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  1. Nah, if people look into my fishing report history they should know not to take too much stock in my fishing advice 😂 NH
  2. Yesterday and today's weather pattern is similar to the conditions from sat/sun. If anyone makes it into Piney creek today I'd be curious to know if fish are again positioned on these banks! NH
  3. It's rare that I find a consistent, repeatable pattern on TR 😂 so I thought I should share our findings. Hadn't been on the lake in way too long. launched to dense fog about 6:30 out of cape yesterday. Motored slowly to a couple main lake pockets and points while we waited out the fog and couldn't find a bite. Once the fog lifted we ran away from all the boats to Piney creek and finally got on a bite. Found lots of spots, a couple LM and a bonus smallie positioned on each south facing bank between all the small pockets that run straight north in Piney. If we worked into those north pockets we stopped getting bit, so we skipped the pockets and and caught fish consistently from 5-15ft before calling it a day. Shaky head and wobble head did most the work. My assumption was all those fish moved to those banks to get out of the 20-30mph north winds from Saturday and decided to stay the weekend. Boated Maybe 20, nothing huge but mainly 13-16 inch butterball spots with a 3lb smallie being the best. Fun day, especially considering post front and blue skies. NH
  4. Every time I go north i leave thinking, "shoulda went South" and vice versa... 😂 NH
  5. We also had a rough day looking for bass. Both of us were skunked in 4 hours Sunday morning. Marked lots of fish off swings in 30-40ft but they wanted no part of what we were selling. Couldn't even pick up a fish on shaky heads and jigs on main points and swings. Never saw temp above 40.5 up river from mutton. NH
  6. Planning to get out on the water tomorrow, wondering if anyone has been in the mutton area the last couple days and could tell me the water temp/how much visibility there is. Thanks! NH
  7. Delayed on the post, but not much to report anyways. Too hot to do too much fishing last week so I only spent a few hours fishing total over a couple different mornings. Wasn't able to find much of anything, just can't figure this lake out. Threw swimbaits any time I saw fish on the graph, but no takers. Fished worms, ned around timber and points, threw topwater when i saw surface activity and just didn't get anything going. Better days ahead hopefully Nick
  8. Thanks for the advice, guys. We actually won't get down there until Monday afternoon so we're hopeful its not super busy on the lake. We will do most of our fishing early and late, and a topwater/worm bite would be ideal as my wife likes to fish that way or ned. I'll give a report of my findings (or lack thereof) when we get back! Nick
  9. Spending the week on the rock next week around kimberling city area with the wife. Wont be a full blown fishing trip as its more about the week away with wife but we will do some fishing and i was hoping to get some advice from you all on what to expect from the fish in that area. Haven't been on TR much and sont fish that area much at all so I'll be starting from scratch. Thanks!
  10. After a few failed attempts to get out on the water over the last couple months i finally got out last night. Fished from 630-12 when we saw some lightening moving in. Ran a couple main lake points and swings early with a couple dinks to show for it, then found a bunch of shad stacked up near the mouth of Birch branch a little before dark and found some LM. Caught them on a spook, shaky head and texas rigged worm pretty good up through dark. Got bit from the bushes out to about 15 feet. Nothing huge but a steady bite kept it interesting. Pics of a couple better ones, both about 3lb.
  11. Thank you Hunter75 that helps a lot!
  12. Wanting to go out Friday night to fish with a buddy but want to avoid any tourney crowds since we won't be entering them. Can anyone tell me where any tourneys might be Friday night? Or where to find a list? Thanks NH
  13. Signs up stating no public access/no ttrsspassing and rope across all pull off spots. I get not wanting people trashing your land but what a major bummer for us who respect it and even clean up when we see trash.
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