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  1. Did you check the water temperature? After the flood in the spring, I haven't seen or heard much about the Browns they stocked earlier this year. Bill
  2. No fishing 1st week Nov?

    I was under the impression that the lodge would be closed until the C&R season opened and then would be open Friday thru Monday. Did I misunderstand this? Bill
  3. How is the Current fishing?

    I have only caught one Brown so far this year. Caught it on a hopper at Baptist Camp. I have a couple nicer rainbows but no hogs. it has been a lot of fun fishing with a four weight. I haven't fished hardly anything but terrestrials this summer, a few caddis and Trico spinners but I caught more chubs than trout on the Tricos. I'm going to start throwing some streamers soon. Bill
  4. How is the Current fishing?

    The last two times I have fished the Current I and my friends have done well. I have been consistent as far I am taking numbers and size wise better than earlier this season. The smaller fish may have spread out and fattened up a bit. They also seem to be coloring up for the fall spawn. I have been using the beetle to great effect. Bill
  5. How is the Current fishing?

    What part of the Currant? It has been fishing well but has slowed considerably in the last four weeks. Bill
  6. Lake City in Mid-September

    Looking forward to your report as I am anxious to try my hand at Colorado trout. Or any western trout streams for that matter. Bill
  7. Boating on the river

    The red ribbon trout area is definitely canoe, kayak territory. I know they use jet boats down below Two Rivers but they can go higher. there used to a limit that limited how far upstream you could go, and there were horsepower limits. Get ahold of the Park Service to see what the limitations are now.
  8. Harvey

    I have no idea if it's true, apparently, a warm rain is responsible for the absence of large browns on the Meramec today. I was told this by someone that knows one of the biologists responsible for the trout in that river.
  9. Troubles at Mizzou

    Look at what has happened on campuses around the country. The students decided not they did not want to give a venue to people they found offensive. Majority ruled.
  10. State Park = Changes?

    I just posted in the general discussions board. NPR had a report of the state may possibly sell three state park land as there is no money to develop them. The eleven Point was one mentioned. The scary part to me is the talk of selling it off to a lead mining company. Some will say this would bring badly needed jobs to the area but so would a state park. And the state park doesn't include mine waste washing into the Eleven Point.
  11. NPR ran a story about the state selling off some land bought to be used and developed for state parks. Two of those mentioned, the Eleven Point site and the I believe the new Current River site and a third one I missed the name. Supposedly the budget would not have money to develop these sites. The problem I see arising is one of these sites was mentioned as a site for a lead mine. I think the Eleven Point site. wouldn't that be wonderful? I know that jobs in the area are badly needed but tourism would be better than lead tailings and the inevitable toxic mess the taxpayer would be stuck with.
  12. Troubles at Mizzou

    You may or may not know that the students study path, once they are enrolled and the tuition is paid is up to the student. My wife has had several instances where the parent comes in and wants to change the student's classes. By law, you can not make that decision. As far as freedom of speech. If I don't like what is being said I will tell that person so. If the majority of a group says what is being said is inappropriate then majority rules. 1
  13. Favorite dry flies for the Ozarks?

    Since June I have done well with beetles. chernoble ants and hoppers. Small Adams a Griffeth Gnats are good almost any time. I have some Tricos in size 24 but with my fingers, they seem too much trouble to tie on.
  14. Wadeable areas on Taneycomo

    Thanks, fellas, I stared at that map for quite a while before posting and completely missed the depth chart. Feeling like the slow kid here. Bill
  15. Diversification of Taneycomo Trout

    If that stamp was to be responsible for the removal of the algae eaters destroying our waterways I would gladly buy that stamp.

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