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  1. I started back into fly fishing several years back and recently found out that you can wade areas of Taneycomo. Is there a map of public access areas where I could wade. I now I have to watch the water levels and I probably need to learn how to read the generation charts. Can anyone give me some advice on this? Is there any other obvious dangers to watch for. Thanks, Bill
  2. A Question of Ethics?

    I believe that using gigs, bow, and spearfishing is sometimes too indiscriminate. Often times the people doing so either, don't know the laws governing what they are practicing, just don't care, or don't know enough about their quarry. Bill
  3. Thanks for the post, Billethead. I have been showing some of the posts and she is impressed with your pictures and story.
  4. Missing pectoral fins

    Ahh! Conspiracy theories. It's gotten real up in here.
  5. Thanks for the post, Billethead. I really enjoy them. After the wife retires maybe we will do a little traveling out west.
  6. I like wine. Do you ever introduce those guys to the art of fly fishing? Bill
  7. Leggy Foam Ant (Sz 16)

    I didn't fish an ant on the Current this week. Only because I didn't have any with sighters and I was having a lot of fun with the hoppers but several times I had ants crawling on me after holding a limb for stability and laying my vest down during a break. Definitely, have to put them to work. Bill
  8. Any one else fishing?

    Back down to the Current Wednesday at Tan Vat. There were two cars in the lot and as I was arming myself another pulled in. I headed down stream, he headed up. I started with the Flying ant pattern as my supply of beetles is low. I went fishless for about four cast. and had a smaller trout take it. as I moved down stream I picked up a couple of smaller fish. I then went to a hopper as the sun was up and there was a little breeze. As I got to the head of a run I caught a decent 12-inch trout and then a 15-inch, another fish in the 14-inch, and a fish in the 12-inch range took the fly fought him in and then he broke off. That was in the same spot at the head of the run. After that, I moved downstream but it just seemed to stay shallow. I cast to the deeper spots but with the sun beating straight down the fishing seemed to slow way down. I headed back up to the parking area and two other fishermen were coming down.They were hunting for big browns and had one sighted. I continued upstream and managed to catch several more on some different flys. A red Humpy that has been in my fly box since a trip to Yellowstone in the early eighties was responsible for a 17 to eighteen-inch fish. This is the biggest trout I have taken on a fly. Caught another of 16 inches as well. I didn't catch the quantities of fish I had been catching, but overall these fish were more quality and I enjoyed having to think about setting up the cast and trying to pick pockets. It was a fun outing. Bill
  9. PCB FL TR placeholder

    Jester, are you eating these sharks?
  10. Day Trip to Maramec Springs

    Stick with the fly gear. You will catch on. I personally find Maramec hard to fish because of the weeds but it can be fished. Try San Juan worms, Wooleybuggers and Crackle backs in size 14. They work but you have to stick with it. Bill
  11. I believe that to get a bad meal in Louisiana you have to hunt for it.
  12. Current trip

    Made it back down with a friend on the 24th went back below the cable as he wanted to fish that area. I started with the beetle since it had worked so well last time and picked up a few but my buddy was doing well with a soft hackle. As the day warmed up the fish started to get more active and it was on. I switched to a hopper and they liked that better. The fish were also bigger. I guess because the hopper was larger than the beetle. After they tore the hopper to shreds I tied on a Chernoble Ant with huge white sighters. They looked like sails on a schooner they were so large. And this thing had a sparkly purple vest like glitter on it. I was calling it the purple Chernoble Prince fly. but the trout liked it well enough to keep it on. We caught loads of fish despite people wading right past us to fish the water we were working and a couple of kids that were bow-fishing suckers. I don't know the season for this but it sounded like they were chucking boulders in the water. and the one without the bow was throwing rocks in near where we were fishing. I kept it together and we still caught fish but that kind of rudeness is beyond the pale. It was still a great day despite everything else.
  13. Good Day.

    Excuse my ignorance, Mr. Wally when you reference hybrids are you referring to Stripers? I didn't realize they were in the Meramac. I have been out of fishing for a while and started back recently. And where can you buy these hidef craws? Bill
  14. Current trip

    .Definately going back Monday. I may hit Baptist Camp for a change. Stocked up on some hopper and beetle imitations today. I also have some Chernoble Ants in case I get tired of the smaller fish.
  15. 6-16-17 3:45-5:00pm

    Harris, you better watch out. That fly fishing can get into you. You will not want to fish any other way.

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