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  1. I don't know about JoeD but I have taken my kids. Last year I took my 11 year old on a 2 nighter on the Jacks Fork, just me and him. Trust me...take JoeD's advice and make it a shorter float. You can always paddle around and back up river a little ways if you find you hit your campsite too soon and believe me, you'll want the extra time if you can get it. Much more relaxing than having to paddle extra hard to make it to your take out in time. Just my 2 cents. I've never regretted "too short" of a float but have regretted tacking on that extra 3-5 miles on many occasions. As I said, you can always kill time fishing at camp or paddle upstream.
  2. I wanted to thank all the posters on these boards for the great information. We floated the Jacks Forck June 5th-7th after a perfectly timed deluge the week prior. River was at about 170 CFM or so when we put in...perfect conditions for an early June float. We put in at the 17 bridge on the 5th and pulled out on the 7th at Alley Spring. This was my first time on the Jack's Fork and in my opinion it is hands down the most picturesque river we have. I caught at least 25 or so small mouth just floating down the river, most in the 10-12" variety with a couple of ones in the 16-18" range, all released alive. More than I have EVER caught on a 3 day float in the Ozarks and we do 2-3 per year. In addition I probably caught another 15 rock bass. I am not the best fisherman and we don't fish hard. These were all on green pumpkin plastics so thanks for sharing everyone the bait AND the techniques, I could tell it was working 5 minutes into the float. Everyone's shared knowledge was the key...and the abundance of fish in the water! I never stopped to really fish any holes, that was all just casting along as we floated and maybe a few from our stops at sand bars, although I caught almost all the fish from my kayak. The river seemed really healthy all around. I saw more gars in the deep pools than I have in a long time, one looked to be 3+ feet and FAT. All this rain means if you wanted to, you could probably get an early summer float on the upper part this week. Thanks!
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