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  1. Kdub


    Reduced to $650.
  2. Charger is in great condition and works as it should. Used for a year. $75 Kelly 417-343-7563 Springfield
  3. Kdub


    Trolling motor was used for about 1 year. It is in very good condition and works great. I also have a pinpoint gps gateway cable I’ll throw in ($150 new) but I didn’t get a picture of it. $750 I also have a Minn Kota 210d two bank charger that I’m listing separately. $75 Kelly 417-343-7563 Springfield
  4. Yes sir. Fried a few last night and had fish taco’s.
  5. Yes. I seen a few today. I also seen some decent schools on my graph in coves. I also catfish so I notice these things.
  6. Trolled model A Bombers at about 20’ deep over 35-45’ of water. Water was mid 60’s and the weather was fantastic. More traffic on the lake than I expected. It was a great day to be on the water. Caught a limit but it took me awhile. This is the first time I have caught a full limit trolling.
  7. Preferably around 30 gal.
  8. Thanks. I figured it would be good, but it helps knowing for sure. I was up a wk ago and couldn’t find bait because all the coves were ice covered.
  9. What does the view look like now? Hoping to make it up to the Warsaw area this wkend.
  10. I’ve been using the Pro Cat from http://www.eliterodholders.com/ for about three years now. Just outfitted my new boat with the Precision Troll’s. I haven’t been able to use them much yet because of work and water conditions on Truman and upper LOZ but they are really nice. You can adjust to any rod angle you wish and they offer left hand threads like Seth mention’s above. They cost a bit more than others but I really like the ability to adjust to any angle. I run 4 across the back of my boat and 4 on each side. When fishing off the back of the boat I adjust the outside holders lower than the
  11. Cool, I had never heard about the Pike's. I used to live just 3 miles from Turnback Creek, just east of Miller. I fished that creek from a kayak like I was on a mission. I got into limb lining and would catch pretty decent flat heads all the way up there. I've seen pictures of some pretty big flatheads that have come from Turnback. I haven't fished it for a long time but I really need to break out the canoe and make a trip. It's a heck of a fishing creek.
  12. Ok. I was wondering if there were. I've never caught a blue out of Stockton myself, but work with a couple of guys that say there are some. I wish MDC would stock them.
  13. Put in at Mutton Creek around 6:30 this morning and fished until noon. Spent an hour or two trying to net shad but couldn't find them, but I did net a couple carp. So I chunked up the carp and drifted the humps at the mouth of Googer Creek. Caught at least 10 channels and a couple big white bass. All you Walleye fishermen will be happy to know all fish were released to be caught another day. ? Wish I would have come across a blue or two but it was a nice day on the water anyway. Water temp was 87-88.
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