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  1. Water level is back up to 928.88..by tomorrow morning it will be 929..
  2. Helix 7 DI....is the sonar screen like this because of all the dirt and mud in the water?....i have tried to turn down sensitivity and changed from 455mhz to 800mhz and i still get the same picture thats on top...
  3. Im afraid to sign out...dont know who i may come back as...lol
  4. Deadstream checking in. Am I still 176 Champion?
  5. No registration required on guns...If you inherited it use it in good health.........if you buy a gun from a gun shop you will have to fill out a NCIS paper for a background check before they sell you the gun, other than that no registration required .
  6. Wow ..i would not of thought it was that high.....i put in at Shell Knob yesterday and half of the parking lot is under water.....and now we getting more rain...ugh...
  7. Thanks for the report!! Nice catch.. Hows the boat ramp there at BIG M
  8. It's a lot of work being a site administrator...been there done that...and when something like this happens it's a PITA to figure out sometimes..... *note* this is the real 176champ.
  9. This is funny...lol
  10. Deadstream shows up as 176 champion.
  11. The storm that went thru here last night has taken out a bunch of boat docks in a cove southeast of shell knob bridge last night.
  12. Thanks for the report!! I put in at Shell Knob ramp at about 4pm..went towards Kings river side by Lost Hill and there was debris everywhere and water visibility was maybe 12 inches..i saw water temps from 75 degrees to 83 degrees...Less debris floating on the west side of bridge towards Campbell point water was about as dirty. Big boats where out today also. I guess no one works around here anymore...lol
  13. From what i understand it is as they had a tournament out of there Saturday, but i was told you going to get your feet wet, what ever that means...lol
  14. Wish they had a trolly at Ruark to take you up to top of ramp...it's rough on us out shape old guy's....lol
  15. I have seen this as well on another lake.. thanks for the report