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  1. 176champion

    Invasive species now in Beaver

    I bet they put up a good fight on ultra light fishing pole.
  2. 176champion

    SAFETY while boating

    Bolt put in upside down is a possibility.....just speculation
  3. 176champion

    High Pucker Factor Morning on the Upper End

    I have an in line circuit breaker and a on off switch for the trolling motor...
  4. 176champion

    High Pucker Factor Morning on the Upper End

    Wow RPS good thing you caught it early.....Do you have a circuit breaker hooked up someone where for trolling motor..
  5. 176champion

    the bite is just flat on

    Thanks for report Bo!! Wish i could get out to fish some, but i bought a house and found out the garage was about to fall down so i been tearing down and replacing walls, things we do to keep our boats safe...
  6. I would look for a good used Basscat or Phoenix bass boat there out there...but that's just me...
  7. 176champion

    More fishing Memes

  8. 176champion


    Also remember that area is not real deep either and the fish will lay on the bottom and you won't see them on sonar.
  9. 176champion

    Large and Small on the Upper End

    My son stayed at Big M camp ground all last week( from Saturday till Friday) and he went out fishing in the evenings and said boat traffic wasn't to bad at all.
  10. 176champion

    New Invasive Species on the Upper End

    Couple thousand of those on the lake and it would jammed up...lol
  11. 176champion

    Emerson Hollow ramp by Cape Fair bridge.

    You could use Bridgeport ramp in the neighborhood.
  12. 176champion

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    I understand that..but yesterday it showed there cumulative total for yesterday at 1084 and now it shows yesterday's as 776 and today's cumulative at 868...no worries just an observation... Ok so i went back into my emails from Bass and yesterdays total shows 1084...but now it shows 776...something really fishy going on...lol view as a web page Here's how your team, 176champion, stands as of Day 1 in the Bassmaster Elite at Lake Oahe. Visit www.bassmasterfantasy.com for more details. Tournament Total: 1084 Tournament Rank: 528 (98.48 percentile) Group Angler Place Points A Cliff Pace 35 204 B Jason Christie 16 243 C Jordan Lee 3 290 D Mike McClelland 55 165 E Russ Lane 46 182 Links: Full Fantasy Fishing details Get the latest tournament news Get more on anglers Keep up with the Toyota Angler of the Year race Regards, Your friends at Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing
  13. 176champion

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    Something a mist...yesterday it showed i had 1084 points, now today it shows i had 776 points for yesterday and my guy's did better yesterday than they did today and i got 868 points for today....screwy i say....lmao
  14. 176champion

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    Wow if i can get a couple more days like today, i can really move up rankings....looks like i had the highest score today...

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