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  1. I have a 73sv echomap plus which isn't quite a year old yet and have had no issues and it has a good picture.
  2. Im thinking on table rock during the summer prop noise is a given and 24/7 especially when the idiots drive between you and the bank...lol
  3. Thanks quill!! nice fishes...
  4. I know the boat being up shallow on them don't scare them, had to change the trailer on my spinnerbait and boat had drifted up to about a foot off the shore and I thru my spinnerbait over the side of boat to get on the trolling motor and a 14 inch bass grabbed the spinnerbait and I didn't even make it to trolling motor yet.
  5. I have had health issues this winter and finally after arguing with insurance company for a stress test for 10 weeks. Then 3 days before im suppose to do my test I come down sick with what ever this is and had to cancel my test. With the way the weather has been I won't even go outside and I live alone also so no one to argue with except my myself and im on a 50% win streak arguing with myself.
  6. Yup I finally found it....Thanks
  7. I still need a trout permit or what ever, but I don't trout fish...I was wondering about the border license if im required to have one but looked it up and it doesn't say.
  8. I don't have to worry about a license anymore I turned 65 last December.
  9. Looks like I have 4 fishing today.... It seems the guy's that did great last week not doing so good this week..
  10. I bought them off of tackleware house, I had ordered a few things and needed something else to make 50 bucks for the free shipping...lol
  11. Has anyone tried these trailers...
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