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  1. I don't think I have to worry about the guys getting rowdy. Most of us are retired old farts just wanting to fish a different stream. This trip is just an exploratory venture to see if they want to start a yearly thing or not. I may take the suggest that we split the trip into separate groups and just do one river at a time. As to the Number of guys going, I really do not have a head count, eight was just a number that came to mind. Sunburst sounds good for a start. Where can we access the Blue Ribbon area by foot, keep in mind some of these guys have physical limitation. Thanks for the input. Bill
  2. I have been asked to set up a trip for eight guys that want to fish the Blue ribbon areas of The Eleven Point and the North Fork of the White Rivers. I was thinking that staying in West Plains and Floating the Eleven Point one day and then floating the NFOW the next would be the way to go. What float operators and places to stay would you guys recommend? Bill
  3. I have to eat major crow now. I went back and checked my information. In 2012 Iran exported 1.5 million barrels a day 2nd largest in the oil producing nations. China and india have deals with Iran to develop and produce more production. My apologies for the misinformation. Bill
  4. I believe I read that the only real buyer of Iran's oil were China and North Korea. Iran only sells 5% of its oil. Bill
  5. Anything new on the telemetry study of the browns?
  6. I have fished the park after flooding before and the spring was murky and level with the walkway. The fishing was great. I haven't been there this soon after a rain and was thinking about a trip later in the week. I may go anyway just to get an idea of what happens when that park has flooded. Bill
  7. The river or the spring? Bill
  8. What's the park look like? The river below is way up. Is it fishable? Bill
  9. Good dental hygiene. Bill
  10. I can think of a number of reasons, More pressure from fisherman, There are more trout fisherman than 30 , 40 years ago, more predators, more volatile weather. I hope the study comes up with the answer to improve the fishery on the river as it is a good bit closer than the Current to home. Bill
  11. The shovel is for digging up transponders buried by the eagles and otters. Bill
  12. Club dues? Are you referring to private club entrance fees? It has been a long time since I heard that phrase. Bill
  13. I used to disregard the reports of poaching since I always seemed to run into the good guys but in the last few years I have seen it and heard from friends about the poaching they witnessed. The last one on the Little Piney in the Blue Ribbon area. Is it time we start writing to the MDC and demand they hire more enforcement personnel? Bill
  14. I believe it was two years ago that the report was given, the year after the study was launched. My experience is mostly below the park so I can't speak as too the rest of the river. My luck has been spotty at best. I have wondered what a diver would find in the pool right below where the spring enters the river during at different times of the year. Have they ever done a shock check in the waters below the park. Bill
  15. About the study, I heard it didn't go well due to flooding that took several of the monitoring stations out. Bill
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