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  1. 176champion

    Mercury Dip Stick

    Which tank the tank on the motor or the tank in the bilge area? If it's the tank on your motor it's the low oil sending unit.
  2. 176champion

    Big M area 12/12

    Thanks for the report Quill......Looks like a good day all around..... Wish i could get out but Doctors are screwing with me.....lol
  3. I'm here to tell you when Author visits your hands and fingers it is difficult to get your fingers to do what you want.
  4. 176champion

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

    A 15" fish is 4-5 years old from what i have read. I think it would help a lot to not have NO tournaments during spawn..but we all know that won't happen.
  5. 176champion

    Black Friday/Cyber monday

    I don't used the console for anything other than lake map and gps (been lost before...lol), the bow unit i use to find bottom or structure....
  6. 176champion

    Black Friday/Cyber monday

    I pulled the electronics off of my 176 and put on my 190, since the 73sv garmin was only couple months old and the helix 7 on bow was a year old.
  7. 176champion

    Black Friday/Cyber monday

    New to me back in August ..1995 19' Champion.. My 17'6" champion is for sale.
  8. 176champion

    Black Friday/Cyber monday

    Kind of hard to justify putting a 2500 dollar trolling motor on a 2500 dollar boat..
  9. 176champion

    Black Friday/Cyber monday

    I have been building on MHX rod blanks figured i would try something different..the Loomis rods are delta's and of coarse they will be spiral wrap design.
  10. 176champion

    Black Friday/Cyber monday

    Only thing i bought was 2 Gary Loomis rod blanks at 65% off.....
  11. 176champion

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

    Accommodations, restaurants, things to do and see all equate in the attraction to TRL...
  12. 176champion

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

    Just curious ...what does a tournament permit cost to have a tournament on Table Rock or any other lake in Missouri?
  13. 176champion

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

    Nice write up Mr. Babler... Bo is right there is no secret spot on table rock. Fished a tournament back in October and found a spot in the afternoon and caught a couple 3 pounders, figured hit that spot first thing the next morning and there was 6 boats fishing in that spot and area. So we ran up the White to couple spots we have fished before and had some success and guess what boats sitting in those spots as well..I don't fish where others are fishing so we went on.
  14. 176champion

    Switch Panel recommendations?

    I guess i didn't read the net part..my bad...i have a rubber fabril net...notice i didn't say i use a rubber net?....lol
  15. 176champion

    Switch Panel recommendations?

    What's nets have to do with switch panels?

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