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  1. Not only that but he pushes your boat away from the dock as you try to get in or out of your boat......I pulled up to the dock at shell knob one time and 3 kids came popping out from underneath the dock...
  2. I moved all the gps numbers around at Big M also..Quill could wind up at holiday Island or Kimberling City...lol
  3. I saw many of those 30 foot plus boats being trailered and pulled in to gas stations to fill up on the way to lake.
  4. I have to admit i like it better than Shell knob.. I figured you would enjoy seeing this ....lol
  5. I have an Onyx also and it goes on before i get in boat and stays on till i get off the boat......I have heard rumors of the Onyx going off in your rod locker due to moisture since i believe it is of the pill dissolve design...the mustang i believe is of the pressure activation design......Onyx cost 17 - 20 bucks to rearm and mustang cost 40 to 50 bucks to rearm.
  6. Took a ride down to Big M today..mainly to get a new yearly pass....went down to boat ramp and it is very usable now they have the dock pulled up to where it can be used now..water is still high but you can park there now...you can see where the water line was on the bathroom there also.
  7. Glad to hear your ok....i have noticed i seem to dehydrate easier in the last year than i use to and it's not hard to do..
  8. The slips there has a main locked gate to the dock and slips...lol
  9. Ok ty....i like using that ramp for when i need to get my boat off trailer to work on trailer....last i heard it was pretty much under water.
  10. Nice cheese...way to get after them... So you went up pass point 15 sign 1.5 miles now did you fish the left side or the right side ...oh hell I know about where you was at....lol...is Bridgeport boat ramp usable yet..the one by the subdivision?
  11. Thanks for report Quill!! If Quill was near point 23 he probably found one of my spots...lol
  12. Sounds about like my dad, only i think instead of the doughnuts he would of invited the guy to the bank right off the bat.. I use to get that a lot in the grass flats in Florida guy would come zooming up with in 20 foot of my boat and i would just ask him if he wanted to just tie his boat up to mine and fish out of my boat and they would usually leave.
  13. Thanks for report Quill!! Nice fishes
  14. There is a fix to the problem, but no one knows what common sense is in the higher ups...that's all i have to say about this..
  15. I would not wana be on the water this weekend..with all the campers and boats i saw heading towards table rock lake today.... Have a safe trip home...