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  1. In fly fishing, You cast the weight of the fly line. In any other casting system you are casting the weight of the lure itself. Where does that leave euro fishing? Is it still fly fishing. I think the reason fly fishing has its own area is because of the belief that fishing with a fly rod is/was considered an art. In no other form do people spend so much time researching the food and needs of the fish they pursue. At least that's the way it used to be. Now it seems to be just another business. Bill
  2. I would not be surprised if the changed definitions again. About the h url or dubbing, I always cover the shank of the hook with something like dubbing. It is just the way I tie my flies with foam. Bill
  3. I am late back to this party but anyway. In a recent (year before last) a bunch of people, myself included wrote and ask for a more better definition of a fly from the state. An argument about whether foam was aloud under the state guidelines. At first they said foam wasn't allowed but so many of us wrote Think 100 or more and they finally relented and were supposedly going to address the definition of a fly and came back and replied that foam was fine since it usually was accompanied on the hook by some material like dubbing or peacock herl. However, Rubber by itself like silly worms would be
  4. Foam and rubber legs are fine, just about any modern combination of materials are OK. No silly worms or silicon grub like baits. Bill
  5. I have been there several times and it didn't seem to trashed out though I did pick up some that was there. One fisherman I talked to in Lane Springs was doubtful the fence was legal. I haven't used the access that often but it does cut down on my options. Bill
  6. Made a quick stop at the bridge access point on Piney Creek above Lane Springs just to show a friend an access point and it was fenced off with signs stating no access was allowed. Does anyone know another legal access to the Little Piney nearby so we can access the Blue Ribbon area of the stream? Bill
  7. Blue Springs can be a tough creek to fish. Work your way upstream and be a stealthy as you can. size 16 caddis and size 18 hares Ears and Pheasantail nymph droppers work well.
  8. Ya got me John. Some friends hit Cardiac Hill before all of the rain and did well on Browns. I was just wondering if the hatcheries have been stocking the White Ribbon streams and Taney that they normally do? I am guessing no since your not hearing much from the regulars. They better stock the streams up, the crowd will like the opener on the 16th Bill
  9. I read that the park would reopen on May 4th. Only 250 people would be allowed in at a time, overflow would have to wait in line for someone to leave. There would be no entry fee and no tags required but no fish would be stocked. (Word is, the hatcheries are busting at the seems?).
  10. I almost never fish Bush. I find it very unproductive for anything of size, or at all in most cases. You would think with the number of lakes and the amount of shoreline people would spread out more. I guess it's to hard to walk the extra 50 feet. Bill
  11. I think that is wise. I and some friends were planing on going to the Eleven Point this year. I guess it will be later rather than sooner. Good luck and stay healthy. Bill
  12. Brian, Will you be reopening your cottages in May if Parson advises it is safe to get back to business as usual? Bill
  13. The Gate was locked. The Forest Service isn't servicing the campgrounds at this time. You can still access the creek from the highway if you wish. I may do that next time I am out. I sure like the Little Piney. Bill
  14. I had planned on making the trip from St. Louis to Crane to take a shot at catching a McCloud for my own enjoyment but I will have to wait a bit longer. Nice fish big or small. I enjoyed reading about your trip. Bill
  15. I made a run at fishing today and failed miserably. I hit Spring Creek, it was up but clear. no hits. Drove over to Lane Spring only to find it closed. I stopped at Blue Spring Creek, it was up and since I haven't been down since last year I wasn't prepared for some of the changes. I did manage to hook a few trout but lost both of them. It was still a nice day out. Bill
  16. It was open today. I fished a while but no bites. I did see cars on other lakes as we drove thru on Hwy D.
  17. I believe I read that Maramec Springs length is a mile long. Montauk is around three miles. I am not sure about BSSP or Roaring river but I do remember reading it somewhere. Bill
  18. I have a pair of Redington Sonic Pro waders I have been using for 5 years. I punctured and ripped them soon after I bought them. I sent them back and they replaced them for $35 and haven't had any trouble since then. I have been very happy with them. You can often find them on sale if you check around. Bill
  19. According to the Montauk Facebook page you can still fish. Buy your tags at the lodge. Everything else will be closed. Bill
  20. Montauk is still open as is Bennet I believe. Buy your tags as usual, it said venders are working (soda machines or sales inside?) whatever that means. I would be sure to take whatever you need. Don't everyone distance at once Bill
  21. Montauk is still open as is Bennet I believe. Buy your tags as usual, it said venders are working (soda machines or sales inside?) whatever that means. I would be sure to take whatever you need. Bill
  22. I was at Maramec Springs yesterday and the spring rose six inches while we were there. Bill
  23. I don't think I have to worry about the guys getting rowdy. Most of us are retired old farts just wanting to fish a different stream. This trip is just an exploratory venture to see if they want to start a yearly thing or not. I may take the suggest that we split the trip into separate groups and just do one river at a time. As to the Number of guys going, I really do not have a head count, eight was just a number that came to mind. Sunburst sounds good for a start. Where can we access the Blue Ribbon area by foot, keep in mind some of these guys have physical limitation. Thanks for the input
  24. I have been asked to set up a trip for eight guys that want to fish the Blue ribbon areas of The Eleven Point and the North Fork of the White Rivers. I was thinking that staying in West Plains and Floating the Eleven Point one day and then floating the NFOW the next would be the way to go. What float operators and places to stay would you guys recommend? Bill
  25. I have to eat major crow now. I went back and checked my information. In 2012 Iran exported 1.5 million barrels a day 2nd largest in the oil producing nations. China and india have deals with Iran to develop and produce more production. My apologies for the misinformation. Bill
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