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  1. Let someone know where you'll be.

    Ha!! Well to each his own. I read somewhere that couple starts to look alike after they have been married for a long time. I will pray for Mrs. BilletHead. I like your picture at the end of your reply. Clean cut. There you are again. Bill
  2. Let someone know where you'll be.

    My wife always asks where I will be fishing and I try to tell her but she knows that I may change my plans depending on conditions. I call her If I can and let her know of any changes. Always call when I am on the way home as well. I don't want her to worry. Bald women really aren't that sexy. Bill
  3. Leaves, leaves, leaves!

    With the wind we have been having lately the leaves will be down in no time. YAY! Bill
  4. Lodging near Crane

    Thanks for the replies. This gives me a start. Bill
  5. Lost and Found - Net at BSC

    Was it a wood frame with a measure net replacing the original mesh?
  6. Lodging near Crane

    I am trying to fish the blue ribbon streams this year and of course, Crane is on the list. Maybe the top of that list. I live in Marthasville, north of Washington Missouri so I can't fish Crane often so this will be an overnighter probably with a friend who decided fishing for McCloud rainbows would be a cool quest. Is there a clean inexpensive motel close enough for a one or two day trip to Crane Creek? I appreciate any help received. Bill
  7. I took a friend blue ribbon trout streams on his first trip to a couple of our Blue Ribbon trout streams and it was very rewarding. We both caught trout with my friend really catching the numbers on a particular soft hackle. I stole one so I could tie up a few for the next time. The wind really made casting hard and unpredictable. Bill
  8. One spot

    Good story Al. I spent the day casting in wind (nothing like what you had to deal with) and yes, it is a pain. Bill
  9. I have been told that that section fishes poorly until late winter, that may be true. I fished it for the first time last winter and caught fish but nothing since. Bill
  10. Did you check the water temperature? After the flood in the spring, I haven't seen or heard much about the Browns they stocked earlier this year. Bill
  11. No fishing 1st week Nov?

    I was under the impression that the lodge would be closed until the C&R season opened and then would be open Friday thru Monday. Did I misunderstand this? Bill
  12. How is the Current fishing?

    I have only caught one Brown so far this year. Caught it on a hopper at Baptist Camp. I have a couple nicer rainbows but no hogs. it has been a lot of fun fishing with a four weight. I haven't fished hardly anything but terrestrials this summer, a few caddis and Trico spinners but I caught more chubs than trout on the Tricos. I'm going to start throwing some streamers soon. Bill
  13. How is the Current fishing?

    The last two times I have fished the Current I and my friends have done well. I have been consistent as far I am taking numbers and size wise better than earlier this season. The smaller fish may have spread out and fattened up a bit. They also seem to be coloring up for the fall spawn. I have been using the beetle to great effect. Bill
  14. How is the Current fishing?

    What part of the Currant? It has been fishing well but has slowed considerably in the last four weeks. Bill
  15. Lake City in Mid-September

    Looking forward to your report as I am anxious to try my hand at Colorado trout. Or any western trout streams for that matter. Bill

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