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  1. Eclipse

    Yep thats what i got here and im west of Springfield by 30 miles...
  2. Eclipse

    Only had about 75% eclipse here but got very very quiet...
  3. Eclipse

    Looks like 2/3 of the way here and temperature is dropping.. Temperature dropped 7 degrees here already
  4. Legends Boat Company

    Im not shocked..this stuff goes on in the auto industry also, it's just on a different level.
  5. Legends Boat Company

    That water cooled regulator is kind of out my pocket book range for now...460 bucks for one...but i did see a concept that would work, in which i may look into replicating. Where does the water feed come from and return too on the water cooled ones wrench?
  6. Legends Boat Company

    That part number looks familiar wrench, but not sure , i do know my friend had to order them for me...i didn't even know they had such a thing for mercury a water cooled regulator...i'll look into it. thanks..
  7. Eclipse

    If you are in the total eclipse path you will have a total black out in that path so i guess that's what everyone is wanting to experience..here around Aurora and Table Rock Lake will probably see a partial where we see the eclipse but dont have the black out and it seems they keep moving the path as they really don't know what the main path will be...
  8. Legends Boat Company

    You mean like these ...mine burned up last year and the replacement or updated ones from Mercury has a fuse in line now......i didn't even know the one burned up till i pulled the cowling and saw all the crap that ran down back of motor..as you can see there was a small flame cause it scorched the top regulator. I got them some cheaper than what you show and they are Mercury OEM's...1995 mercury..
  9. Eclipse

  10. Eclipse

    It's a great site too see for sure, but im not spending any money to see it..if i see it i see it.......There is going to be a lot of pissed off people if it clouds up and rains tomorrow... i have seen several eclipses they where not total eclipses though..i believe in February 26 1979 i saw it and it was a total eclipse but can't remember if i saw it as a partial or total as i was 15 then.
  11. Eclipse

    I'm with Quill on this..i have seen several eclipses using a welding hood with a number 12 lens in it...lol
  12. Eclipse

    Who's gona watch the eclipse Monday?? suppose to happen here around 11:30 am around here ..... maybe a good time to go fishing since most people gona watch eclipse...lol
  13. How my OAF hat saved my life.

    I use to have a lowrance to navigate by 20 some years ago but no gps.....30 miles off shore in the Gulf of Mexico in an 18 foot boat sure feels lonely out there and better have a a gps or lowrance to get home by or a good compass.
  14. Dam area 8/18

    Nice fish!!
  15. Big M area 8/17

    Thanks for the report Quill!! you did good!! You did better than i did..i went towards eagle rock and could not even find anything to get excited about on sonar, water was pretty dirty up there. Yep that was the first time i have ever seen water patrol in that area...i guess it would be like cops going to the doughnut shop. It was a pleasure meeting Quillback for sure!!

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