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  1. bkbying89

    Maramec river and park, 5/10/18

    I was surprised at the low numbers of people in the park Thursday. There was plenty of room to move around. We went out below the park first and didn't really do all that well. One of the first times out this year that I finished the day with the most fish caught. Not that six is anything to brag about. If we could get there earlier we probably could have a higher total but it's more about the company when we fish in the group.
  2. I fished the park and river below it yesterday. I caught 6 five rainbows and a tattooed brown on white Wooley Buggers, Partridge and Orange soft hackles and rubber leg stonefly nymphs. I was with a group of eight and the hot fly was definitely the stonefly. three of mine came on this fly. I missed two really good bites on the soft hackle but the brown was on that fly. almost all of the fish came in the morning with just a few in the afternoon. The water was really dingy, it might have been why our catch rate was kind of low. I was surprised by the few numbers of people I saw in the park. It was easy to get into some of my favorite spots to fish. It was hot in the afternoon but a pretty nice day overall. Bill
  3. bkbying89

    Flows on upper current

    USGS https://waterdata.usgs.gov/mo/nwis/uv/?site_no=07064440&PARAmeter_cd=00065,63160,00060 I believe this is a link to the Montauk gauge This one is for Akers https://waterdata.usgs.gov/mo/nwis/uv/?site_no=07064533&PARAmeter_cd=00065,00060.
  4. bkbying89

    Flows on upper current

    Right now the flow is 85.+ CFS and height is 1.85 ft. After the last rain, about 6-7 inches total for the week a lot of things changed in the park so I imagine it is the same below in the river. Anything above 2 feet means the water could be muddy to murky. Above that wading may be tough as well. The park waters were deeper in the fly fishing area and below the bridge as well on the 19th. You didn't say where the weather predictions were for. I live outside of Washington and the recent rains we had didn't affect the Meramac or the Current. Watch the water levels from now until the weekend and start keeping track. It is wadeable now so if it jumps you will have an idea where it should be by midweek. Bill
  5. bkbying89

    Montauk 3/19/18

    Fished Montauk Monday and it poured in the morning but we all did well including one big hook-jawed pig one of my friends landed. We had the stream to ourselves in the morning. After lunch, other fishermen came out in force. It was a pretty nice day even with the rain. Bill
  6. bkbying89

    Fly fishing for Musky and Gar.

    Thanks for the information. I'll pass it along. Bill
  7. Recently a member of another forum from out of town inquired about the Musky and Gar fishing On Pomme De Terre and I directed him to the Ozark Angler Site knowing this group is often helpful to visitors. I have never fished this lake and don't fish lakes much anymore. Is the Musky worth chasing here? Bill
  8. bkbying89

    Looking for new fishing spots...

    I have found that if you can go a little upstream in the morning and then downstream in the afternoon that fishing accesses where the floating crowd put in helps avoid the partiers.
  9. bkbying89

    2/6 Report

    We have been conditioned to fish "Over there" make a shorter cast and you will be further ahead so you don't get tangled in the mess of lines "over there". Bill
  10. Fished two of our Blue Ribbon Creeks yesterday with a friend. We started with Mill Creek in Bohigan Wildlife area. I haven't fished Mill much. The other times I fished it was low, yesterday it was more of a torrent. We were able to wade and it was fishable but the water moving as fast and murky as it was made it hard work and fishing tough. We managed a few but all small. I think the recent rains changed the creek some but I am not as familiar with it as I am Blue Spring Creek. Blue Spring Creek was second, I think of this as my home creek as it was the first of the Blue Ribbon areas I fished after beginning to fly fish again. I think that's funny because parts of this creek are as far from fly fishing type water as I can think of. Anyway, My friend did well catching a half dozen fish with one nice kicker. I caught a few but I was struggling to hook up. The weather was great, so anytime outside today was a plus. It was nice to fish without a heavy coat. Bill
  11. bkbying89

    She's blowing out

    Well, at least since last year. The gauge at Steelville has been dropping but the CFS is still pretty strong. By next week I may be able to wade below the springs. Unless it rains more. Bill
  12. bkbying89

    2/6 Report

    Spoonbill snagging outfit works best for that. Bill
  13. bkbying89

    Fly rod recommendations?

    You didn't say how much you are willing to spend so I will tell you what I would buy. Since your new to fly fishing I would recommend a Sage Pulse 9 foot 5 weight, fast but not to fast for a beginner. A decent reel, Waterworks-Lamson makes some with decent drags that can be found at STP on clearance at a great price. The line, this is where you need to spend some good money. The line will make fly fishing easier or harder so don't balk here. I have an Air-Flo Elite on my 8 1/2 foot 4 weight Pulse and really like it. The Scientific Angler MPX would be good as well. I tried a Rio Gold and thought it was great on the Pulse 5 weight. Try the lines out and see which one works best for you. If the price on the Pulse is more than you want to spend I would consider a Remington Vice, still a fastish action or a TFO Profesional II as solid Medium-fast that will serve for years, line either of those with Rio Gold. I hope your feeling better soon enough to get back on the water soon. Bill
  14. bkbying89

    Current below Montauk 1/12

    From the hatchery manager at Meramec springs. we do have did have two strains of browns I am not sure we still do but some or all came from Utah. Browns may lay eggs but the water isn't cold enough for the eggs to hatch. At least that is my understanding from the presentation. Bill
  15. bkbying89

    Suicide Hill report

    I know they have been releasing a lot of Browns into the river below the park but where they go after release is a mystery. It seems like we catch more rainbows than browns when I fish it and they all escape from the park. Bill

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