in at Onondaga. If you like to fish fast stuff most of the day then you have plenty of time to fish, even with a few stops if you get out on their first shuttle. They also offer some floats below their place, but I can't offer any advice on those. Otherwise, though not the Meramec, I have always enjoyed using Bass (Courtois) or Huzzah Valley (Huzzah) and fishing down to Scotia on one river the 1st day and then down the next the 2nd day. I prefer the Courtois as it is a bit more scenic float. Both are 6 mile floats. They also have floats above their place, although I have only done the Courtois trips. It varies every time I go on what works best, but I tend to carry 3 rods. One with a topwater, one with a fluke, and either a HD Craw, Chomper Hula Grub, or Ned. My best trip was a great spinner bait bite along with one stretch where the Ned hammered both bass and goggle eye. My wife and I will likely be floating from Scott's Ford down to Indian Springs the beginning of July to try out a new section.
  12. Well, we will not be doing a float Saturday. Thanks everyone for the insight. I will keep it all in mind when I take a trip with my wife in July.
  13. Thanks for the information. I have never looked into those resorts west of Steeleville, and have never been up that far on the Meramec. Looks like between Fagan and Indian Springs you can float just below where the Red Ribbon trout area ends. Anyone catch trout below that area?
  14. A friend and I may do a day float on May 19th and I have a few questions/concerns. It's been years since we have been able to fish together. We will being using one of the resorts on the Meramec, Huzzah or Courtois, just not sure which one yet. We will likely do a 6 mile float so we can take our time. I have never been this time of year, as my trips have always been in June and July. How are the Saturday crowds at this time? I would like to avoid targeting spawners if possible, but I may not always be able to avoid it. What locations should we target first for either pre spawn/post spawn fish? (not sure at what stage most of the fish will be at by next week). I've read a few articles, but local experience always helps. We will likely bring panfish stuff as well if the bass are not cooperating.
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