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  1. Looks like I have 4 fishing today.... It seems the guy's that did great last week not doing so good this week..
  2. Won't have no one fishing tomorrow....lol
  3. 176champion

    Anyone try these

    I bought them off of tackleware house, I had ordered a few things and needed something else to make 50 bucks for the free shipping...lol
  4. 176champion

    Anyone try these

    Has anyone tried these trailers...
  5. Is the password same as last year?...I used that password and says it is incorrect.
  6. 176champion

    Thunder Tonight?

    Stormed hard here for about 30 minutes and is gone now
  7. 176champion

    Ranger R83

    Good luck on the sale... I just sold my 176 last week, so im just down to one boat now.....but people will stat looking soon to buy a boat.
  8. 176champion

    February 1 - Big M area

  9. 176champion

    New reels

    Well I lost the Lew's orange crush reel, won't know on the other reel for another day or so....lol
  10. 176champion

    Couple of Boats by this morning

    Fish need a rest with all the tournaments coming up in the next month of March.
  11. 176champion

    Internet Service around Lampe/Baxter area?

    I just hooked up with suddenlink 100Mbps at 48 bucks amonth with taxes and so far it's been great, I can download a 60 gig game in like 1hr 10 minutes and have run speedtest and it showed 106Mbps download..
  12. 176champion

    Good deal on some bass mounts

    Hope she makes a very good sammwich..
  13. 176champion

    New reels

    I bid on a couple reels on ebay...one of them is a lews orange crush and a Shimano SLX, so we shall see....I usually don't win on bidding on ebay...lol
  14. 176champion

    New reels

    Kastking's get great reviews..

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