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  1. Diawa Tatula

    I have 2 Lew's reels 1of them not to fond of the other seems to be better, it's the IFS speed spool that i like.
  2. Getting the green algae stain off my boat?

    Run thru some red algae now and you will be good to go for Christmas..lol Sorry just had to say that. They say purkleen is good also, i have always hull cleaner by attwood and it seems to work.
  3. Diawa Tatula

    That's what im putting it on is a crankbait rod, it was either the Diawa or a ABU Garcia revo3s.. My orra winch went to sounding like a coffee grinder...lol
  4. Diawa Tatula

    Just bought a Diawa Tatula 100 6.3:1 gear ratio these any good?
  5. Release boats?

    And when you take Bass off there bed and move them 40 miles from there beds then the survival of the eggs are in jeopardy.
  6. Spinnerbait Question

    I do not use a trailer hook on my spinner baits.
  7. Saturday out of Holiday Island

    Table rock has more Tournament boats on it in one weekend than Lake Stockton does for the whole month, but there is no pressure on the fish in Table Rock.
  8. FLW Costa

    Try over 400 boats next weekend..a couple tourny's next weekend.
  9. Release boats?

    Now we went from chasing release boats to chasing snakes?
  10. Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    Ok so i will ask now then..Where will the release boat be at releasing all the caught Bass?? Hides under the house...
  11. Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    My selected line up was ready over a week ago lol
  12. April 19, Indian Creek

    Nice..fish for supper..
  13. crappie goods

    Look at the size of that hook..lol
  14. crappie goods

    someone say crappie...
  15. Big M 4/17/2018

    I did not see any of them fishing, just racing around, they would go by and about 20 minutes later they would go by going the other way, guess they where scanning the water at 50 - 60 mph..

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