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  1. Big M area, 10/23

    Thanks Quill for the report!! Wind is your friend!....lol
  2. Temperatures on a down hill run

    Won't be many pleasure boaters out that's for sure....lol Spend more time trying to keep boat off of bluff's and banks than fishing with this wind...lol
  3. Spam!!

    Some sites i believe have a spam blocker, some sites i get the spam and some i don't...but if you click on the little x on the ad you can delete it and it says deleted by google..but the ad will come back or another one to take it's place...but google is doing it...lol
  4. Spam!!

    Yep...both home computer and phone...it's your browser that's doing it..not the website..
  5. Temperatures on a down hill run

    Looks like 10 to 30 mph winds this week.. and another cold front rolling in Friday i think.
  6. Temperatures on a down hill run

    By looking at the temperatures for the next ten days seems like they may stay down now, seeing some lows in the high 20's and highs in the upper 50's and lower 60's.
  7. When to wear your ring ?

    I stopped wearing my wedding band about 2 weeks after we was married...mechanic by trade, smashed the ring on my finger just from using hand wrenches, got the ring off and never put it back on..
  8. WTF?

    Glad I have my high top boats on today, it's getting high in here
  9. Roaring River- Table Rock Lake

    I agree Quill back nothing in that area at all
  10. Tournaments galore

    Teen angler tournament this weekend also..plus Toyota tournament today.
  11. Falcon rods

    I have heard that a knitting needle is handy to have for removing the birds nest...
  12. Falcon rods

    I'm getting pretty good at getting my birds nest out, most times 5 minutes now to where it use to take me 30 minutes or more...lol
  13. Tuesday trip

    Thanks for the report Champ!! Finding them is one thing and getting them to bite is another....The ones that had fish to weigh Saturday in that tournament i was in claimed they caught them on whopper ploppers and stick baits..
  14. Why can't I find the big ones?

    I throw spinner baits..caught a mean mouth on one Saturday...my son was running trolling motor and for some reason he kicked it up on high just as i made my cast and he took off at about 5 mph and that mean mouth nailed it..fish was only 14 3/4 inches long but with him running trolling motor wide open and when fish hit i thought i had a 5 pounder...lol
  15. Wanted Lure Duplicator


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