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  1. Wasn't there talk about doing some development way back when? Somewhere down around the Middlefork and Southfork. I'm talking the same kind of development mentioned in the first post. I don't believe there was a lot of interest in it at the time. By the way "ugly is as ugly does".
  2. Hi gotmuddy, I've been red fishing in Florida a couple of times. Where would you be heading? Those reds are a blast.
  3. Beautiful day but the fishing was real slow. Cracklebacks seemed to be the best bait. A lot of people took the day off to enjoy a day at the spring.
  4. Foghorn, Sorry you had such a disappointing experience with tour Redington waders. I was out today, this was about my twelfth outing with mine and I am very pleased with them. I don't have a lot of experience with waders but my last pair were Red Balls I used for duck hunting and fishing until I managed to tear the foot clean off the leg. I m happy you found the Simms waders.
  5. ness, I read a lot of reviews Yellowstone Angler Did a shoot-out on waders and while the Redington did not finish at the top they sounded good for the money. I have used them about a dozen times and they are comfortable and dry. I was about to buy the Freestones, Feather-craft had them at a good price but they were gone before I could pull the trigger. I hope they last awhile, I would hate to go to the boss and tell her the great deal I got wasn't so good after all. Marcus, The warranty is one year for defects in workmanship or materials, repair or replacement only with proo
  6. I pretty much agree with what you people have been using but I am looking at the blood or improved blood knot for major repairs in an emergency. The triple surgeons knot has worked very well for me/ I was really interested in the Davy Knot and the no-slip loop knot for my use. I have been having trouble with the improved clinch knot and decided to find better knots. I was wondering about using the Palomar knot on flys Are you confident it works? Glad I got so many responses to this thread. We all get in a rut now and then and its good to shake things up.
  7. Just interested in what knots are you using to join tippets to line and flys to tippets. for instance is the Davy knot as good as I think it is. What loop knot not do you use. Bill, (bkbying89)
  8. Failed to get back and tell you that I snagged a great deal on a pair of Sonic Pro's and Simm's Freestone boots as well. Extremely happy with them so far. I have used them at least once a week since they arrived. I should also mention the Reddington wader pants, these are great. It's life fishing in your P.J.s. Thanks for your suggestions, Bill (bkbying89)
  9. One thing about fishermen. You get them talking and they can talk all day.
  10. Beauty, I bet you were excited. What did you catch it on?
  11. Haris122, I was thinking the same thing. I usually wear a camo jacket and hat with magnifiers on the bill. I believe I figured out my problem wth breaking off my fish. I had some new jigs and did not clear off all the paint. I might have cut the line at the hook.anyway, I am going to sit down and clean those eyes off of any paint. Seth, I was thinking the same thing about fishing this week but frozen guides do not appeal to me. Got enough trouble with arthritis when it's in the 40's. Then again I have been trying to go at least once a week.
  12. Haris122, I arrived at around 10:30 and fished till around 2:00 I spent all of my time from that big bend pool above the second dam. On both sides, no bites off the far side. I usually fish with my fly rod up and down the stream scaring as many trout as I can. It Sounds like you had a good day.
  13. Fished Maramec today. The water was up on the walk-ways at spots and was kind of dingy and green. Started off with a 64th oz white jig, on the second cast hooked a nice trout then lost him after about a minute. Proceeded to hook and lose the next three fish on olive and white jigs. Then I switched to spinners. Same story I had a bent hook on one and broke off the next bait. By now I started thinking I would just put the poles away and take up knitting butSince I was already there I pulled out the TFO and put on a 4X leader and a clown egg fly and that turned my luck around. Caught five healthy
  14. I hunted the lake area before it was flooded and started fishing it as soon as I could afford a boat. I caught a 7-pound walleye and a lot of nice bass. Glad to here the fishing is still good. When you have a lot of shad the fishing gets tough. Fishermen just got to get tougher.
  15. Does no one fish M.T. anymore? I admit I stop fishing thereBecause of the ramps being overcrowded and the tournament crowd thinking they owned the lake. Still the fishing was decent for me when I was there last. What happened that no one post about this lake very much.
  16. Why don't you wear a little blaze orange, a hat or a handkerchief should make you visible enough. November 14 statewide firearms season begins. I would not venture out without the full requered blaze orange requirements during that period.
  17. Motroutbum. Spawning may happen with the browns that are already in the lake, but it is largely unsuccessful due to many obvious factors. I'm not sure how smallmouth and panfish will take out a stocker sized brown trout, but to each his own. I was referring to nest destruction by panfish and predation of fry by bass and other fish.
  18. Why introduce triploid trout? As I've read they are sterile. If the idea is they are a non-compatible species the cats out of the bag already. Smallmouth bass, panfish and our mid-west weather would probably take them out eventually. Do they grow faster and larger?
  19. I've seen bigger Smallies, in my dreams.
  20. I have not seen this topic on the Ozark Angler forum. I remember reading about two origins of brown trout that were brought to the US. One was from Germany the other from Scotland. What is the stock used in Missouri? Is it a hybrid (probable), or one of the two mentioned above. I ask because a lot of the pictures I have seen the trout have red spots which I remember being found on the Scottish browns. I have to admit I have never caught a brown even though I fished for years before I started the fishing more for smallmouth. Anyone have any information on this.
  21. Looking to buy a set of waders for fishing the trout parks and into the late fall. Any suggestions around the $200.00 mark.
  22. I noticed this post and decided to ad my two cents. If you follow the money it goes to Big Bass fishing management on large impoundments. That's where the money is at. Same goes for hunting Missouri used to have great Quail hunting. the management money now goes to deer hunting and a more diverse over all management system.
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