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  1. The Mississippi River near LaCrosse, WI, is about as good as it gets. Two BASS tournaments and the MLF Redcress were held there for a reason.I know the Great Lakes get a lot of press these days, but wind blows you off 3 out of 7 days. Check this out (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpqOxk_VHzA).
  2. The Redcrest will be an excellent way to pick up on some tips. I've marshaled several BASS events up there and those guys catch them.
  3. I fish up there all the time ( I live in Iowa) and it's a Bass fisherman's paradise. Bring plenty of buzz baits, frogs chatterbaits and jigs and Keitech 3.8 baits. I fish mostly in Pool 9 which is below LaCrosse, but it all fishes the same. The fish are out on the main channel along rock and near the various creeks and sleuths coming into the channel. Just be careful of the wing dams, stay outside of the channel markers and don't be running the shorelines. Wing dams will eat up your lower unit if you hit one. I attached a picture of a typical catch up there, with some running larger. Se
  4. It is to showcase how well these guys can dissect a body of water under varying conditions and still catch fish. I think they all proved how good Tablerock is and how many fish you can catch if you know what you're doing. I've not seen those kinds of reports here, even from the guys that fish it every day. Quantities of fish caught were through the roof and really, wouldn't it be a blast to catch that many in one day. You'd feel like you died and went to heaven.
  5. And that folks is how good these MLF guys are. Show up at a lake and catch 50 plus fish in a 6 hour period. Don't you wish your vacation trips were like that!!!!!
  6. I just received a St Croix Legend Bass designed for topwater. It's a LBC68MXF. I have quite a few of their rods and they've never disappointed me for what I've used them for. Pair it up with a Lew's reel and you'll love it.
  7. I think KVD has a real shot at this also, as he's down there all the time doing promotions for Bass Pro.
  8. I'm impressed on how quick these guys adjust to the changing conditions. No boat flippin, no nets and no long rough rides to the weigh-in. I think it's good for the sport. No more people bitchin about how hard it is on their fisheries.
  9. A Dobyns 734 with reel of your choice would be a great all - around choice. I like the Lew's reels for both quality and price point.
  10. I use a Bissell ProHeat 2X® Revolution® Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner that has a hose and nozzle for it. Works really well and I can go over the carpet a second time to rinse it thoroughly. Then I use a dog comb to fluff the nap up.
  11. St Croix makes a Spinnerbait Sniper rod that is awesome, in the Legend Bass Tournament series. I have one and really like it, and it works great for Chatterbaits also.
  12. Dobyns makes several very nice spinning rods.
  13. I would also look at the Dobyns 734C in the Champion series. It is an excellent spinnerbait and all around rod.
  14. Look into Chris Bailey's hydrofoils.
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